Lightwork v SoulWork . . . .

What are the differences between Lightwork and Soulwork?

It seems that lots of people still think that what we are doing is lightwork, however, we left lightwork behind a long time ago now (read about this). We are not strangers to moving on and leaving behind respected approaches and associated friends (an example). So, here we present the very major differences as we see them between Lightwork and SoulWork.

LIGHTWORK: Lightwork says that it moves people into their true selves, and that their true selves are divine, love and light. Anything else is considered the opposite and negative. Lightwork says that the soul is perfect, a prefect representation of god and that god is love and that you are nothing but love.

SOULWORK: If this is true then what happens if you ask to be put into your true self rather than assuming that you are love (or light)? Well, after our awakening experience we asked for just this and we were, lets say quite focused and determined about it and we also made no assumptions about what we would find. As a result we can categorically say that your true self is not just light nor is it just love, and your soul is by no stretch of the imagination perfect – far from it in fact.

LIGHTWORK: Uses energies and activations to move you into the light and love. You rely on others to facilitate this. You are not encouraged to be responsible for you. You don’t get to stand in your own authority or take a commanding role in the process.

SOULWORK: You use energies and activations to move into yourself, to explore who you are and what (if anything) is holding you back, what is tying you to limiting ways of being and limiting truths and beliefs. We then confront these and work with these. This requires a very deep love for ones self, to not only see and feel what pain, hurt, control, insecurity and so on that you hold within you but to then go on and deal with it pro-actively.

LIGHTWORK: The energies and approaches are about taking you into love, positive ness and away from pain, negative emotions and negative ness. When lightworkers start to feel uncomfortable, negative or have things arising which are painful, traumatic, difficult or considered negative then energies are activated and approaches used to cleanse these from their energy field or transmute them into something else without deeply touching it. Any obvious approach when ones basic assumptions are wrong. That is if you are convinced that you are just love and nothing else then anything that is not love is therefore not of you and should be cleansed or removed from you.

SOULWORK: SoulWork energies and approaches makes only one judgement with regards what is positive and what is negative. Positive is what promotes an open movement into oneself to facilitate freedom from all limits and a deeper level of truth (understanding). Negative is what is taking you away from yourself. Areas of uncomfortable ness, pain, difficult life situations are not turned away from but are used for what they are! As portal entry points to reach their origins so that they may be dealt with not by trying to magic them away, but by understanding how they are influencing you and then using various approaches to resolve them. This for the most part often involves feeling them (feeling yourself) and the eventual outcome of this can be to help your COMPLETE SOUL respond in a new way – TO GIVE ALL OF YOURSELF A NEW CHOICE.

LIGHTWORK: Lightworkers assume that they are here with a light mission, that their part is to help this process on earth and that they are part of a special team that is fronting this process. There primary role is then to spread the light and all that this entails.

SOULWORK: Has a primary focus of self exploration, to resolve personal limits, restrictions and traumas as it understands that you cannot take anyone where you have not or dare not go yourself. It does not conform to a particular set of beliefs but questions them ALL as only a deeper truth can emerge by doing this. The only mission is to free yourself from all limits, restrictions, traumas, conditioning within ALL THAT YOU ARE. Any other mission is very definitely part of the limitation and is NOT part of the solution AT THIS TIME.

LIGHTWORK: Has approaches and energies (divine, universal and cosmic rays and energies) that target energy bodies, balance chakras, release negativity and cleanse or transmute anything that is considered unbalanced (not of love and light). A very few of these energies comprehensively cover even Projected Soul Form levels. None even begin to touch soul levels where 99% of ALL THAT YOU ARE resides.

SOULWORK: Takes you progressively into yourself into ALL THAT YOU ARE with no restrictions. It highlights all limits, restrictions, blockages and blocks, it reveals faulty, limiting and disabling belief systems, ideas, models, truths, knowings and so on. It reveals deep conditioning. It works on these directly at whatever level is necessary, particularly to reach the true origins of the challenge.

