Helpful skills for this journey . . .

What skills would you need to support a strong intent to encompass and realign ALL THAT YOU ARE. These will develop as an outcome of this journey when there is a strong commitment simply because they are essential to make this journey a success.

Basically your intent or focus must be to master or manifest these qualities as without them it is not possible to get far on this journey. If these do not develop then you are not moving with the right intent and or you are trying to avoid something.

Self Exploration

That is, we facilitate people (you) to learn to access and to explore the beyond and within yourself. When your focus is to resolve and move beyond limitations then you are led to what is causing these. You can then, with the energies, tools, statements of intent and so on resolve separations and miss-alignments and move beyond their limitations. With practice you find yourself increasingly able to stay attuned to your inner-self, to feel how your movement is progressing to make adjustments to keep yourselves in alignment with your focus to step into freedom.

Open Awareness and an enquiring attitude in exploration

Many who are accessing in different ways as mediums or channellers or multidimensionally and so on accept at face value what they get. You must understand that you and the Being sending are always filtering information through your insecurities, fears, conditioning, mindsets, understandings, realizations and so on and so on. You are never, we repeat NEVER getting the truth, you are only getting what you can accept at this time with regards where you currently stand in yourself, with regards the strong focus you hold to. In this respect then, you can only rely on your own open focus and not necessarily the information, intuitions or promptings you receive.

Experience for yourself

We support, facilitate and encourage you to gain the ability and confidence to find out for yourself. We see little point in encouraging people to follow someone’s else’s manifestation of reality or spiritual understanding (no matter how seemingly good). From our experience, all this does in the end is produce sheep. Hence we do all we can for you to follow yourself. You may become aware as you browse this site that we only present that which we know from within ourselves by direct experience, nothing else would either be true or honouring to you. When someone’s presentation is based on others training, insights or experience, whether from this or other levels then this means that they have not yet begun to free themselves such that they can either have or stand for their own.

A Movement into Self empowerment

We don’t want you to take anything at face value. We have lots of experience facilitating ourselves and we use this experience to facilitate others. When you find out for yourself, there are no ifs and buts about it, when you transcend some limitation, break free from some conditioned reactions or discard limiting truths, then YOU DO IT, and you then have within you that route to enable others do the same and more importantly in any future time for yourself. We feel that people are here at this time to give themselves the opportunity to move fully into complete self empowerment. This is what it is – YOU (your SELF) being empowered. This is why we train and guide people to so that they are capable of effectively following themselves – not us.

The embracing and acceptance of uncertainty

We don’t give you many certainties with this approach, we help you to become comfortable with uncertainty. Our approach is not about saying that we have the truth or the way. We are saying that we have a way that helps you to find and understand more of yourself in very broad terms. That as our own explorations have regularly conflicted with our expectations or currently limited understandings, then these factors are a part of this approach. To playfully let go of current knowings, beliefs, paradigms and perceived truths so that creation can present you with others.

It would be true to say that everything here is about exploring and using this means to master the self; the little self, the higher self, the soul and spirit – as much of it as we can deal with.