The Spiritual Meaning of the Lightworker, Family of Light ‘Family’

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"The Etheric Implants 'Managing' Sensitive, Multidimensionally, Spiritually and Subtle Energy Aware Earth Residents wanting to Improve the Quality of Life, live in more 'Equitable, Balanced, Honourable and Harmonious ways' specifically to gradually erode such peoples reputation while keeping them; Occupied, Passive, Out of the way and absolutely unaware of anything they might otherwise disagree with."

Just how much ‘real’ meaning is in our lives today?

Lack of Life Meaning and Life Purposes in the new Twitter Age

Most peoples lives revolve around having to make money and particularly in these ‘insecure’ times people are now even more busy and preoccupied either looking for a job, trying to keep a job or training or studying to make sure that they will hopefully get a job. There is also the slight problem that most jobs don’t have much REAL meaning because they all revolve around the necessity of making money to pay bills in a life where most life parameters are fixed and diversity of ‘real’ choice is severely limited.

Most of life is about doing things that have to be done because that’s how our lives are set up and so meaning and purpose don’t often get a thought never mind a look in so if you can give people a larger meaning or purpose just by being involved with something then this is going to be very appealing to many.

Becoming involved with something of GREAT Meaning

What better meaning and purpose can anyone have compared to being involved with something that is about ‘changing the world’ while being made to be convinced of all sorts of hidden ‘behind the scenes, ‘other’ reality’ details that the ‘unaware and uninitiated’ are oblivious too BUT WHICH YOU ARE A DIRECT PART OF.

All lightworkers have a ‘Life Meaning and Larger Light Family’ implant which acts to encourage and support the idea of a ‘Light Family’ composed of like minded people all round the world all working together to achieve something of greater meaning and purpose that is bigger than everything else EVER. This implant ‘facilitates’ lightworker connections to gradually make people have a deeper and deeper commitment to lightwork.

Why People Make a Commitment to the Spiritual Family of LIGHT

This causes people to REALLY and strongly emotionally invest in the new age ‘Light’ project, the more investment they make then the harder it will be for them to even contemplate that what lightwork states might not be so. If you are a lightworker reading this, then how are you going to react to what I write here?

This is very cleverly done . . .


Having a subtle energetic implant;

Making you commit to and to feel that you are part of something meaningful and purposeful.

Making you feel and be part of a larger LIGHT ‘family’ with good and worthwhile aims.

Having such an implant makes it MUCH less likely that you’ll react against what is happening in other areas of your life or of the world in general particularly if you think you are part of something MUCH BIGGER THAN ALL OF THIS while you are ALSO doing ‘invisible’ things that you are MADE TO BE CONVINCED will ULTIMATELY CHANGE THINGS HERE . . .

Look at the investments in your life. Are your MAIN life investments safe? How secure are people feeling in the world now? How secure is your job, your house, your car?

So, some people will find it much easier to get up in the morning because they are a member of the new age family of light quite simply because they are part of something that is larger, worthwhile and inspiring compared to absolutely ANYTHING ELSE EVER . . .


Why are Family of Light Members encouraged to Align to a Life Purpose & Engage with a Soul Mission?

This is why you have an implant whose 24 hour job is to encourage you to enhance the ‘meaning’ in your life by making a deeper commitment to the ‘light’ family.

This implant ALSO . . .

  • Works hard to direct and align you to a specific life or soul ‘LIGHT’ purpose or spiritual mission AND to have others encourage and support you to do this AND have you encourage and support others to do this too . . . hence the effort made to present information on life and soul purposes and of encouraging you to find yours . . .
  • It also acts in conjunction with the Mood & Emotions ‘Control & Adjustment’ Implant to make you feel unsettled, lost, anxious, afraid and particularly that your life does NOT have the meaning that it should . . . if you DON’T follow it’s prompting to take the soul purpose that you’re being PUSHED into engaging with. It’s all a Pavlov’s dog reward game using subtle energetic technologies to ‘manage’ you

So, if you ARE a new age or lightworker type and hence are someone gifted with this implant . . . then you’re likely to be simply appalled at what I write here because this implant will be working hard to disengage you from anything that threatens your commitment to something it has been convincing you is the ultimate meaning in your life . . .

. . . lightworkers have 11 implants all designed to keep them controlled, unaware and most importantly of all;


. . . particularly so they are less likely to notice never mind take a stance against anything actually going on in their ACTUAL life or in the ACTUAL world . . .

And once again just to give an even larger perspective . . . I’ve read here and there on the web that lightwork is the ‘deviils’ work and that Jesuus is the real way . . . one can only imagine that the ‘JC god’ people have even less clue than yourselves of the very sophisticated subtle energy technologies actually being used to manage themselves pretty much along the same lines as lightworkers to keep themselves as ‘meek as lambs’ (same as yourselves) so that once again some others wont risk disinheritance of ‘whatever’ it is they want to stay in control of . . . there is NOTHING so far that I’ve investigated that is not being well managed by well hidden ‘smoke and mirrors’ subtle energetic means . . .


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