How is this Journey experienced?

We would have to say that the one journey contains many different journeys to complete this movement.
  • As a journey of transformation
  • The self mastery journey:
  • The journey from Separation into Unity
  • Reviewing your souls history
  • A journey into your moment
  • A journey of Psychological and Emotional Change

I will write about each of these in turn . .  .

As a journey of transformation

Which includes three parts;

  • You work through all your miss-alignments starting from lower incarnated or embodied vehicle existences including karmic, through higher intermediate forms and eventually soul culture pure energy forms.
  • There is also a general progression of dealing with misalignments that are from one off situations, accidents and or traumas. From these you move to resolving patterns of conditioning acquired from different levels including eventually your original soul culture. The conditioning from the higher levels are very much more engrained and imprinted on your soul and are usually being expressed within most if not all of your existences. After this you may then find yourself working on traumas and restrictions gained during your soul creation, incubation and birth.
  • Also and at the same time, you deal with and resolve all attachments, you recall and integrate all parts of ALL THAT YOU ARE.

Throughout this process of transformation you step into and become more and more of your real, complete, unified self where you really start to feel, express and live the qualities of your soul. Even this is not an end point as you can then change and or expand on these qualities.

The self mastery journey:

You initially start out relying on others. This is in terms of support as well as because your experience and knowledge is limited. As you gain more self understanding and direct experience, then you also begin to understand that all the information you are getting is limited by the experiences and origins of all those on all levels that are helping you. You then become more independent of your support and guides and you begin to make the decisions with regards your own movement and you also take responsibility for monitoring your own progress. You also begin working with your associates as equals. The more you step into YOURSELF, the more you realize that you can only work with beings who are intent on doing the same as yourself as others without this experience are more of a hindrance than a help.

The journey from Separation into Unity

As you resolve your separations and traumas, move beyond limits and bring ALL that YOU ARE together you feel a change that comes from you taking your consciousness from being dispersed and in fragments to one that is becoming whole or unified. The more within ALL THAT YOU ARE that you bring together the more this feeling of moving into UNITY grows.

Reviewing your souls history

As the transformation process by and large starts by resolving your most recent traumas, issues, conditioning and so on but then gradually works back through all your existences until to reach your earliest, then this process over time gives you a fairly comprehensive grand tour or history of your soul. It does this for all relevant existences, experiences and so on sometimes all the way back to your soul creation point.

A journey into your moment

Again because you are living NOW in an environment that has time but also because you start by exploring and releasing yourself from limitations within environments that experience situations through time then your consciousness initially is used to jumping between past, present and future. However as this process proceeds you begin to BE IN THE MOMENT more. This happens because you;

  • Re-unite your lower forms bring them together as ONE
  • As you explore and encompass WHO YOU ARE, that is you merge and become these parts living in environments where time does not operate then you here begin to move into and experience a consciousness much more attuned to the moment.

So, through a combination of resolving all separations and bring all parts together AS ONE you are in effect moving all of your consciousness into (and often beyond) what your higher forms enjoy and express. So, you also then move from experiencing past, present and future to experiencing BEING IN THE MOMENT. This BEING IN THE MOMENT is possibly different to what others experience as we are aware at times of BEING IN THE MOMENT within all our forms not just this part here.

A journey of Psychological and Emotional Change

There are various psychological or presented levels that are part of this journey. Psychological maturity, or shifts in context of morals for example, or appreciation of others view points, ability to care, ability to reason, be honest and so on are very important to this movement. Without a good psychological grounding or balance then the rest is difficult.