Causes of Anger, Rage & Losing IT Issues

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"New Age Ideology Contradictions. Could New Age Values, Expanded Higher Awareness & Light Trained Discernment all Miserably Fail? Would 'New Age' types be 'Awake' enough for example to stand against a Divinely Sanctioned Light Army plan to carry out large scale Unloving Dark Acts? Would they?"

Recovering Your Feelings and Your Entire Emotional Range

Interestingly my rage and anger allowed me to engage with all the past times I’d tried to do the useless ‘nice’ light bollocks thing that has you suppressing such feelings in attempts to stay stupidly ‘positive’.

Not a good idea really BUT a very common one I imagine.

So, re-engaging with these past sealed and blocked feeling stores allowed me to eventually open and clear these and doing this helped me shift from being unfeeling to recovering my entire emotional and feeling self.

Causes of Losing IT?; Subtle Counter Measures to Ruin Reputations?

The other stupendously interesting thing was the sheer numbers of energetic shit all focused to MAKE ME ANGRY and ENRAGED . . .

Look . . . LOOK . . . is that person calm, serene, relaxed, peaceful? . . . NO . . . but they ARE really, REALLY; spitting angry, enraged, apoplectic . . . look . . .

. . . LOOK . . . they’re Unstable;


>> CRAZY <<

>> LOSING IT!!!!! <<

Quick . . . QUICK . . . everyone hide behind your sofa while we try and lock them up before they hurt someone or even worse try obliterating whole races of people . . .

What are the causes of Anger, Rage and even Revenge Issues?

Releasing the old blocked off anger, rage and so on built up lifetime over lifetime took quite a few months BUT clearing all the energetic crap intent on triggering and trying to keep me; angry, enraged and apoplectic actually took a couple of years.

I’ve an example written by a client whom went through clearing this sort of ‘made to be angry’ crap and that also led them to start recovering ‘normal’ feelings HERE. It can take quite a while to do this properly as all of the burying is done by useless and pathetic spirit help beings that need to be dealt with before anything sensible in healing terms happens (As I describe HERE).

If you’re a ‘light, new age’ brainwashed type it’s highly unlikely that you’d ever think of these made to be angry possibilities as they seem to have completely missed describing such debilitating possibilities in all the new age, ‘light’ channeled manuals?

Gosh . . . I wonder WHY?

It might then be a little difficult for you to accept that the likes of anger, mental preoccupation, continually focusing on injustices and hurts, thinking over and over about particular things, continually thinking in ‘against’ ways is all EASILY done using subtle energetic means.

>> EASILY <<

Particularly as these important ‘facts’ are mysteriously not presented by new age, spiritual, therapy or even ‘light’ masters.


Guess where the majority of this energetic crap came from?


If you cannot guess, you’ve probably not been reading many of these pages here.

Come on people . . . it’s dead easy . . .

It was those I was pissed off about AND others that don’t like me and or what I’m presenting either. Can you believe that?

Make sure they are kept; Busy, Occupied and Distracted away from the REAL issues?

It’s standard operating procedure.

Didn’t you know?

That when dealing with people whom might ‘reveal’ things you don’t want revealed then you do all you can to ruin their image and or reputation. In such cases they’ll do energetic things to you yourself that will try and;

  • Draw wider attention to yourselves (say for example get them to present horrific out of context contradictions) . . . and . . .
  • Keep you occupied dealing with or trying to avoid that attention . . . and . . .
  • Cause less and less people to take you seriously . . .

Win, win . . . WIN

The only area that someone would get away with advocating and supporting the obliteration of an entire race with little risk of having serious ‘in your face’ repercussions would be the new age arena.

Just as well eh!!!

There is an extended example of all angles that need to be addressed in energetic terms when dealing with persistent attacks and all that has accumulated as a result of them over many lifetimes HERE.

Some examples of the problems and limitations of using psychic protection are presented HERE and on the following page HERE.

Well done!!!

You’ve survived reading down to the absolute bottom of this page which means you might just survive reading the next one . . . I just mention this because, well it’s rumoured that the next page actually takes the piss out of ascension . . . can you believe that!!! . . . so, make sure you don’t tell any lightworker types, they might get upset and ‘shock horror’ avoid it . . . even though it’s very funny . . . honest . . . and there is free delivery on ‘higher dimensional’ ‘see-able’ attire which you’ll need for the ‘soon to be coming’ ascension event . . . don’t miss out . . . order yours now before it’s too late . . . limited sock stocks . . .