Dark Negative Etheric Implants Effectiveness Test

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"New Age Ideology Contradictions. Could New Age Values, Expanded Higher Awareness & Light Trained Discernment all Miserably Fail? Would 'New Age' types be 'Awake' enough for example to stand against a Divinely Sanctioned Light Army plan to carry out large scale Unloving Dark Acts? Would they?"


Just for a moment I want you reading this to imagine that you yourself are one of a group of very insecure dictator type leaders whom want all the people they are ‘dictating’ to, to accept and blindly follow what they tell them.

I’d like you to imagine just for a few minutes that you are one of these sicko dictator types.

Now, what if you had thought up and then produced a set of debilitating etheric implants that you thought would be effective in managing those you were supposedly ‘leading’ particularly so that you could get them to go along with just about anything you yourself wanted to do?

Then how would you go about testing how effective they were?

I mean you wouldn’t want to be seen making decisions that would have you sanctioning something evil, vile or grossly horrific without making sure that your population management methods worked really well.

Would YOU?

Perhaps this obliteration of an entire race presentation was a lightworker implant field test?

How to fully and safely test how Effective your Negative Implants are

Perhaps the Spiritual Hierarchy wanted to check to see how effective their ‘Love & Light’ implant collection really is?

Maybe that’s the correct explanation for this blatant ‘genocide’ presentation?

Gosh . . . I’d not have thought of that!!!

This means that they might be slightly more clever than I thought . . .

So, you’d get a well known respected lightworker type to present gross and horrifying information so that you can check to see if the lightworker ‘control and management’ implants are up to the job?


So, the; Believe & Trust ‘LIGHT Beliefs & Guidance’ Implant would get 100% pass rate on this test. This implant makes you believe and trust what an established lightworker is saying or presenting. Mind you that implant would be well supported by the; Lightwork Term & Understanding Translator Implant This implant is a wonder as it translates what was being read or taken in on the fly so that it will appear to the implantee to fit into new age spiritual ideas. It will attempt to make any new ‘light’ presentation no matter how bizarre appear to be aligned to ‘Love & Light, Goodness and Understanding’?

Seems like this implant worked like a dream. It seems like no lightworkers reading this book actually took in what was actually being presented relating to the obliteration event.

And there was definitely zero discernment going on so the; The ‘Spiritual Discernment for Dummies’ Facilitator seems to have been working really well too. Readers seem to have been completely unable to discern that obliterating an entire race and all of their manifestations and creations would by anyone’s standards be considered ‘dark and evil’ never mind negative and non compassionate and non loving. Which means that this implant seems to be rock solid in its functioning too.

Spiritual Hierarchy Message; “Be Docile, Passive, DON’T take action, just Stay Positive”

Everything will unfold and you’ll all become ascended, you’ll shift into the 5th, 6th, 19th . . . eh!! . . . what dimension is it again? Basically, (don’t tell anyone OK?) but we want you all just to sit on your arses and do nothing. We seriously don’t want you to even think about trying to change anything yourselves. That’s why we’ve given you the ascension birdie to keep your attention on . . . tweet . . . tweet . . .

That’s right. Don’t blink else it might take another week or 10 or maybe even another millennium before you realize it HAS taken that long and you’re still waiting and . . eh!! . . yea, that’s right . . . you’re STILL waiting.

In the mean time we can still manage and control everything with virtually no risk of any ‘potentially’ aware people noticing because just about all of them have their attention focused on the mythical ascension birdie

. . . it’s almost there, just keep going a little more, don’t forget to try and get some of your ‘aware’ mates interested, as the more people we have watching the ascension birdie the better it is, eh!! because eh!! it eh!! it likes being watched???? . . . and whatever you do don’t ever start thinking . . .


Seems like this set up would also be the ultimate field test for the ‘NO Conflict, Confrontation or Direct ACTION Implant’ lightworker implant?

So, I’d have to say that this means that the ‘No Conflict’ implant also seems to pass the Spiritual Hierarchies effectiveness test with flying colors too . . .

Apparently we can all sleep easy knowing that the Spiritual Hierarchy can produce the absolute best in suppressive subtle energetic implant technologies . . . and is doing a great job setting up comprehensive field tests to make sure they work REALLY well . . .


Implants that are so good that you yourself will find it virtually impossible to consider that it’s a mite more likely that it would be those promoting, supporting and apparently in the process of wiping out an entire race that are the REAL evil ones?

Suppressive implants that are so good that few of you will be gifted with actually being allowed to read about what has been done to yourselves as well as of being prevented from spending time thinking about this . . .

Is that TRUE?

If you want a ‘scary’ personal demonstration of how well the ‘Love & Light’ new age lightworker implants manage yourself then attempt to read the entire set of pages that describe these implants in detail. These start HERE.

Read these pages once a month and take notice of;

  • How many distractions, diversions and put offs magically manifest as you’re trying to read them.
  • How you’re made to misinterpret what is presented.
  • How their meaning magically changes as you really start to take in what is presented in them.

Any ideas how hard these implants make it for new age, healers and ‘light’ therapist types to actually confront ‘difficult’ things?

To find out exactly how hard it is for them to do this then read the next page . . .