Will Reiki Healing, Heal The Whole World?

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"New Age Ideology Contradictions. Could New Age Values, Expanded Higher Awareness & Light Trained Discernment all Miserably Fail? Would 'New Age' types be 'Awake' enough for example to stand against a Divinely Sanctioned Light Army plan to carry out large scale Unloving Dark Acts? Would they?"


I’m going to make my presentation of this article series clear . . .

What is Important About Reiki Healing Energies & Reiki Healing

As I mention on an earlier page I read an earlier book written by Diane Stein called Essential Reiki which helped me enormously during my early Reiki phase. It probably took a lot of courage to present that book with the symbols included and so risk going against prevailing and entrenched ‘Reiki’ attitudes.

The pages I have presented in this series relate to another of Diane’s publicly presented books and are NOT an ‘attack’ on Diane herself (contrary to what anyone might think). If you are competent as well as pushing the boundaries and also ‘digging’ then you’re going to come across subtle energetic things and actions by ‘subtle’ others that are hard to relate to with respect to ‘prevailing understandings’ (that’s often an understatement). I know this more than most and I also know it can take ages to openly explore ‘anomalies’ before you can start putting the pieces together properly.

Some of the ‘pieces’ I’m presenting on this website here have taken over a decade of time to properly understand and explain. On the other hand I’ve felt compelled to present things as fast as possible BUT as I was also becoming aware of and finding energetic crap trying to make me do this (badly) then I took the time to identify and clear as much of this as I could before ‘really’ risking the direct and detailed presentation that you are getting here (I’ve spent 4 years doing these clearings already which are still on going).

These articles are about pointing out that lightworker, new age, new spirituality types are so unconscious and so unaware that even when confronted with an obvious ‘anti’ light presentation their ability to show awareness or of exercising discernment is none existent.

These pages are presented in attempt to give ALL new age, spiritual and ‘light’ healing types the opportunity to start becoming aware of how unaware they are.

That people using call signs of;

  • ‘Love & Light’ or
  • ‘Higher Consciousness’
  • ‘Goodness and Understanding’

While at the same time at the very least ‘unconsciously’ supporting obvious presentations that are at the other end of the spectrum i.e. dark, evil, negative, horrifying is a sign at the very least that you’re all pretty much a tea cup or two short of a full dinner set.

  • You talk about awareness and yet don’t exhibit any . . .
  • You talk about love, compassion and forgiveness and yet you don’t react when ‘one of your own’ makes a presentation that directly opposes these values . . .
  • You talk about moving toward something that will have everyone more conscious and more united while not being in the slightest aware that obliterating an entire race of people isn’t a sign of advanced consciousness nor is it a sign of a unifying mentality and yet you don’t even ‘get this’ either.

It’s an oft stated light phrase that Reiki;

Will heal the entire world . . .

If ‘healing the entire world’ is going to be achieved by laying waste to entire races then I can only speak for myself when I say that that’s certainly NOT any type of healing I want any involvement in.

How will Reiki Heal the Whole Earth . . . it’ll just to this in your dreams . . .

Yea, we are all convinced that with all of our amazing healing and light therapies and the Divine source and the Universal energies and all the rest we can heal anything BUT god help you if it turns out that we cannot because then apparently we’ll just casually wipe you out . . . no problem at all.


Yea, we are all convinced that with all of our amazing healing and light therapies and the Divine source and the Universal energies and all the rest we can heal anything but we haven’t quite figured out that having to obliterate entire races is a big sign of a 100% healing tools failure and a reflection of the ineffectiveness of all the different healing modalities we have been ‘gifted’ with.

How aware are you?

How aware are you that you by subtle energetic means you been made / forced to trust beings that have told you they are ‘divine’ so effectively that you just blindly go along with whatever any ‘light media’ propaganda channel churns out?

Reiki Healing; Unconscious, Dis Empowering, Unaware ‘Sticky Plaster’ Healing?

Is the healing you are doing REALLY effective?

Is it working in ways that are ‘correct’?

Is it working in ways that won’t cause more problems in the future?

Have you tried finding out exactly what is being done during a healing?

Have you ever tried to find out what’s going on in subtle energetic terms yourself?

Have you?

Or, are you relying on some channelled information from some alleged ‘Divine Director Lightmare Monster’ type being to supply you with your ‘education’ and ‘light and healing’ explanations while also bizarrely remaining convinced that you’re somehow ’empowered’?


Want to find out how to pick apart a negative healing issue? If you do I’ll give you an example on the next page . . .