How to Achieve a Greater or Higher Awareness

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"New Age Ideology Contradictions. Could New Age Values, Expanded Higher Awareness & Light Trained Discernment all Miserably Fail? Would 'New Age' types be 'Awake' enough for example to stand against a Divinely Sanctioned Light Army plan to carry out large scale Unloving Dark Acts? Would they?"


Tell me?

How can so called ‘aware’ people be so unaware that they can blindly go along with;

  • An entire race being designated as evil AND . . .
  • That all traces of this race are going to be wiped out OR is in the process of being wiped out.
  • That this is stated to be sanctioned and supported by a ‘Divine Light Director’.
  • That a ‘Love & Light’ army has been mobilized to lovingly carry out this exciting ‘Light’ task?

Perhaps it’s just much easier to support the Evil Light than start thinking?

Why is it so easy to ignore or even be totally oblivious to these horrific and BLATANT anti spiritual contradictions when they are directly and seriously written about particularly by a respected new age author?

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Why is it that the people of the ‘Radiant Light of Goodness and Understanding’ seem to have no problem . . . .

  • To write of ‘obliterating a race of people’ without seemingly really REALLY being ABLE to THINK about what this really REALLY means?
  • To be able to read about ‘obliterating races of people’ WITHOUT your discernment sensors going WAY OFF SCALEi.e. Hence you are MADE to be unable to really REALLY THINK about what this really REALLY means either?
    • Except perhaps along the lines of . . . . wow, gosh, amazing . . . . look what some REALLY loving beings are doing on MY behalf in MY NAME . . . . YES IN YOUR NAME because if you read it and accept it then YOU’RE COLLUDING TO GIVE AUTHORITY TO IT . . . . How LOVING do you think YOUR ‘LIGHT’ masters will seem to the people they are obliterating?
    • Hence all the reviews of this book I’ve read to this date all fail to directly query being asked to give support to the ‘obliteration’ of an entire race.

Why does it seem so easy for people to not REALLY become aware of a presentation that is both horrific and completely against what they ‘purport’ to stand for?

How to Become Aware of how Peoples Awareness is Managed?

Well, it’s really easy because;

  1. 99% of ‘light/healing/spiritual’ solutions orientate you away from life and self difficulties causing you to become squished into such a small corner of YOURSELF that you lose all capacity to properly evaluate ANYTHING. Particularly in an ‘authentically’ balanced way. Just in case you’ve missed these then you should know that other pages on this site cover in minute and VERY worrying detail LOTS of ways that YOU are facilitated that sabotage YOUR ability to even be aware of issues never mind allowing you to try and resolve them by what I call USELESS help (read about these HERE and of actions taken by Spiritual Hierarchy groups themselves to discourage exploration of negative issue origins read about these HERE).
  2. That the spiritual hierarchy itself and half the groups under its authority are all spewing out energies to align you to certain beliefs while preventing you from engaging with or thinking about anything beyond certain boundaries. As well as boat loads of energies specifically to block you from becoming aware of what is ‘REALLY going on’ . . . Also presented in great detail on another page HERE.
  3. That all spiritual, new age, caring, sensitive lightworker types have 11 implants that ‘manage’ their thinking, beliefs, awareness and attitudes to help them NOT become aware of such contradictions so that they WONT EVER QUESTION ANYTHING (Described in worrying detail within this entire section HERE).
  4. All individual ‘spiritual’ and other ‘groups’ make amazing efforts to seriously manage their members too as described HERE.

If what I describe above is REALLY true then a REALLY extreme example of the outcome of people being managed to NOT really take in either seriously negative presentations or horrific contradictions to their beliefs could result in an extreme life presentation whereby people on a larger scale would seriously NOT acknowledge something REALLY horrific.

Is this the case?

How do I become more aware of what is responsible for Genocide Evilness Awareness Failures?

Lets see then . . . .

Lets take some genocide event, like for example the holocaust. That what I’m saying is that these sub-conscious, automatic and engrained subtle energy manipulations would under extreme circumstances actually result in people whom are most effected by these to try and deny or even have them working to erase such events from our history.

That these ‘light’ strategies to make people more distanced from ‘negative’ and TERRIBLE things to ‘help’ them COPE would result in some people actually denying the existence of the holocaust and have them avoid recognizing this event as part of our past . . . . .

Unfortunately I think if you investigate this then you actually will find that this IS true.

How do I Achieve a Higher or Greater Awareness?

Perhaps it would be a much better idea for new age, lightwork, healer and spiritual types to petition to have themselves cleared all of the mind and soul £**#ing lightworker implants (and all similar energetic junk) from themselves. Particularly as these monstrous, dark and evil implants were sanctioned by the same ‘Light’ Divine Director types whom it seems have no problem making decisions to obliterate entire races . . .

Any Divine ‘Light’ Master Director type sanctioning the obliteration of an entire race of people isn’t going to lose any sleep what-so-ever over using subtle energetic implants or other ‘subtle’ means to ‘manage’ people . . .


Using subtle energetic means that are so amazingly effective at managing people’s awareness and thinking capacities that they;

  • Don’t even react when a New Age Light author representing ‘Goodness and Understanding’ is fully supporting that a set of people are not only completely evil BUT that they should all be completely eliminated . . . and then . . .
  • Continue to NOT react to a presentation that is VERY serious about Director Masters of the ‘Light’ not only contemplating the obliteration of an entire race BUT of actively sanctioning it and readying ‘Forces of the Light’ to carry this out too . . .
  • And then they still don’t react and cannot discern to save their lives (or anyone else’ it seems) when they themselves are directly asked to give their energy and support to make sure that this ‘obliteration’ event is carried out as quickly as possible.

Perhaps these Divine Light Director types means to ‘manage’ people is so effective and efficient that even if they present something obviously dark, evil, hateful and monstrous then not only will there be no so called ‘awake, aware light’ people objecting to it but even worse none of them react even when they are directly asked to themselves support such an ‘ANTI LIGHT MONSTROSITY‘.

How good must the ‘management’ of new age ‘light’ people be to make then so unaware, so insensitive, so unconscious that they can be asked to support a genocide without them noticing this?

Advice on How to Gain Greater Awareness

I would advise that each of you reading this petition to have all the useless, debilitating and awareness killing ‘light’ implants and other debilitating energetic crap removed from yourself.

That would be an exceedingly good start.

For how I petitioned the lords of Karma myself and why then read this page HERE, for why I later petitioned to have what I’d already asked for reversed then keep reading from that page.

In the mean time if you want some idea of the effort that dedicated Divine Lightmare Director types might go to, to make sure their awareness and thinking management efforts are really effective . . . then read the next page . . .