Lack of Lightworker & New Age Scepticism Enigma!

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"The Etheric Implants 'Managing' Sensitive, Multidimensionally, Spiritually and Subtle Energy Aware Earth Residents wanting to Improve the Quality of Life, live in more 'Equitable, Balanced, Honourable and Harmonious ways' specifically to gradually erode such peoples reputation while keeping them; Occupied, Passive, Out of the way and absolutely unaware of anything they might otherwise disagree with."

I’m a medical research scientist by ‘profession’ whom a decade and a half ago had a spiritual awakening kick start, before that I was already spending a large part of my spare time reading about, studying, training in and using lots of spiritual and alternate approaches.

Considering, Studying & Assessing Channelled Material

After the spiritual awakening event I involved myself directly with ‘lightwork’ and ‘new age’ offerings and presentations. As part of this I attended both larger as well as personal ‘reading’ type ‘channelled’ presentations. What struck me about these over a period of time was the following;

  • That people engaging with such material were often quite ‘raptly’ attentive to what was being conveyed.
  • That in an overall sense whatever was conveyed was amazingly not only taken seriously but accepted even when the information was very off the wall.
  • I bizarrely found myself in ‘rapt’ attention as well as of SERIOUSLY considering and often accepting of what was presented and I’m A SCIENTIST.

I was at that time ‘vaguely’ uneasy about this . . .

Channelling Spiritual Beings of the HIGHEST Integrity . . . Maybe?

Before I make some points here I’ll have to state that I am aware that passing information from ‘beyond’ is easily done as I can easily access and verify this (at least now).

BUT!!! Lets put this into a more ‘realistic’ context, you have someone channelling information from whom they say is ‘Ascended Master’ X or ‘Spiritual Master’ Y or ‘Great Wise Being or Collective’ Z and that these beings/people are from ‘higher’ levels, know much more about everything than we do and that they are explaining things from a much larger context . . . while in situations where I’ve seen this done the majority of people present actually take it in and either often accept OR seriously consider what is conveyed.

Do, you ‘NORMALLY’ immediately Believe what you’re told by Strangers?

In my ‘day to day’ life if someone is trying to tell me something interesting that might be VERY ‘important’ BUT be ‘weird’ or outside of my ‘normal’ information boundaries then I’d want this person RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, I’d want to be looking them FULLY in the eyes as they are speaking, I’ll also have ALL of my not inconsiderate ‘sensing’ abilities operating at FULL CAPACITY so that I at least have some chance of feeling how genuine this person is as well as their ‘sources’.

So, having someone in a ‘trance’ or semi trance if not in at least a slightly disengaged state passing information from an absent third party at a distance never mind from another ‘reality’ is actually a set of circumstances that actually REALLY gives you the least opportunity to ‘realistically’ appraise the genuineness never mind the AGENDA of the ‘source’ apart form the ‘coherence’ of the actual information itself.

‘Higher’ Beings with Access to Akashic Records can Easily Impress!

Just in case some of you have not thought about this very deeply I’ll point out some more obvious things.

These beings often give the impression or claim to be intimately connected to the ‘earth’ process and your reason for being here. If this is actually TRUE then it’s NOT unlikely that they’d have access to your Akashic records for example as well as the details of your current life plan and hence those you’ll be engaging with as part of this life too and so be able to impress you with their knowledge of what for them would be easily obtainable information.

In which case it is easy for them to ‘spin’ legitimacy and by association imply that all the rest of the ‘unverifiable’ information that they present is correct and ‘cough cough’ true . . . read about how the Akashic records are edited and corrupted HERE.

Where is the Scepticism? Where is the Caution?

Why is it that under circumstances where you should be a mite sceptical or questioning or even ‘shock horror’ disbelieving never mind perhaps challenging for the most part with most people this is not how they react?

What I’m saying is that Spiritual, new age and ‘Light’ information and understandings both written and passed by guides or higher beings (as channelled material for example) is ‘somehow’ treated and has people responding VERY differently than you’d expect OVERALL.


Well, I’m afraid that this is done with yet another implant . . . what a surprise eh!!! . . . read in detail of exactly what this ‘light’ and ‘spiritual’ implant does on the next page . . .