Why is Soulwork different?


Here we discuss what makes this approach refreshingly different with regards others.

  • It dares to question the traditional, the established and the modern spiritual paths and energy approaches.
  • It’s goal is unique in that it is not about striving towards a specified goal but about identifying all that is limiting, trapping, restricting and blocking you and moving on from these.
  • It does not apply any limits to either what depth of exploration is required or what tools or support will best achieve both the exploration or the movement beyond the limits found.
  • This approach works on human, Projected Soul Form and lower and higher pure soul levels.
  • It understands that guidance cannot be relied on and neither can intuition and it is aware of and deals with these factors.
  • It moves you into areas that are unknown to your soul, unknown to ALL THAT YOU ARE – a personal unknown.
  • It is not passive but a proactive – lets do it approach.

I started by saying? What’s going on? What is REALLY responsible for my issues? Why do some paths work for me and others don’t? HOW DO PARTICULAR PATHS ACHIEVE RESOLUTION?

Questioning traditional and established spiritual paths

Many assume that a path must be right and or true because it has been around for 1000’s of years. Here, time is the test. Others accept certain beliefs because so many others do, so safety in numbers is the important factor here.

There are many beliefs offered, many spiritual path approaches, many means to look at yourself and change your awareness. So, when people decide to grow or involve themselves in a spiritual path, they look around and select what fits into their current beliefs, culture, society, background, character and so on. In reality, people and that includes us too are not free to choose any path.

How many of us would pick something that does not draw us? That does not attract attract us or does not resonate strongly with the values we hold to? One suspects that no one would choose anything out of these boundaries. This was true for us when we started?

This understanding motivated us to find the best means to constantly move beyond our beliefs as by only doing this would we have a chance to involve ourselves in something new outside of the boundaries of ALL THAT WE ARE.

This effectively means that of all the things that are offered here you have little or no choice with regards what you will select. Your past experience, limitations, conditioning and beliefs will lead you to the same things and down the same paths time and time again and lifetime after lifetime. Could this not be the point? Could it be that all paths, approaches, spiritual presentations are in fact part of the limitation and not part of the solution? We now suspect that this is so.

One of the differences of this approach is that it recognizes that you cannot make a free choice unless you are free. SoulWork provides the tools to actualize this freedom.

Having the courage to say “I don’t know”

So, if you say “I don’t know! Show me everything that is limiting me, prepare me to not only cope with this but to move me into a deeper level of truth beyond this.” It means that you are choosing to not assume that something is the truth or even hat you know the truth or that what you believe is the best or that what you will be naturally attracted to will be right to help you really grow. It is about you being helped to find ways to let go of what you might think of as the truth to explore and find if there is something deeper. It is also asking you to not decide before hand what are limits (for you) but to be open to whatever is presented.

Another way that you could word this question is – “What if there is a deeper truth than has so far been presented here? What if everything so far presented is in fact limited? What if there is a deeper truth than what I would be attracted too?”

SoulWork then, does not conform to a particular set of beliefs but questions them ALL as only a deeper truth can emerge by doing this. So, it does not say – “Take me down this path?” rather it says “Take me beyond what is holding me to a limited truth or a limited path (what ever it is) so that I can reach something deeper?”

Learning to manifest a deeper truth

We are not then following a path as such but have an approach or attitude that says take me to a deeper level of truth and help me see and let go of everything that would prevent this. When you do this you find that what you thought of as the truth starts to break down and deeper or broader truths begin to emerge.

Remember that if you assume that something is the truth, then you, as a being endowed with the authority to manifest your reality will do just that. Your reality will try and confirm your beliefs, assumptions and expectations no matter how faulty they are.

Another way that this approach is different is that we are using our ability to manifest reality to do this on our behalf to present us with our limits, our conditioning, our little truths and untruths together with the means to move on from them.

We don’t then assume that a certain thing is the truth. For example some approaches say “We are only love, that all is love” and then you ask to be moved into that. We on the other hand would ask to be taken into “ALL THAT WE ARE”. Without making assumptions about what we would find. Love?, Light? Illusion?, God?, The Divine? The first assumes that we are something and then tries to make us that. While the second says “Hey, if I go completely into myself and ‘this’ (I am presence, Light or whatever) is true I will find that – otherwise I find what I truly am.”

Challenging established beliefs?

You are your beliefs, you are what you consider true and it makes no difference whether these truths are true or not. THEY LIMIT YOU. To even know that you are living a belief or set of beliefs can be hard to see and then even harder to try and change them.

Look around you? How many people manage to switch from one religion to the next as easily as you would change clothes? It’s just not done is it? Changing beliefs and this relates particularly to ones that you hold to within ALL THAT YOU ARE. As these are believed by whole soul at soul level they are not surprisingly very embedded and therefore extremely difficult to change.

How do we change beliefs in SoulWork? The SoulWork energies do is by presenting you with situations that contradict your beliefs. They also change the presentation of your reality so that situations appear for you to practice seeing life, relationships and so on in new ways – contrary to what you are used to holding to.

