Motivation for self exploration?

I used to have a very difficult stammer or speech block, helping me to be very shy, unsociable and introverted. When I started working after finishing a degree, it was a nightmare, I did not speak to anyone unless absolutely necessary, I could not even speak my name and so on. After 6 months of this I decided enough was enough, I was not going to put up with this any longer. From making this decision, it took me six years to change this debilitation, so that I could speak well under most conditions and be sociably much more balanced and open.

That was the start, but for example I was also unable to express what I felt or to be completely honest of really actually feeling what I felt. So, I worked on these until they too were resolved. As each newly identified limitation, issue, trauma, controlling behaviour or conditioned reaction was resolved then I / we would achieve a new level of sensitivity that would make me / us aware of more restrictions that before we could not even see.

Working efficiently, going deeper – past lives

We also realized that as we did this there were a few basic qualities that we were naturally developing or having to develop to make this journey a reality. One was self honesty. If we were honest about what within us was causing the problems then we had a good chance of resolving them in the correct way. In the same way we also had to be totally honest with what worked to resolve them, this allowed us to very quickly discard slow, ineffective or disabling approaches so that we collected the means to effect complete resolutions that were as fast, efficient and as empowering as possible.

So, for example, although I had a vague notion that it was best to try and live in the moment and resolve things on a day to day basis, when being totally honest, this simply did not work. So, for example, during one period I was overwhelmed with huge amounts of anguish. Although now an expert at tracking feelings back to their childhood source to release them there, there was absolutely no discernible origins or source for this anguish within this current life – nothing. This is when past lives started to break through, as of course the source of this anguish was from another lifetime and had to be dealt with in that context – and so it was.

Original causes were well hidden . . .

Beneath the obvious debilitations were more subtle ones and beneath those others and so on. After doing this for a number of years and feeling and experiencing the difference, we are now not prepared to put up with any limitations AT ALL. In fact now that we have enough experience of resolving and releasing ourselves from a huge number of limitations we wont and simply don’t now ACCEPT ANY LIMITS or RESTRICTIONS in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER.

It is one thing to want to live in the moment, and another to sacrifice what is outside of the moment to try and make it happen. We talk about having a choice? To openly want to live in the moment without expectations of how this is achieved means that all that would prevent this within you has to emerge to be resolved (not suppressed). From our experience contrary to most respected spiritual paths the little self is the key to ALL THAT YOU ARE and it is the only means that you have to become ALL THAT YOU ARE before you have the possibility to change IT to take yourself into A TRUE BALANCE a TRUE WHOLENESS. God consciousness is for us THE illusion in that you have to diminish and suppress the little self to make quiet the disturbances that arise from traumas, restricting limits, debilitating beliefs and ideas, out of balance approaches, controlled and suppressed feelings and thoughts to gain access to the level of creation where all arises. At this level then all will feel perfect, connected and whole – it could not feel any other way. A real and valid state for those who want to escape from themselves. I should know as I have been there and done that in previous existences at least 14 times – it only impacts the human form and does absolutely nothing beyond that. It does not resolve traumas, it does not take you into balance as a soul, it does not take you beyond your limitations, or your beliefs although it can make you feel differently (a bit like taking drugs really).

Our early overall focus or desire summarized

During this early phase when we were dealing with our Projected Soul Form explorations, we concentrated on what felt uncomfortable, irritating, limiting and restricting and so on. So, when we feel a restriction (uncomfortable with authority, distancing in a relationship, avoidance of certain types of people, repeated computer access of internet problems, over sexuality, lethargy, irritation with mother and so on) then we explore its origins, we take measures to resolve it, then we monitor, has it gone completely, has it changed into something else. Some of our basic debilitations, although by and large resolved would still surface at times or be present in a more subtle form.

Years of explorations to REALLY understand issue origins

To truly resolve some of them has taken years of back tracking through Projected Soul Forms and then beyond this bubble into pure soul at higher and higher levels. For some there was a need to re-experience the soul birth situation to reach a true understanding to initiate a final clearing. If we had stayed within the domain of our human form we could have resolved all the debilitations we were presenting within that form a long, long time ago. We could say the same of the Projected Soul Form sphere. However it was the realization and the understanding that the debilitations we were living with here were also present, and had in fact often originated within soul forms of ourselves at soul levels that we choose to resolve the same debilitation in any and all parts of ourselves from any level and in any form.

