The ‘Spiritual Bypassing’ of Negative Issues Implant

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"The Etheric Implants 'Managing' Sensitive, Multidimensionally, Spiritually and Subtle Energy Aware Earth Residents wanting to Improve the Quality of Life, live in more 'Equitable, Balanced, Honourable and Harmonious ways' specifically to gradually erode such peoples reputation while keeping them; Occupied, Passive, Out of the way and absolutely unaware of anything they might otherwise disagree with."

This implant is particularly puzzling as it works to keep lightworkers disengaged from anything perceived as negative, distressing, uninspiring or pessimistic. It acts to have them trying and working to stay positive, balanced, upbeat, enthusiastic and ‘centred’ and of course away from anything unbalancing, chaotic or depressing as well as of having them actively encourage others to do the same . . .

Basically it keeps Lightworkers aligned to being positive, inspiring, upbeat, radiant and ‘smiley’ while trying to avoid anything that would be disturbing, distressing or unbalancing.

Positive Attitude VERSUS a Positive Alignment

Have you considered the differences between having a positive attitude compared to a positive alignment?

Part of the Law of Attraction states;

“Align your attention toward what you wish to achieve . . . .”

I have to admit that I WHOLE heartedly agree with this. So, lets see then . . . .

The only way you can come to FULLY understand something deeply is to FULLY investigate it and to do this properly you need to completely align toward it, engage with it . . . AND . . . spend LOTS of time ENGAGED with it until your understanding becomes complete . . .

Positive Alignment Effects on the Competence of Addressing Negative Issues

. . . and . . . I know that you’ll find this REALLY weird BUT; to address NEGATIVE ISSUES COMPETENTLY requires that you have to have your FULL attention orientated toward and for you to completely engage with these . . . this bizarrely is a pre-requisit to deeply investigating them which is a continuous requirement until you REALLY understand them AND what is originally responsible for them. Only then may this ‘perhaps’ lead you to develop the means to FULLY resolve EVERYTHING that actually contributes to what is presented as surface symptoms and effects.

In my terms ‘symptoms and effects’ turn out to be the mere entry points which if used as described above can lead to what always turn out to be really . . .


Original Causes

Seeing as this implant (amongst a depressingly wide range of other subtle energetic ‘things’) contributes to ‘programming’ people to AVOID negativity; anything difficult, uncomfortable, depressing, pessimistic . . . and so on . . . then that’s a bit unfortunate isn’t it particularly when this implant is in the energy field of the VERY people ‘supposedly’ trying to help others address ‘negative’ issues.

Just out of interest – have you reading this actually considered ALL of the ‘negative’ consequences of taking and holding to a ‘positive’ orientation?

I’m sure you’d be quite shocked at the amazingly LONG list of what turn out to be the negative, unbalancing and quite depressing consequences of such an orientation particularly when this is held to over a long period of time and particularly when it’s being done on a larger scale.

If you are interested then you can read about these consequences HERE.

Disengagement from Negative Issues Increases the longer they remain Unresolved

So, let’s assume that difficult life and personal issues, traumas, challenges, limitations as well as the likes of persistent negative life patterns, attitudes and behaviours are actually perceived as and considered; negative, distressing, unbalancing never mind that they might result in depression or pessimism. What happens then if you actually just try about ‘everything’ to resolve particular issues AND shock horror they refuse to disappear would this not have their negative, distressing, unbalancing, not nice ‘attributes’ sky rocketing to such an extent that you can find yourself becoming amazingly disengaged from these particular difficult life and personal issues, traumas, challenges.

The Spiritual Bypass Implant

With a strong, enforced and continuous positive alignment you may even find yourself blessed with NOT EVEN becoming aware that you yourself are actually not acknowledging ‘difficult’ issues.

In extreme cases this orientation may amazingly actually prevent even an ‘enhanced light’ awareness from becoming aware of the FACT that no amount of ‘light’ healing, spiritual, therapy or ‘other’ solutions have ever even been able to scratch the paint work of these particular issues.

This has even become so obvious that some other none ‘lightworker’ types have managed to spot this phenomenon and have described this as a ‘spiritual bypass’.

Designed to Facilitate the Demise of ‘Lightwork’ & ‘Healing’ Approaches

This is also yet another implant whose effects over time are designed to erode and degrade the ‘standing’ of lightworkers, their tools and beliefs.

This implant is DESIGNED to ensure that ‘eventually’ lightworkers and all that is associated with lightwork will end up being more and more marginalised and less and less accepted until they wont be able to practice what they are MADE TO BELIEVE IN even if they want to . . .

Why do you think that channelled and other ‘light’ information aligns lightworkers to and acts to keep their heads and awareness ‘in the sky’, focused on inspiring information about things that they cannot verify while studiously keeping them as disengaged as possible from what is actually happening ON THE GROUND . . .

>> in their ‘ACTUAL’ lives HERE <<

While being continually encouraged to KEEP GOING and to KEEP TRUSTING and to NOT doubt and so on and so on . . . while all the time the walls close in . . .

The next implant ALSO contributes to this degradation GREATLY.

Would you like to know why lightworkers are also a ‘little’ disengaged from being aware that their ‘light’ tools, therapies and healing systems are not quite actually 100% effective, 100% of the time while they themselves are often insistent that they are . . .

You DO?

Splendissimo, that’s very commendable . . . in which case you can read the next page . . .