Soul Levels, Qualities & Habits . . .

Have a think about this? You have many incarnations here, you can come with a different energy mix and play with different qualities, you can develop different skills. BUT!!! your soul has its qualities from its point of creation. These qualities for example have made it more likely to develop certain skills rather than others, to resolve difficulties in particular ways rather than others, it’s soul family gave it certain attitudes, beliefs and approaches, its soul culture did the same. But it only gets these once. It is stuck with these for it’s whole existence. This is why many souls project fragments into environments that offer at the minimum the opportunity for at least part of itself to try to have some experiences outside of its soul boundaries.

There is by and large the same presentation of environmental types in this earth space here as there are on other levels. For example we have worked with many clients who have spent time on planetary worlds where their whole soul is incarnated into a vehicle / body to experience what is offered there. While here only a part of the soul seems to be resident in the physical body. Virtually without exception any trauma or issue of limitation experienced elsewhere is played out here too.

So, many of you have experiences (like being here) that your soul at pure soul level is hoping will make a difference to IT. This is where we are with our understanding now and why our approach is ultimately about expanding the souls experience and it’s range of possibilities so that it can have new experiences, learn new skills, take on different qualities, be open to new ideas and embrace new levels of awareness within itself. To do this, then paradoxically you have to be in charge, you have to make the decisions and you have to direct the movements, you have to negotiate with forms of yourself elsewhere and make THEM understand what this opportunity offers and then make these possibilities a reality for your soul all levels. This for us is what this time is all about – complete soul freedom.

An example of soul level limits

Lets say that you have been born as a soul into a soul culture that is very traditional and that instils a very strong sense of duty into its people. In this situation, you would have an inbuilt tendency to put others before yourself, to care for others and sacrifice yourself to what others wanted.

You would not see anything wrong with this. You would possibly not even be able to think that this may be a problem. It would be such a deep and unconscious part of you because it originates at soul level that it would permeate and be present in all your forms on all levels. This is why it is important to work to let go of beliefs – ALL of them – otherwise you will not even recognise your deepest areas of limitation for what they are. So, over a long time you feel disempowered, people treat you as if your needs are not important, in fact they don’t even recognise that you have any. You end up with symptoms of lack of confidence, tiredness, feeling that life is slipping away, feeling powerless and so on.

Now, when something is so deep at soul level, then it needs to be dealt with at soul level otherwise no lasting change will be made. In other words you may in some existences come to understand that this pattern is a problem, you may even resolve it within this particular existence. However unless you have an open and direct line to ALL THAT YOU ARE and deal with problem within ALL THAT YOU ARE then the resolution will remain local to the incarnation / existence you made this change. This requires either you to have an awareness to understand these areas or that you are facilitated by others that can do this.

So, as a human then you may work with a homoeopath, or NLP practitioner or emotional freedom therapist, or healer for example and adjust this pattern within this human form but these solutions will be completely local to this existence and would neither affect your full soul nor possibly even your other Projected Soul Form forms in any way at all. To do this within ALL THAT YOU ARE – requires an approach that works at all levels, that has a broad enough picture to understand these areas properly but most importantly also has the resources to deal with them effectively.

For us we see that many here are either just interested in getting rid of symptoms or they assume that if the symptoms disappear then the cause must have been successfully dealt with. There are a few things we want to say about this;

  • There are also many paradigms surrounding health and how to deal with symptoms both in conventional and alternate circles that are very limiting. Conventional approaches for the most part treat symptoms as things to erase with drugs or surgery with little investigation or support to explore even beyond the physical to better understand the origins of symptoms. In the alternate arena, particularly with regards energy work the assumption there too is that if symptoms disappear then obviously what has been done must be correct. Perhaps the alternate approaches including energy work are also just dealing with surface causes in multidimensional terms and like the conventional approaches may be causing greater and deeper problems in the long term – this is our experience. Although many know from personal experience that conventional medicine is a poor approach in terms of resolving causes why are we convinced that the subtle or energy approach is a better or more successful alternative when these ‘domains’ are an even newer field of exploration.
  • Secondly when an energy approach presents that it is dealing with the origins of symptoms then the assumed origins are often based on the beliefs of that approach (because they don’t believe in or deal with past lives for example?) or worse the information is accepted because some being has channelled that it is so or their guides convince them. Either way there is little openness to SERIOUSLY investigate beyond current understandings, assumptions and paradigms never mind a willingness to ALWAYS keep pushing. There is an assumption from all sides that within their expertise area that they have it sussed. We don’t think any do, and we don’t think any will for a very long time.

In other words people are happy to rid themselves of symptoms without having to be involved in how this is done. For us our symptoms are a gift as they are portals that offer the opportunity to access the origins so that we can deal with them at that point and in doing so ALL THAT WE ARE is released from them and not just this little bit here. Doing anything else is not only in my terms now a waste of time but ends up ‘disappearing’ your access point that would at least offer the opportunity to explore deeper. Limited solutions that disappear surface symptoms often do so by adding a blanketing, counteracting or negating layer that must in the future be identified never mind dealt before anyone can even begin to explore the original issue more deeply.