LIGHTWORK: Tries to keep you in balance by adjusting your chakras, your energy bodies and so on. Balance for lightwork is about being in the light and projecting love. An approach that focuses on keeping things in balance is an approach that is avoiding change, that does not want to look at things deeply, but that despite what it says is keeping things hidden. Change that arises without dealing with a corresponding imbalance is a change that does not have any value, that has not been earned and is not owned or understood. Even the Tao, an ancient book of wisdom presents chaos and imbalance as a gift to be welcomed as then change is a potential and a new level of “something” is possible.

SOULWORK: Recognizes that a balance will be achieved in itself if all unbalanced areas are revealed, worked on and resolved. Re-balancing is only required when chronic imbalances are not being addressed and dealt with appropriately. Imbalances are also a product of change, when limits, restrictions, blocks and so on in the form of traumas, faulty beliefs, embedded conditioning begin to be exposed within ALL THAT YOU ARE. Their emergence creates a temporary, chronic imbalance as you are offered the possibility to re-experience this state to resolve it completely.

We are also considering that a true state of balance is not balance (or stasis) but a rhythm between balance and imbalance. Like the waves of the ocean, they are in constant movement. Life is about developing the skills and qualities to dance well to this continuously changing rhythm, and like the ocean, the world in unpredictable, so having the skills to weather the occasional unexpected storm helps. If an attempt is made to control this rhythm by forcing an artificial state of balance then areas of life become avoided, blocked off and or hidden. Life then becomes half lived, restricted, limited, some of what life presents becomes feared and for some a limited fantasy is preferable. The nature of creation is that it will try and expose and express imbalanced, suppressed or hidden areas in a different way so that you are offered the opportunity to re-balance inside.

[ Nature will give you good examples. Rivers in Germany were straightened in a short sighted attempt to reduce sedimentation and prevent flooding. But the nature of rivers is to wiggle and if they cannot there is more sedimentation and flooding. In other words suppressed rivers try and wriggle, they want to flow again and maintain their own natural balance. ]

So, what you don’t like, what you fear in life, what you don’t want or don’t find easy to express or feel are pointing to areas of imbalance within you. These limits stress reality which then responds by expressing them in different forms, disease for example, or emotional limitations or outbursts, restrictions in relationships or as an extreme it will be presented in the external environment.

The imbalances of either “there is nothing but hate” or “there is nothing but love” will force creation to respond by presenting what you will not address inside of you in extreme ways on the outside. In other words, if you wont open and accept all that you hold inside of yourself then the environment will present you with these on the outside. Hence there is more violence, rage, hate, disrespect now than 10 years ago. When you deal with what you consider negativity within you by trying to cleanse it away or transmute it into something else you are in effect avoiding and denying part of WHAT YOU ARE. If you take this to an extreme then you will require more powerful means to suppress these areas as the process on earth amplifies in an attempt to help you address them and BE WHO YOU ARE. Only by truly BEING WHO YOU ARE can you really change WHO YOU ARE into something more truly balanced.

[ Why is it said that God makes no judgments about and does not identify with what is right or wrong, good or bad and yet in the name of God humans do just this and then try and make themselves into the false image of the God that they have just created (Oh!! and then try and persuade others to do the same). God is love – we are love. If this is true? Then why is it so obviously not? ]

LIGHTWORK: Requires a complete trust of your guidance and makes the assumption that lightwork guidance is divine, represents God and is therefore all knowing.

SOULWORK: Helps you to trust yourself, and takes you on a journey that requires you surrender to yourself. Guidance is recognized to be limited, often working to their own beliefs (as we all do), promote certain agendas (as we all do) and are specialized (as we all are). It therefore asks openly not for specific beings but for the best to achieve a certain outcome, that can also take us beyond what we already know and who are wanting to do the same.

LIGHTWORK: Asks that you surrender to the light process, become active representatives of that process and do not question it.

SOULWORK: Asks that you surrender to yourself, are active in your own process and are willing to question your most fundamental beliefs and assumptions about absolutely everything.

LIGHTWORK: Gives lip service to empowerment. Empowerment in lightworker terms is being part of the process facilitated by lightwork.

SOULWORK: Is about the empowerment of each individual through the unfolding process of self understanding that comes when you face and change yourself. It encourages self enquiry, self responsibility and self authority. Self authority emerges as you understand that you create your own reality and have resolved enough within you to begin to do this consciously. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU CREATE – NOT GOD, AND NOT ANY OTHERS.