Docile, Passive, Don’t Confront or Conflict Trap

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"New Age Ideology Contradictions. Could New Age Values, Expanded Higher Awareness & Light Trained Discernment all Miserably Fail? Would 'New Age' types be 'Awake' enough for example to stand against a Divinely Sanctioned Light Army plan to carry out large scale Unloving Dark Acts? Would they?"


Have you noticed how spiritual new age types have trouble actually confronting anyone or anything?

These are the people whom are all having and holding to a ‘vision’ of what they’d each like to ‘really’ live . . . while not confronting and probably even completely ignoring anything going on that’s in the opposite direction to what their ‘vision’ represents . . .

Is the above true or is it a load of baloney? Let’s find out . . .

Why am I Docile, Passive or Avoiding of Confrontations or just don’t Confront?

If there was something that was completely presented as opposite AND or horrifyingly to the new age, new spirituality, lightworker types?

Would they on reading this confront this? If you reading this are a member of this new age ‘light’ tribe then;

Would YOU?

Let’s find out just how effective the ‘NO Conflict, Confrontation no Direct ACTION’ lightworker implant actually is?

How well did it work to negate anyone confronting this obliterate an entire ‘alleged’ evil race project presentation?


Or perhaps if you have read this book as a new age, spiritual, goodness and understanding type perhaps you felt that it didn’t relate to yourself? That you were not involved with this? On the other hand;

After the previous ‘Divine Director’ book extract Diane wrote;

Though these requests have already been made and granted, and our other-planetary protectors and helpers have already ejected Orion from Earth and access to Earth, it is necessary to have as many people as possible to add their requests to mine. We are dealing with the concept of critical mass once again.

If you read that book, then did you notice the above?

That you YOURSELF were directly INVITED to support this ‘obliteration of an alleged evil race’ project . . .

Directly & Actively CONFRONTED to Support Racial Obliteration?

Just as a reminder what you were being asked to support . . .

  • To support an entire race being designated as evil . . . and . . .
  • To support that all traces of these people should be wiped out and completely obliterated . . . and . . .
  • To accept and support that this was sanctioned and initiated by an alleged ‘Divine Director’ (an Ascended Master type (or perhaps HIGHER)) . . . and . . .
  • To support the mobilization of ‘Light’ forces to carry out this task?

Each person reading this book was asked to add their voice, their ‘energy’ by petitioning directly themselves to support this evil race ‘obliteration’ to be carried out.

As Soon As Possible!!

If you are someone with just a smidgen of REAL; Love, Compassion, Goodness and Understanding then what would your reaction be to this?

Would YOU leap in and petition for this to be done? . . . OR . . . Would you make an effort to bring the horrifying reality of the horrifying things the ‘light’ author is asking to have supported? To the authors attention themselves?

If you read this book? Then did you try and point this out to the author?

The be ‘Docile, Passive, No Confrontations, Avoid Conflict, Stay Positive’ Implant Programming

Just how well is the ‘No Conflict’ new age managing implant at doing what it is supposed to do?

Just how effective is this implant (an implant approved by many alleged Divine Director types) at ensuring that so called caring and aware people are made completely unable to confront one of their own brethren to point out that something they are presenting isn’t quite in alignment with the new age, new spirituality, love and light ethos or vision that they all allegedly believe in?

I’ve checked some web site pages presenting the book (for example; & and not once have I seen anyone leaving a comment querying the ‘obliterate of an entire race’ presentation.

I’ve also done a full web search for ‘Orion obliteration’ with four different search engines and I could be wrong but nothing is presented that I can find.

If there was something;

  • That was REALLY opposing what you were part of, supported, stood for or strongly believed . . and . . .
  • This was also horrifying in terms of what it was stating . . and . . .
  • Was actually being presented by someone involved with the same . . and . . .
  • Which was also actually directed at yourself personally because of what you are involved in . . and . . .
  • You were intently reading and were therefore informed about this . . . then . . .

Would YOU Confront this presentation?

Would YOU?

If you reading this page here NOW are a ‘new age, new spirituality, lightworker’ type then do you like what I’m writing here?

I’ve been writing whole series of REALLY interesting pages here completely taking apart the new age, healing, therapy, new spirituality, lightworker, ascension areas.

I’ve been amazingly dedicated and spared absolutely no effort in attempting to point out horrific things for over a year now.

How Docile, Passive, Avoiding of Confrontations or Conflicts can people become?

Any ideas how many people have actually confronted me because of my horrifying content?


Well, I don’t think you’re going to be at all surprised by this . . . it’s been;

>> NONE <<

I’ve not had one person in 14 months leave a complaining comment and no one has ever even sent me an e-mail to complain about what I’m presenting here either.


That’s how well lightworker, new age types have been disabled and made docile, passive and disengaged from real life presentations . . . while being made addicted to, transfixed by and putting all hope into the . . .

Mythical Ascension Birdie . . .

I suspect it’ll be just too painful to confront the ineffective space you’ve been managed into . . .

So, anyone want to go ‘Ascension Cold Turkey’ and start facing reality?

Anyone want to . . .


Or maybe you’re not convinced about what I’m pointing out on these pages here?

Maybe you think that as I’m just one lone ‘crazy’ pointing out crazy things then you can rest easy about what I’m presenting?

Is that IT?

Well, unfortunately there are at least two ‘lone’ crazies.

Yes, someone else has been more than aware enough to notice the same. She’s a very worrying page HERE. Even more worrying she’s got the same sort of sense of humour as myself.

So, have lots of fun trying to avoid reading that page too . . .