How DIRE Subtle Actions are taken against some Healing & Spiritual Group Members when they Leave

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Most if not all paths are very self centred and or VERY protective of ‘their’ truths, beliefs, techniques, practices, wisdom, expertise and so on. In many instances they often become VERY unhappy if a member decides to discontinue being part of their path as sometimes they see this as a betrayal or let down OR they worry that what they covet or hold as secret will be passed on.

The more Deeply Involved you are, the GREATER the problems you have

From extensively dealing with what my clients have experienced upon leaving a path then;

  • The MORE deeply involved with some path or way you are . . .
  • The higher you get within a path or the closer you get to the leadership or ‘authority’ . . .
  • The more you are trusted . . .
  • And the longer you are involved with a ‘path’ . . .

Then the greater the reaction there is against you when you make a choice to leave.

There is also the correlation that the longer you are with a group, the more hoops you jump through to get further up that groups ‘ascension’ ladder, the closer you get to that groups authority and leadership then the greater likelihood that you will find out that things are not as you were led to expect? Which again if you hold to strong values and wont be corrupted then finding out wrong or contradictory things behind the scenes will have you wanting to leave.

Paths DON’T appreciate people leaving AT ALL

About 15% of my clients mission or soul purpose difficulties were due to the suppressive actions of past colleagues. Trying to make sure they didn’t;

  • Give away or present variations of that groups spiritual secrets or techniques or ‘whatever’.
  • Expose spiritual contradictions, unethical practices, corruption or worse that you became aware of while part of that group.
  • Punish you for what they see as a betrayal. We put lots of effort into you and you have not appreciated what you got from us . . . . or whatever. I am sure there are all sorts of VERY anti-spiritual arguments used to justify messing with ex-members in all sorts of ways.
  • Never mind that even though you have jumped through all the spiritual hoops and did everything asked of you, you somehow end up still not enlightened or unable to become ‘at one with all’ or are lacking in God consciousness or ‘whatever’.

Again the ‘As above so below’ holds true so in our earth reality here you will be aware of revelations made about the inner workings, beliefs or practices of some group by ex group members and then legal or the not so legal reprisals which of course represents what is going on other levels at times being very played out down here too.

The Stories & Sagas of Matt

I’m going to use what we found when dealing with the affiliations to paths, path missions and sabotages of missions that we found with a client of mine called ‘Matt’ to illustrate what I’M FINDING WITH ALL CLIENTS.

So, with respect to the type of mission sabotages we describe on this page above the following is what we found when we connect to ALL past paths he had at some time in his past been ACTIVELY part of. You could say all the paths and ways that he’d been affiliated to . . . . .

Because Matt is a ‘searching / researching’ type same as myself he had enthusiastically got involved with quite a few paths . . . . . about 50 in all over MANY lifetimes.

Beware of trying Different ‘we’re all definitely NOT in this together’ paths

So, even though he himself HAD discontinued being part of these paths many lifetimes ago he was bizarrely STILL considered to be affiliated to ALL of them by these paths members as well as their leaders . . . . .

In other words as much as you’re told within many healing and spiritual traditions to LET GO and this is something HE had done himself the paths he had let go of . . . . . HAD NOT.

Any guesses as to how many of these paths had people in ‘spirit’ actually psychically and or energetically attacking him because he’d had the audacity to LET GO of them?

Any guesses? . . . . . . How about ’50′? . . . . . . YES . . . . ALL 50 of these paths EVERY SINGLE one of them had been hounding and giving him a shit time because he’d exercised his FREEWILL and moved on . . . . . .

So, that’s 50 spiritual, healing, therapeutic paths and ways ALL taking actions against one open minded type. This sure made sense to this guy because even though there were LOADS of paths and ways that he’d been interested in and attracted to in this life HE’D NEVER GOT INVOLVED WITH ONE!!!!!

What might happen if you leave a Spiritual Path?

So, we had to call in our spiritual hierarchy representatives to once again REMIND useless path leaders about freewill and such like and then engage with ALL pacts, vows, oaths, promises, contracts and covenants and so on, in fact EVERYTHING that was done to bind him to these and ALL that was done to ALIGN HIM TO EACH PATHS BELIEFS, TRUTH’S, UNDERSTANDINGS, WEIRD IDEAS ETC. . . . and then formally break and clear all of these . . . JUST . . . to have happen what should have ALWAYS BEEN HAPPENING which is the right to leave a path without having useless beings / past so called friends hounding you, messing with your life until the end of time.

For an example of a past ‘spiritual’ groups subtle efforts in trying to ‘re-capture’ an ‘escaped’ past member then read this example here on my healing examples web site.

