Is this for YOU?

Although we talk about agendas, we are not really sure where to draw the line. We feel that there is a possibility that there are other, different agendas being played out here.

Many here at this time seem to be aware of the need to grow or that they are being driven to grow.

From our experience it seems to us that if you have this agenda and you feel the need in some way to move beyond WHO YOU CURRENTLY ARE then without the right information it is very easy to get lost in sub areas.

Is this time about even moving beyond spiritual paths?

We have lots of spiritual and developmental paths offering various togetherness experiences or states of consciousness or different levels of awareness or community life styles. All of these offer something different. However we are becoming increasingly aware that most if not all of these are what we feel people need to understand in some way and move on from, that is, they are very possibly part of the experience of a soul’s limitation rather than being part of it’s liberation.

For example, what merit is there in achieving a higher consciousness if a higher part of you already lives in that state NOW. Is it perhaps not possible that your attraction choices are part of some pattern that your soul is lost in and needs to become aware of and move on from? Or could it be that part of you is homesick and wants to re-experience what it already has because;

  • It does not like being here or. . .
  • It is easier doing this than look at what you are really here for? or . . .
  • It is easier doing this than face yourself?

Do you want to live the soul journey of soul JOURNEY’S?

To be honest, you have to really want to do Soulwork and while we have to say that it is not easy, it is also paradoxically not too difficult either. So, do you really want to BE ALL THAT YOU ARE? Are you prepared to openly explore beyond your limits and perceived boundaries all the time to become this? Do you want to have the soul journey of all soul journeys?

Do you have what it takes?

Are you (or do you want to be?) determined, focused, self motivated? Do you want to move fully into

  • self responsibility,
  • self empowerment,
  • self mastery,
  • self honesty?

Are you prepared to face ALL THAT YOU ARE?

Do you want to face all parts of yourself or at least try? Are you prepared to face all your shadow parts, all those dark side parts that you have buried and hidden because they are so absolutely dreadful or nasty or just down right evil (we all have them)? Do you want to be empowered both to really find things out for yourself and to then effectively deal with them? Do you want to achieve soul mastery?

To become your true self, to master ALL THAT YOU ARE, to face all that makes up YOU within ALL THAT YOU ARE takes a full and dedicated commitment. It is not enough for you to know that this is possible, it is not enough to just want it, or to even believe in it;

You must commit and determinedly act to experience this approach, then with time you may begin to live it and eventually become it.

Talking about it, reading just about it here, spending years thinking about it does NOTHING, none of these will help you to start living it.

The arm chair experts who’ve never touched anything!

We have people who write to us saying that they have studied these areas for years, that they are experts in for example, the paranormal or spirituality or personal growth, what books they have not read are not worth knowing and yet they DON’T KNOW ANYTHING FROM WITHIN THEMSELVES NOT A THING. These are the armchair transformers, the talkers, the thinkers.

So, are you going to continue to sit on your backside for another 100 lifetimes just reading, waiting for the fear or uncomfortable ness or anxiety levels to drop to manageable proportions. As, they never ever do, then why not just go for it NOW? Our book for example is a work manual that supports you to start doing it (you’ll find this HERE).

Our +booster tool will support you to make these explorations and movements up to 10 times faster than you are experiencing NOW – that might help if you get started.