Why You’d Be Attacked By Bad Ass Entities?

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"New Age Ideology Contradictions. Could New Age Values, Expanded Higher Awareness & Light Trained Discernment all Miserably Fail? Would 'New Age' types be 'Awake' enough for example to stand against a Divinely Sanctioned Light Army plan to carry out large scale Unloving Dark Acts? Would they?"


So, let’s say you’ve some ‘bad ass’ beings attacking you or giving you a hard time?

Why would dreadful negative bad ass entities be attacking you?

I describe HERE how if you leave a ‘group’ then you can expect trouble. In some cases BIG trouble.

I should perhaps also mention that I’d personally include cultures and societies and worlds as ‘groups’.

So, if you find say some Buddhist implants in yourself then you’re likely to have been a Buddhist, if you’re finding enlightenment implants then you’ll have been part of an enlightenment group and if you’ve been a Sirian or Alpha Centurian then you’ll likely have implants and other energetic paraphernalia gifted to you by those worlds and cultures too (I go into this in much greater detail starting from this page HERE).

That’s how it is!!!

So, finding implants of specific origins can in most cases be taken as a big clue as to your own past involvements. In other words, as much as you’d probably NOT like to hear this, they were probably ‘your’ kind of people in the past.

How Pissed off are you with this group or them with YOU?

The more pissed off you are then the more likely it is that you’ve found them doing seriously dodgy things that either don’t represent what they are either stating or presenting at the front end and or you’ve found them doing things that ARE actually abhorrent to your own values, ethics and morals such that you’d rather not be seen in the same universe as themselves.

I have been VERY pissed off during particular phases with the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Elohim, Ascended Masters and sidekicks and anyone even remotely connected to them because of how much they’ve been standing against me when I’ve been doing nothing more dreadful than trying to find the origins of my debilitating issues and the means to address them (There is a very long and immensely educational article series describing the Herculean efforts made to stop you actively doing this HERE).

The more you’re pissed off at a group AND the more you can spill the beans on them doing dreadful things then the greater the amount of subtle shit they’ll drop on yourself from a greater height. If you’re poking around and have even just a slight chance of finding out things that some want kept hidden then unfortunately that means there is way more than a slight chance that they’ll happily try and kick your head in or even worse (As I describe HERE).

In some of my more apoplectic enraged moments about all of this then ‘obliteration’ would seem TOO good for these useless waste of time b*$ta&ds whom are doing a magnificent job of £**#ing up probably 10’s of millions of good people. Having said that I’ve not actually done anything down these lines nor encouraged others to do that either.

What would make you seriously pissed off AND have you under entity attacks from many angles?

If you are a caring type which I am (as is the author of the book I’ve mentioned a few times in this series) then what can seriously piss you off more than anything else is being used as a pasty; a fall guy or gal. In this scenario some useless ‘group’ spins you a yarn to use your niceness and your trusting attitude to set you up as the one that is setting others up to be seriously £**#ed (As I describe HERE).

I’ve not been subjected to this particular FU variation myself personally (I have others that I’ve not described anywhere here yet) BUT I’ve some clients whom have found out exactly how bad it is to be put into this position. To describe these circumstances as ‘hell’ would be an understatement.

What about all of these extreme feelings you are in too? What might be causing them? To find out read the next page . . .