Exercise on how to Meet & Become Aware of Spirit Guides & Subtle Beings?

Most, if not all people have spirit guides, or lets say beings in spirit working with them. You can learn to become more aware of them and interact with them better.

As with everything practice is required to be successful. As these areas are often difficult to accept for most people, then finding someone who can access that can help you do the same can be important although you can try yourself for a while first.

When I had my waking experience and become directly aware of spirit beings over the space of a week it was very disconcerting. This was because I not only had, had no previous experience to speak of but I had not been involved in or even very aware of these areas. For a long time I had no one that I could talk to that could support me during this changing time. I did go a few times to spiritual churches and this helped up to a point – mainly as these people are very relaxed about contacting spirit.

Exercises to Help you Contact Subtle & Spirit Beings and Spirit Guides

We do offer some exercises as an introduction to other dimensions and realities. They will help you start to become more aware of yourself and the beyond. These will ease you into accepting other possibilities and ways of Being. They will help to open you to sensing and feeling in new ways, to explore other parts of yourself that exist in other realities and to get into contact with other beings.

Please note these exercises are HERE on my RealityWalker.com web site.