It’s NORMAL on leaving a Spiritual Group to be Hounded and Attacked

The outcome of what I describe above is that for people whom leave or ask difficult questions they will in 95%+ of cases be hounded and attacked by past colleagues. If they take a mission with a new path in the future then those from past paths will make HUGE efforts to sabotage their ex follower in ANY and ALL missions they partake of for others . . . . .

It will be a rare person whom does not have past paths causing them problems in their current choices.

So, far it’s rare to find a path that is NOT taking pet lip actions against past followers and hence is doing it’s best to sabotage their involvement with other paths (we know of less than 10 out of the official 5,000). Most healing, therapy, spiritual paths and so on as in 95%+ will get VERY peeved if a follower leaves PARTICULARLY if said follower then has the audacity to get involved with another path. Basically they will act to sabotage the involvement in the ‘new’ path as a means to cast doubt on the ‘wisdom’ of past choices by making current choices more difficult and some quite simply as a punishment for leaving their path.

The Hall of Shameful ‘Light’ Accounts

In the last 4 years, all of my clients have had serious problems because of leaving past so called ‘spiritual’ groups. The total number of past groups that attacked these clients during phases when they were dealing with these groups from their past was about 30 groups each, with individual clients it ranged from 5 all the way through to 90+. The number of group members as entities involved in these attacks in total was about 6,000,000.

So, much for friendship and freewill, never mind cooperation between so called spiritual and healing groups all supposedly equal?

Overall, these ‘I’ve left’ group attacks account for about 15% of all we have dealt with. In a few cases there was extreme suffering experienced because some groups just CANNOT LET GO. Some are so upset they actually vow to hound and mess with you for ever. I am not kidding, we’ve dealt with a few with these attitudes.

The more open, discerning, exploring or aware someone is the WORSE it is!!!

It might strike some of you that the more open, discerning, exploring, cooperative and aware a person is such that they will want to openly experience different paths the FASTER these people will become buried under debilitating shit passed out by so called past ‘friends’. Hence the VERY qualities that would offer the best chance of ‘someone’ becoming AWARE of the likes of which I’m pointing out here would cause people with these abilities and sensitivities to be disabled and debilitated the fastest . . .

This is the same with good values, the more ‘correct’ and honest you are then the less you will tolerate finding things that are NOT right, the MORE not right the more you will feel compelled not only to walk away BUT to speak out about such things.

Again, people with such qualities will end up being buried and attacked the most, in fact the more you are like this the more effort is put into discrediting yourself and trying to present you as the OPPOSITE to what you ACTUALLY are.

This is particularly hard for such types to take. It certainly was for me because one of the reasons why I’m digging all of this SHIT up is that I USED to have a bad stammer and speech block. One of the MAIN contributing factors of me having this stammer was that I SPEAK OUT ABOUT THING THAT ARE NOT RIGHT.

If you reading this have any capacity to even be slightly aware then you’ll notice that page after page here is quite detailed in what I’m pointing out while ALSO everything I’m pointing out here can be 100% guaranteed to NOT BE POPULAR and particularly so to the spiritual hierarchy of long healing con artists.


I’m being VERY pointed below. Read the ‘statistics’ above, I’m sick to the back teeth of the ‘pretend’ surface ‘cooperation’ that comes from people FORCING THEMSELVES TO PUT ON SURFACE POSITIVE ‘SMILEY’ FACE while behind the scenes they are kicking the shit out of past brothers and sisters. All paths lead to the same place? ALL are equal! Really!!!, . . . . well that’s a bit weird isn’t it because it seems like people involved with paths don’t think THIS IS SO . . . never mind that most behave as if their ‘path’ is the only one.

The REAL situation is VERY different.

Is it a Spiritual Path or Is it a STREET GANG? SERIOUSLY, it’s hard to TELL . .

It’s a real FANTASY, a fable, a dire and delusional false hood to imagine that ANY healing approach, therapy, spiritual way or similar have ANYTHING to offer in terms of bringing ALL peoples together or of unifying people in ALL respects. As far as I can tell spiritual paths, healing systems and so on behave no better than street gangs whom in hidden and subtle energy ways hound and attack past members particularly past members whom are insane enough to go over to another ‘gang’.

The only time ANY ‘unity’ type thing happens is within a path which is why just about ALL paths are striving to get everyone to join what they hope will become a super GANG hence they often make enormous subtle energy efforts to sabotage anyone attempting to join anything else.

THIS is just one of the reasons why you are not encouraged to look, question or EVEN think about ANYTHING deeply what so EVER . . . I’m real sure it’s comforting being wrapped up in a false light blanket . . . and clinging to the ‘light’ illusions many of you are spoon fed and gobble up . . . does anyone want to have themselves pulled out their light COMA? . . . before your ‘real life signs’ fade out completely?