Useful Qualities for Self Exploration

Many paths seem to be about following either something or someone else. They often require you to take on certain assumptions (read – beliefs) to proceed and they often use passive practices (meditation for example) for exploration and change. For ourselves we have found that it is best to find someone who can help you to follow YOURSELF and who can offer you the tools to do this for yourself both directly and actively. The main requirements we have found to facilitate our approach – that is SOUL TRANSFORMATION (SPIRITUAL GROWTH?) coupled with an intent to move all soul parts into COMPLETE FREEDOM are as follows.

Strengthening intention and will

The stronger your INTENTION the more you will proceed in alignment with your DESIRE. If your INTENTION or WILL to proceed is ambiguous or small then the WILL and INTENTION of those who present the practices or techniques you use will take precedence over your own. When this happens then you are relying on and following someone else’s will and not in fact YOUR OWN. After you have held to a strong INTENTION for some time (two or three years) then at some point, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that happens in your life MANIFESTS as a result of this focus. Everything that then arises in your life is part of the process to move you completely into full alignment with your INTENTION and is ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE particularly when it is presenting you with what you need to deal with within yourself (that you don’t like or don’t want to accept) so that you can then bring yourself into alignment with your goal.

Developing faith in YOURSELF

Faith in yourself to keep going. Faith in your ability to achieve everything or if that is too much then faith in the possibility to develop the abilities to achieve everything. As you are God or have the ability to be God then it is better to develop the ability to have faith in yourself as having faith in either someone else or worse an external God not only helps to maintain separation but also reduces your ability to be responsive to yourself. Which brings us to:-

Self responsibility

This will help you understanding that only you are responsible for you and only you are responsible for what you achieve within your life. No one else is to blame for what YOU choose to MANIFEST and EXPERIENCE and no one else is to blame for what you choose to NOT manifest and experience. When you pass the responsibility of finding yourself to others then how will that give YOU the ABILITY to be RESPONSIVE to YOURSELF.

Self respect and integrity

We have found that we have become incredibly strong. If we feel that someone is not treating or dealing with us correctly we say so and we make sure it is changed or we cut from these people or beings. In short, part of what is required for this path to work is that you have to look at all your interactions and actually deal with all those that are dishonouring. Now, we simply won’t take any shit from anyone. We wont accept anything less than respect but at the same time we wont give anyone any shit either or treat people disrespectfully.

Self honesty

Is a VERY important attribute to either cultivate or enhance. SELF HONESTY requires that you make changes if you are not moving closer to your GOAL. SELF HONESTY means that you cannot hide behind YOURSELF and blame stagnation on OTHERS or on factors OUT THERE. SELF HONESTY means that you will be HONEST about all parts of YOURSELF whether you like these parts or not. Self honesty means that you will always try and look at the illusions you are presenting.

No preconceptions or expectations

As these keep you within the boundaries of what you THINK YOU KNOW or BELIEVE rather than what it is POSSIBLE to KNOW or DIRECTLY EXPERIENCE then it is not possible to move BEYOND what you believe or know without LETTING THESE GO COMPLETELY. Try and proceed then, as if you know NOTHING but are open to EVERYTHING.


We had not thought of this until recently. But after watching many, many people run away from themselves, or of fooling themselves by avoiding areas (either consciously or otherwise) then we have to say that this path does require a high level of courage, either initially or again it must be developed. Too often people cling to what they think is the truth regarding spiritual growth. To really work to have no preconceptions or expectations requires that you let go of everything that you think is right so that you can find out what really is. That is you must have the intention to step completely into the unknown and make this intention MANIFEST ALL THE TIME. This for most people is a very difficult area to master as it takes much courage to put down everything that you think you know to stand in nothing and see what arises.

Dedication and perseverance

These ensure that when you experience the FEAR of the UNKNOWN and the HARDSHIPS of CHANGE you KEEP GOING.

Humility and humour

HUMILITY to help you accept when you MAKE MISTAKES and HUMOUR so that when you do you neither take yourself nor your path TOO SERIOUSLY.

In Summary

We are not presenting a nice package, neatly wrapped, with a full instruction manual and detailed video tutorials. We are presenting you with approaches, energy tools, inner and outer support and so on to free you from limits and boundaries held within all parts of your soul resident on absolutely all levels. You must want to become open to all possibilities, and when they appear embrace them while at the same time let them go so that others can emerge. This moves you into freedom, but in freedom, there is nothing but possibilities and no certainty, nothing for you to hold onto, no group, no idea, no philosophy, only yourself. This is a very frightening place to go for virtually everyone.