Realms or ‘Levels’ of reality?

What areas are we talking about when we say – ALL THAT YOU ARE?

How do we see these levels of encounters with respect to what is presented elsewhere;

Human Sphere Present Life

Limited to you in this single life time now as a human.

Human Sphere Complete

This deals with past lives, the human Projected Soul Part, death and re-birth. So, it includes all within the remit of the Akashic records. Many energy workers are aware of these areas and some are accessing within this defined area as part of psychic and spiritual counselling and healing for themselves and clients.

Projected Soul sphere

These include all the environments and energy levels that are inhabited by a Projected Soul Form either as an energy form (ascended master, angel, some star beings, higher dimensional et’s, nature spirits, higher self and so on) or as an embodied form (has a vehicle – human – various et’s – various star beings and others). This for us is still lower level as all of these forms are here for the same reason as you – to help them understand and move beyond their limitations – and in fact from our experience they all know very little – although many think that they know lots. Soul fragments are a very much reduced form compared to the soul. Most of the time they have a composition that reflects the complete soul (although sometimes they do not). Some souls project more than one fragment and higher selves are Projected Soul Parts created specifically to support and help other Projected Soul Parts from the same soul – in other words a) some people don’t have higher selves (I don’t) and b) they are still low level advisers. This is a very debilitating sphere presenting much confusion and much miss-information. It took us some dedication to move beyond this. Most light workers are stuck in this domain – lost to Projected Soul Part mission or serving agendas, lower level models and so on and are doing no more than living the limitations and beliefs of the fragment.

Pure soul form levels

This is the level where souls can give rise to souls – they can create other souls. This is the level of soul cultures and soul birth and soul family. Again there are many sub levels / environments / presentations. This is where most of your limitations originate. Accessing and working at this level is essential if you wish to have an impact that will resonate throughout ALL THAT YOU ARE on all levels. Here we find the origins of most traumas and issues that are being played out here (and in other Projected Soul Part environments). It is at this level that they need to be resolved to release yourself from their effects completely.

Pure Soul

When you have connected comprehensively to what your soul is truly like, with all its skills, qualities, understandings and approaches then (and only then) can you begin to understand and deeply feel what it is to be YOU (ALL OF YOU) which then may help you to understand what are your greatest limitations. Your best qualities and your greatest skills are your greatest ball and chain, only by truly understanding this at the highest soul levels can you make the move to re-design your soul and move it beyond these limitations.

I now feel that the projected soul part sphere very accurately reflects the soul level sphere. There is by and large the same presentation of environmental types in this sphere here as there is at soul level. For example at soul level we have worked with many clients who have spent time on planetary worlds where their whole soul is incarnated into a vehicle / body to experience what is offered there. Here only the projected Soul Part is resident in the body. Virtually without exception any trauma or issue of limitation experienced within an incarnated soul level environment is played out here too.

Have a think about this? You have many incarnations here, you can come with a different energy mix and play with different qualities, you can develop different skills. BUT!!! your soul has its qualities from its point of creation. These qualities for example have made it more likely to develop certain skills rather than others, to resolve difficulties in particular ways rather than others, it’s soul family gave it certain attitudes, beliefs and approaches, its soul culture did the same. But it only gets these once. It is stuck with these for it’s whole existence. This is why many souls project fragments into environments that offer at the minimum the opportunity for at least part of itself to try to have some experiences outside of its soul boundaries.


The ‘nature of reality’ as I see this now . . .

The above was what I wrote about 10 years ago, during the SoulWork phase. I’ll update this now;

There are two multiverses that are part of our ‘story’. There is this multiverse here within which a very specific sub environment has been ‘created’ which we call ‘Earth’ you could say that this earth environment is very ‘controlled’ and ‘regulated’ with a specific aim in terms of what it was created for . . . it was created to facilitate ourselves to ‘sort our selves out’.

We in this multiverse exist as FULL energetic forms outside of this earth space . . . within this earth space just a part of our energetic form is projected or more accurately ‘engaged’ with this space and our ‘lives’ here. We in a sense ‘originate’ from the other multiverse and it is in the other multiverse that the problems we are trying to sort out REALLY originate. Versions of ourselves in the OTHER multiverse ‘created / manifested / MADE’ this multiverse (this one we are in now) and ALSO ‘created’ copies of themselves to populate the second multiverse (we whom live in this earth space are ‘projected energy forms’ of the copies). The parameters of the original multiverse were VERY limiting and were preventing that population from even getting a handle on their problems never mind having any clue as to how to sort them out. So, they created the second multiverse specifically with parameters to counteract or negate the awareness problems they had in their original multiverse while also amplifying their ability to see and become aware of their difficulties. They placed copies of themselves into the second multiverse and programmed some of these copies with a ‘plan’. The ‘plan’ had our population put together this earth space whose aim is to bring us and THROUGH us our complete energetic bodies in this multiverse into full balance and awareness AND through doing this these changes will feedback to those in the other multiverse who we are copies of and actually change the original population in the original multiverse.

What we call souls are basically our complete energy bodies. There are not really higher levels or more advanced souls or even more ‘spiritual’ souls there are stories or ways of describing the ‘plan’ that help to keep people aligned to the plan and not ‘distracted’.

So, each of us in this earth space are energetically connected to a full and complete energetic body of which we are a projection into this specialised space. We are no less or no more in a real sense as the projected form from a larger energetic body or version of ourselves. This larger or complete version is also actually a copy of another being in another multiverse.

One of the problems is that we are separated from the beings whom originated this plan as they are in another multiverse and in a sense we have following instructions in a blind manner . . . . hence the variations in the ‘myth’ and the lack of coherence or overall detail in spiritual information concerning what is going on and our origins.

Shortly after writing the original SoulWork pages here I started to access the other multiverse and my ‘copy’ there . . . over 8 years I traced my original forms entire existence from creation through to the current present time. Early during this period I became aware that what I was accessing was a second and completely independent multiverse. This was because I found that my life here followed the same exacting details of the original life in the other multiverse. I even tracked down the facility in the other multiverse that was responsible for designing and creating this multiverse and of finding ways to copy versions of themselves across . . . . I even got to read the original ‘outline’ of why! . . . which is partially why things have moved on beyond anything anyone can imagine in the mean time . . .

. . . back to the original text now . . .


So, many of you are HERE are having experiences that your soul at pure soul level is hoping will make a difference to IT. This is where we are with our understanding now and why our approach is ultimately about expanding the souls experience and it’s range of possibilities so that it can have new experiences, learn new skills, take on different qualities, be open to new ideas and embrace new levels of awareness within itself. To do this, you have to be in charge, you have to make the decisions and you have to direct the movements, you have to negotiate with soul aspects and soul forms and make THEM understand what this opportunity offers and then make these possibilities a reality for your soul at that level. This for us is what this time is all about – complete soul freedom.