Reiterating important points

If you are here to gain the experience necessary to help your soul move on from limitations, debilitations, restrictions and boundaries then you will have picked lives that reflect the limitations you are supposed to get a handle on. In other words your challenges and problems are your real gifts.

They are not the result of bad karma or bad living, they are telling you what you chose to come here to know, to understand and to change.

Why am I here?

OK, we could say (as many other paths do!!) that this is what you are here for. But hey we really don’t know what you are here for. We can say that we are becoming increasingly aware of why WE are here and of what we need to do to achieve this as effectively and as efficiently as possible.

So, does everyone have this overall agenda? We honestly don’t know? We feel that what we are offering is well beyond the currently accepted possibilities and may in fact be beyond what this process was originally conceived to facilitate. However, having broken through some major boundaries we are struck by many inconsistencies in those that are considered the main driving force of the process – lightworkers as well as what they are presenting.

Change means change . . .

For example, if this process is about change and lightworkers are remembering what they have always done and that they are doing this again then they are not making any changes – just doing pretty much exactly what they have done in many existences – as we were doing too. So then what is the point?

Lightworkers are doing lightwork because this reflects their skills and qualities – pretty obvious. We have these too, but then realized that these were our greatest limitations, in fact when we tracked these skills back to their origin they arose from a drive to forget and cope with major trauma at soul level which on resolving properly (rather than leaving buried) put us into a greater level of balance and wholeness.

Issues need to be lived to be REALLY resolved

This time seems perfect for this agenda as it requires a chaotic environment offering a huge variety of possibilities in culture, family, social, community, political systems, spiritual systems and so on to present people with ALL their issues (hey it does?). This must be particularly so with regards all forms of limitation (also true?) so that those who need to understand and move on from that area of limitation can have the experience that will help them do this.

So, when your experience is uncomfortable, irritating, limiting and so on then it is perhaps a sign that you should look closer to help you understand it and to then make the move to change it into something else.

Debilitations & difficulties offer opportunities for engagement and resolution

We also feel that up to a point if you were aware of your agenda and knew the game you were playing then this would make the game harder to play. When you have had enough training to complete this agenda then knowing which game you are playing in, the rules of the game and so on would at that point make it so much easier to help you work with what is essential to complete the game rather than get lost in areas of limitation which are only provided for training and are now no longer relevant.

Freedom or Love or avoidance of distractions?

So, it is then not perhaps about love, but about some souls freeing themselves from loving too much. It is not perhaps trying to achieve some so called state of awareness via a spiritual path as from our direct experience, you live in these on other levels and they are perhaps only another misdirection or a sign of home sickness. It is we feel about you getting in touch with you, ALL OF YOU so that you are aware of and can move on from the limitations held within ALL THAT YOU ARE.

It’s about facing yourself and resolving life issues

So, our approach as limited or different as it is, is about fundamental soul changes, soul evolution and transformation within ALL PARTS THAT MAKE UP YOU SOUL – WITH NO EXCEPTIONS.

It’s focal areas are;

  • A focus on self empowerment, self reliance and self mastery. We help people to develop the skills and capabilities to explore WHO THEY ARE for themselves.
  • We support people to change, to make deep and lasting changes within ALL THAT YOU ARE, on all levels, dimensions and existences as this is what true Soul Transformation is all about.
  • The resources to facilitate change are progressively passed to help people overcome limitations, traumas, fixed mindsets, presentation of illusions and so on.
  • We help people to openly explore without holding to beliefs, expectations or preconceptions as anything less than this will take you where they will confirm themselves.
  • That open exploration and resolution of issues of separation is more important than the goal; that is, the journey is more important than the outcome as you are then open to changing the goal as deeper understandings emerge.
  • Self responsibility; people are only responsible for themselves – no one else is.

This open, freeing approach allows genuine new insights and understandings that are helping us (and others) to manifest completely new modes of being including a true unity, a true freedom for ourselves here and everywhere that we reside or exist and that is truly balanced in all areas.

We don’t have all the answers but what we do have are appropriate tools and expertise second to none that can help us (and you) find all the answers that we need about yourself.

We are not trying to take you somewhere. We are trying to help people to find themselves and we have an appropriate bag of tools to help them achieve this well . . . .