The ULTIMATE Spiritual Mission Betrayal & Let Down Example

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What happens when someone of exceptional values, integrity, compassion, deep caring and genuine love whom is asked to take on the very important job of recruiting, supporting, advising and briefing others for very important missions do? . . . .


What does someone of this ilk do when they find that their particular charges seem to be having continuous opposition, let downs and so on trying to achieve their assigned tasks? . . . .


What if over a long period of time YOUR mission recruits continue to be subjected to extremes of opposition, suffering, anguish and desperation while YOUR leaders don’t seem either very bothered about this nor do they ever seem able to divert resources to investigate or alleviate these happenings?


AND . . . .


How ‘Good’ & Genuinely Spiritual people are set up to TAKE THE BLAME

What happens if YOU then find out that YOUR recruits have been set up?

What will that do to YOU?

What will YOU then think of those ‘spiritual’ leaders whom gave YOU the job of setting these people up because THEY would never distrust YOU?

This is another good way of ‘breaking‘ some VERY good person by having them find out that they have been MADE responsible for some VERY good people that they REALLY cared about having horrific shit suffering times. This is the sort of job that is given to a very caring and genuine person BECAUSE people will feel that and TRUST them . . .

Living with Serious Spiritual Mission Betrayal and Let Downs

This is a particularly horrific space to be in because where do you go? Your comrades that you recruited will have either disappeared or will have been tarred as demons and they probably wont be very welcoming to you? WILL THEY?

And what about those that put you in this place? What will you feel about them? Would you even dare say anything . . . particularly as you know exactly what is done to unwanted types . . .

AND whom are these recruits going to focus their attention on if THEY ever find out that they have been set up? Whom are they going to blame?

People whom have been put in this ‘take the blame’ space often withdraw from life and have feelings of being betrayed, let down and disappointed.

WOW . . . Some Real Demon Encounters AT LONG LAST . . .

These have been some of the very rare times that ANY client has being seriously attacked by ‘ex’ once VERY loyal and VERY serious members of the ‘light’.

One client had a couple of dozen BETRAYED, ex ‘PEOPLE OF THE LIGHT’ demon types quite understandably irate at what they had been subjected to lifetime after lifetime trying determinedly and desperately to make good a fantasy LIGHT mission given to them by so called Divine LIGHT MASTERS to later find that they had been DELIBERATELY subjected to repeated organized and arranged LIGHT sabotages with the aim to DESTROY THEM because they were too aware, or too discerning, or held to too high values, or were incorruptible . . . .

The Demonic Outcome of Some Spiritual Mission Betrayals & Sabotages

In these RARE circumstances we always carefully explain the real situation to these betrayed ‘light’ people and put them in direct touch with the REAL spiritual leader or leaders whom were ACTUALLY responsible for the horrific shit circumstances that they experienced rather than have them continue giving hell to yet another ‘now’ ex light person whom is now aware (if they were not already) that they were unknowingly set up as a scapegoat by so called divine beings of the false light too.