Some debilitations you pick up from your explorations as a soul and as a Projected Soul Form and difficult situations you encounter there. The closer any trauma / challenge is to your soul creation time the deeper the impact it has within ALL THAT YOU ARE. These are resolved in the first phase. When you have or are close to completing these areas then you become very comfortable with yourself as you are basically standing in and living your full soul expression. This is when the rules change and you can push on to re-design your soul. This requires a different focus (statements of intent) to that presented above.

What are you questioning?

From our point of view, we have only been able to do this because we question everything and because we take nothing at face value. We tried different paths but quickly found that the presentation was almost always far removed from the reality. We also found that lots of approaches are about you empowering someone or something else and NOT YOURSELF or they offer a movement into a certain level of awareness or realization and then stop there. That is bizarrely they know where they are going, even those that talk about moving into the unknown, while we don’t.

We feel that too many people are relying on others to take them somewhere rather than learning and finding the resources that will empower them to rely on themselves. Also please understand that from our experience it is almost impossible to make this movement unaided, so we are not advocating that everyone should become hermit like as;

  1. Most people have many restrictions that they have chosen on some level to hide, making it impossible for them even to find the origins never mind understand and resolve them.
  2. It is very difficult to truly see yourself and therefore see what needs to be changed when this is so YOU.
  3. At soul level it takes courage and faith to let go of favourite but now limiting skills, qualities, attitudes, knowings and so on as well as again actually seeing that these are in fact the limiting factor.

Working with Creative Manifestation

We made use of the basic power that we all have to manifest what we want in this reality. Many people make assumptions about what is spiritual, what this process is about. Beyond a certain point we did the opposite we worked to one assumption – which was that perhaps everything that has been presented here so far has been either wrong or limited. We then asked and chose to manifest with all our focus, intent and will a reality that would present us with all that limits us. We asked to be moved beyond all that was a limitation, all assumptions, all models, all beliefs, all knowings, all wisdom, all knowledge and all paths. We asked to be moved without prejudice beyond all our limits and into complete freedom – and that we would go along with WHATEVER IT TAKES to do this – AND so it was.

Taking responsibility for our own movement and evolution!!

So, we forged our own movement and we chose to step completely into self responsibility and self empowerment and we chose to manifest a reality that would take us beyond all our limits. This is quite a scary space, as you do somewhere along the line realize that you are actually responsible for everything that you experience (create). Nothing that you experience is someone else’s fault, it is your choice (or more truthfully, your lack of choice) that creates. With this focus, we quickly found that what we thought we knew or understood (even in the moment) gave us the greatest limitations and that the faster we could let go of our current understandings, approaches, knowings, realizations, wisdom, tools and so on then the faster, different and more effective stuff in line with our intention could arrive – AND again so it did.

In Summary

Between us, in the past we worked with lots of different approaches including; enlightenment gurus, polarity therapy, yoga, meditation masters, ascended masters, astral journey experts, the Alexandra technique, rebirthing, primal therapy, counselling, regression, hypnosis, mind machines, polarity therapy, energy work (tamaki, pranic healing, bio-energy, reiki variations, sacred space work), kinesiology variations, essences, remedies, energy tools, mediums. To be honest, (and you really have to be) we only began to really get moving and deeply facilitating ourselves quite sometime after leaving most of the above behind and generating and relying on our own focus and commitment.

The more you read this web site, the more you will become aware of how much our approach and understanding has changed over the last few years. We are constantly making breakthroughs with regards our understanding of what we are experiencing. In other words we don’t have a map, we are flying by the seat of our pants all the time with support teams that often have a hard time keeping up. This is why;

  1. Virtually everything on this site is completely different and in fact often contradicts what we see presented elsewhere regarding spirituality, the soul, transformation and lightwork for example.
  2. What we are doing is not popular. Fortunately even before I understood the magnitude of what we are doing I realized that we are not here to win any popularity contests. Were only here to present a deeper truth. If few are interested – then so be it.
  3. Changing all the time means that our understandings are always out of date. Because we are exploring areas and making changes at levels that are not documented then it often takes us a couple of years to fully understand what is happening and even longer to write it down and present it in a coherent way.

We are still moving (March 2004) and are still finding ourselves getting into areas that we once again have no experience of and we are still making huge and deeper changes to our souls. In some ways the greatest challenges and the deepest changes are happening now.