Advice on Clearing & Removing Many Negative Etheric Implants At Once

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"The Etheric Implants 'Managing' Sensitive, Multidimensionally, Spiritually and Subtle Energy Aware Earth Residents wanting to Improve the Quality of Life, live in more 'Equitable, Balanced, Honourable and Harmonious ways' specifically to gradually erode such peoples reputation while keeping them; Occupied, Passive, Out of the way and absolutely unaware of anything they might otherwise disagree with."

Does anyone ‘actually’ want to get rid of these Suppressing Implants as well as others and more?

I’ll be putting up another page soon offering automated clearings of various healing issues and subtle energetic crap which will include clearings as I describe below.

Being Released from the ‘Love & Light’ Implant Collection

Please NOTE. About 20% of lightworker/healers/therapists/spiritual/caring types have two sets of these implants one set because you are present within this ‘earth space’ and another from where we come from originally. We can only at the present time get rid of the ‘earth experience’ set so if we find that you have both sets then we will get rid of the ‘earth experience’ set and then counteract the effects of the original set in alignment with your choice to NOT be influenced by these. Then when we can deal with these in the future we will return and clear the original implant set AND what we used to counteract their influences. That’s the best we can do at the present time.

What you can expect: to be free of the influences of the implants as described on these pages.

Clearing, Removing, Getting rid of as many Implants as possible . . .

At the present time we have a directory of about 16,000 subtle energetic implants that we have currently identified and developed means to ‘easily’ deal with. As mentioned elsewhere I myself ONLY work with people full time because in some cases it can take a very long time to identify what is ‘really’ going on with respect to certain issues. In this respect we will look for other implants beyond those we already know about but we won’t remove these IF we cannot identify them as specifically placed to act against you OR if we cannot guarantee that removing them would NOT cause you some difficulties that it would take time to sort out (I’m busy).

Advice on Removing Negative Etheric Implants

The main ‘Implants’ Article Series (Etheric Implants & Subtle Energetic Technologies) has a page HERE which gives details of how implants avoid detection (particularly those not doing you any good). In our experience most people have about 900 implants (on average) and we would expect that we can identify and get rid of about 2/3rds of the total hidden within yourself. We also class implants used to BIND you to a group; it’s beliefs, myths, understandings, ideology and tools to be a violation of your freewill choice (read about this HERE and the page after) we will get rid of group implants in cases where groups use implants BUT that DON’T tell their members that they do this or what these actually do (which is ALL of them that we have found doing this so far). To make it simple we WON’T get rid of any implants that you specifically chose OR that are part of some ‘magical’ healing solution that relies on implants to fool you into thinking that some issues has been ‘resolved’ else the ‘issue’ will appear which you probably wont be happy about (read about these here; Example of Common Self Chosen Implant Types) again this is why I only work with people full time as ‘fantasy’ healing solutions are the norm and it takes some work to clear permanently acting solutions before the underlying issues can be addressed properly and fully.

What you can expect: at the very least you should feel lighter, be able to think and evaluate beyond past boundaries and find that your feelings and intuition become more authentic and be more ‘reflective’ of your natural authentic self. In cases where implants for example have been specifically causing you distress (pain or negative thoughts or of being responsible for negative circumstances arising in your life) then these will ease OR clear completely (I had some causing me severe headaches for example). As implants can be responsible or contributing to virtually anything then the effects will vary and be completely different from one person to the next. In this respect ‘predicting’ how this clearing would impact you would take more time and effort than actually doing the clearing itself. So don’t ask what you can expect beyond what I write here and please don’t waste my time asking me to check something specific out, as this is why I work with people full time (to deal with ‘everything’).

In summary we will endeavour to identify and clear all implants that we can that won’t cause complications or problems or put you back into issues you thought you already resolved.

If you want to have negative implants removed including, hidden and bobby trapped ones removed then have a read of this page here.