Akashic Evidence Helps Support Spiritual Missions

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"Akashic Records; what they are, their origins, accessing and reading them. Understanding 'Life between lives' and future life records. Akashic record history & corruption particularly to support Spiritual Missions, keep hidden Spiritual Hierarchy efforts to erode our subtle abilities, deliberately gift traumatizing earth lives to cause suffering and isolation for some as well as other spiritual atrocities. Plus the extensive listed advantages of learning to access past lives directly."

Spiritual Missions, soul purposes and life purposes are the Spiritual Hierarchy’s favourite means of keeping good, subtly sensitive, spirit aware, caring types occupied and well ‘out the way’.

So, as part of this they put a lot of effort into convincing people that it’s their soul purpose or life mission or ‘whatever’ to do ‘something’ which strangely enough is always ‘something’ that is supporting their so called ‘light’ agenda.

Akashic Records Help & Support Validity of Spiritual Missions & Soul Purposes

Their aim is to make you more and more aligned to and committed to their well constructed ‘light’ myth because it’s then much less likely that you’ll ever become aware of what the Spiritual Hierarchy are actually really doing or if you do of accepting that this is what they ARE actually doing never mind of doing something about this.

To help convince people to take on Spiritual Hierarchy approved missions then the Akashic records are also routinely edited and used as ‘spiritual evidence’ to help support the assertion that they have some life or soul purpose and or a spiritual mission that they must align to for their life to get better or for them to feel fulfilled or complete within themselves.

Advice supportive of missions and soul purposes is more easily offered through ‘official’ Akashic record readers.

For a deeper understanding of Soul Purposes then read this page HERE particularly to understand how Soul Purposes differ from Spiritual Missions which I go into more depth about HERE particularly from a ‘lightworker’ point of view while HERE I present yet another more worrying perspective on these areas.

Akashic Readers Advice is to Support Spiritual Missions & Life Purposes

All set up with the soul intention of keeping new spiritual mission recruit ‘light’ members occupied, busy and hence safely out the way.

Well, it’s much safer to have good people enthusiastically focused on positively limping round in ‘light circles’ than risk them becoming aware of what’s actually going on and then perhaps having to put up with them trying to do something about this.


The bottom line is that Akashic records particularly for some individuals are heavily edited to support the agendas, goals and presentation of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Elohim.

They are particularly edited to prevent people finding out how much they are being managed and controlled by hidden subtle energetic means as well as of preventing ‘nosy’ types from finding out that their life events are sometimes managed to traumatize them while also being engineered to try and put them against others whom are also aware and trying to understand things more deeply. A later page in this series gives in depth details of these horrific and hellish life events.

The Akashic records are a great way of controlling and managing the history of your past earth lives.

The History Writers Control the History & Hence the Akashic Records

In this respect it’s very easy to ensure that we each personally get to find out what the Spiritual Hierarchy want us to find out, not what actually went on in our past lives.

It’s interesting to note that the Spiritual Hierarchy themselves don’t seem to be aware at all of the contradictions with regards having a plan that by some mechanism is supposedly designed to ‘change’ people while they themselves are taking actions that rigidly bind and fix the same people to specific beliefs, understandings, behaviours and attitudes.

That is to say they do everything possible to PREVENT people from changing beyond what they themselves define whilst they behave as if they still expect change to happen in the same people. Seems very bizarre to me.

The Spiritual Hierarchy actions PREVENT Spiritual Change and Evolution

I’m sure we’ll find out soon if this is the case when the ‘end of times’ comes and goes without a whisper yet again.

For specific details of actual descriptions of Akashic records being ‘edited and adjusted’ then read this page HERE.

In this respect I’d have to advise that if you want to actually have real understandings of your past lives then as a smarty ‘smart arse’ I’d have to recommend you avoid the Akashic records like the plague and take the time and effort to access your earth and other lives directly, as it’s likely to be way more accurate as well as more educational.

For advice on accessing past and other lives directly and the advantages of doing this then read the next page . . .