For some examples of the long term consequences of just dealing with surface effects in wrong ways then read THIS page and you could read THIS on too, although there are other pages giving more examples.

So, it is important to understand that you are a multidimensional being, having simultaneous and parallel existences in many different environments and that patterns or deep tendencies that express themselves within each existence have often originally arisen within your soul at soul level and need to be resolved there.

The difficulties of working at soul level

Unless you do the hard work to re-connect with ALL THAT YOU ARE then any healing that resolves this pattern and its symptoms will be entirely limited and restricted to the human form or maybe some areas of the Projected Soul Form form. To do this re-connecting to become ALL THAT YOU ARE can take many years – 6 hard and focused years for us. In fact reconnecting is not enough, you must hold a deep intention to expose all your areas of limitation with a willingness to resolve them completely. Reconnecting without this intention is similar to taking a horse to water – it still has to drink to make the journey worth while.

Unless you are prepared to ask for all that is limiting you to be presented then you will probably not even be able to see or understand what exactly is limiting you. This strong duty pattern for example will probably be part of your belief systems about how the world should be and how others should behave. It will probably have confirmed its validity by attracting you to religions and spiritual paths that will reinforce the belief that this pattern is good. This is why beliefs have to be dropped as you wont even be able to look beyond them to see how they reinforce and support your limits.

Our experiences versus established truths?

The initial basis of my approach was that I wanted every misalignment within myself completely resolved with NOTHING excluded. Although at the time I did not understand the full ramifications of asking for this it now makes sense to me that for example ALL of my unexpressed entity attachments should appear or more correctly become directly expressed so that I could deal with EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WITHOUT EXCEPTION. We are not talking about one or two or a couple of dozen but thousands. To keep them in the background, unfelt and unresolved does not mean either that you don’t have them or that you don’t need to deal with them YOU DO.

We would say that many on their journey are severely hampered by basic miss assumptions passed by others who themselves don’t have a broad enough understanding to give comprehensive advice. You will always attract to yourself the beings, people, friends and so on who will confirm and support the manifestation of the reality of your beliefs. If your basic assumptions are wrong about this process then your basic movement will be wrong too and the people and beings that you collect to help you will do nothing but confirm that you are ON THE RIGHT TRACK – when paradoxically you are doing nothing more than staying within the boundaries of tried and tested, tired and arrested limits.

Another wrench to accepted perspectives is that healing Karma is a minor part of this journey which for most people will represent less than 1% of all that they are required to look at and resolve. This is simply training for higher level, deeper and more difficult challenges.

So, for us, Soul Transformation means to move all parts of ALL THAT YOU ARE into TOTAL EMPOWERMENT, FREEDOM, UNITY. We are NOT, repeat NOT just talking about the little bit here. For us, this time is presenting us with the opportunity to fully utilize this vehicle here to initiate change deep within our soul in ALL and we really mean ALL THAT MAKES UP YOUR SOUL EVERYWHERE – COMPLETE SOUL FREEDOM.

It is not about trying to take short cuts or to stay in control which are only ways that help cut you off from parts of yourself that have issues or challenges or traumas. It is not about easy solutions which often for example present great outcomes simply because they shut down your sensitivity so that you are not aware of an irritation (challenge, issue or trauma) any more. On the contrary, this approach is about you opening up to everything, to expose ALL, so that you may embrace ALL. In this, there is no hiding, no avoiding, no controlling, no clinging, no blocking, just exploring, finding, accepting, embracing and becoming.

SoulWork – the bottom line

SoulWork involves a complete and total transformation which is initiated and driven from this level here by the Projected Soul Form residing within the human form i.e. YOU. In a process which over time, when driven with a dedicated focus will act upon and includes ALL PARTS OF YOUR SOUL, irrespective of dimension, level, existence and so on to bring ALL THAT YOU ARE into total freedom.

WE do not accept any limits in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER about ANYTHING. We now find the limits presented by so called spiritual paths, approaches and lightwork bizarre to say the least. For us a spiritual approach is about growth (letting go, change, making a movement), increase in awareness (which at this time means the ability to deeply perceive yourself) increase in consciousness (ability to understand, to know), a willingness to move into the unknown as well as freeing yourself from all restrictions and control. This is a continuous process, what most spiritual paths seem to offer is a limited movement – that is once you reach their presented goal that’s it – you have finished.

What it is not? It is NOT about making your life here better or happier. It IS about using this life here as a portal and focal point to make ALL your lives on all levels of creation, within all existences happier, more open, expanded and freer. It is about freeing all parts of yourself anywhere from any debilitations, traumas, manipulations, restrictions, beliefs AND control. Anything that is out of balance within any part of your soul you learn to recognize and work to bring into alignment, including anything within the soul form itself. All parts of yourself in this process can be brought into contentment, peace, empowerment, freedom, happiness and so on. It is also about giving your soul new qualities and a wider range of skills. These areas are the most difficult as most souls are addicted to the ones they already have (serving others for example) and to grow others requires that you must first put down what you already have.