In this respect all paths have a defined goal, something to aim for, while this path is about openly exploring, resolving and moving away from limited truths, restricting traumas and things defined. So, you could say that while the majority (if not all) paths are flowing down river ours is about swimming in the opposite direction – against this considered normal flow. So, although, many assume that they can work with the book and or statements of intent with the energies that they have collected from other approaches, not only will they not work but they will be trying to achieve what you are asking for by taking you in the wrong direction. Part of what our initiation does is to disconnect you as much as possible from what will sabotage and disable your new choice. The more you hold onto energies going in other directions the less effective will be the energies of this approach.

Healing that actually does work at soul level

How do you know that a healing system or approach works at soul level? Is this not a difficult question to answer? We read other sites articles about soul rescue for example where they are discussing retrieving the lost human energy form. We thought these forms the soul too when we were doing that. Actually to be strictly honest we were more often thinking “How do people know this?”. We could do this human energy form retrieval but to say that this was the soul did not seem right to us. Mind you at that time we were still being swayed by the ideas that the soul is just love and or perfect. So, if this human energy form that we were retrieving was indeed the soul then this made these other assumed truths very uncertain.

For us the human form holds a Projected Soul Form or what would be better termed a soul probe. As our approach is about pushing the boundaries all the time then we eventually passed beyond the vast Projected Soul Form sphere to step into what for us was a much deeper, encompassing and qualitatively different level. It took us 5 years of solid and focused movement beyond all that is presented elsewhere to do this. It required that we break from lightwork, it required that we break from so called ascended masters and most important of all it required that we break from our own and other assumed truths.

When you make movements beyond what is considered the soul and the levels it operates (what we call the Projected Soul Form sphere) and you do this with the experience of integrating all your parts within that sphere (10,000’s of Projected Soul Form experiences for myself), then you know what that level feels like.

Think about this, you go to school. You learn say biology in low school, you learn the same at middle and high. Then you go to college and perhaps after that university. Each of these gave you a sphere of knowledge that made the previous seem very small and limited. If you study well enough you can tell by what people describe which sphere they have experience of. Middle school level or college for example? We do the same when we scan web sites? Where are people at, what levels are they working too? We have so far not come across any despite what they say that touch what we now describe as soul level and to be honest there may be more beyond this – we shall have to wait and see?

So, another area that this approach is different is that it does what it says on the can. It works at soul level or at least to a deeper level than what others consider the soul.

Recognizing the severe limitations of Guidance & Intuition?

“Intuition runs equally into truth and into error, and can settle nothing if not controlled by experience.” (Santayana).

What this quote says is ‘shockingly’ very much our experience too. Your intuition when not being manipulated by outside beings and energies comes from the parts of you that you are open to accessing. The more you open to ALL THAT YOU ARE, and therefore to parts of you that conflict with or contradict your own views then the more your intuition becomes a saboteur rather than a supporter.

Also, if you do somehow manage to encompass ALL THAT YOU ARE but then want to move beyond this, then your intuition gets even more unreliable. Your intuition is a representation of ALL THAT YOU ARE which you can sum up as ALL THAT YOU KNOW so when you want to move beyond ALL THAT YOU KNOW into something different you have to do it by the seat of your pants and fly in the face of what your intuition may be indicating.

Guidance is the same. Guidance are beings that are from within your circle or boundaries of WHAT YOU KNOW and WHAT YOU WOULD NORMALLY CHOOSE and unless you are very self determining they will be doing nothing more than guiding you within the loop of yourself.

For us, unless you keep a tight check on guidance then you will do nothing more than stay within your current boundaries. The fact that these boundaries may see quite good, spiritual, aware and so on is irrelevant when they game is about moving into ALL THAT IS POSSIBLE (for you).

We have passed these difficult areas, we know the limitations of both our intuition and guidance and we can support and guide people through the same wilderness.

Moving into your unknown

Many are working to find WHO THEY ARE and some have a feeling of satisfaction and confirmation when they feel that they are doing what they have done many times before? But if you are just doing what you have (by and large) always done then what IS NEW FOR YOU? Many have not yet realized that it is not about us ALL getting to the same place but about each of us as individuals (and souls) getting to completely new pastures and spaces inside of ourselves.

Doing what you have always done is essential to help you understand the boundaries you hold yourself too as only by doing this can you perhaps appreciate the need to move on. It is also extremely difficult for people to understand that at this time doing what you have always done as a means to understand your limits applies equally to all areas of life and that spiritual paths are not now a reflection of a means to become free but are a reflection of what is imprisoning you.

You also cannot get to somewhere new while making assumptions about what is new for YOU. This too will be keeping you looped in your past, tied to your limitations.

Remember the film ‘The Matrix’. Well when we saw it we thought it was great. There was much said about it in the new age, lightwork, ascension community. Many resonated with it. Then came ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ which prompted little response from those that loved the first. We had to laugh as so far we have extracted ourselves from about 5 different matrix levels. ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ is a reminder to those of you who think that you are already out of the Matrix to think again. You soul is worth more than the assumptions you are manifesting about how free you are in this and other realities? If you believe you are now out of the matrix then how is your reality going to present to you anything different?

It’s not likely to is it?

Another difference of Soulwork then is that it is about being open to the possibility that what you are most attracted to and most comfortable with is part of what is limiting you in terms of what you consider spiritual. In other words it is about being willing to move on all the time and stepping into a true personal and often SCARY unknown. Again, we have been doing this for a long time. Leaving gurus, living masters, ascended masters, Reiki, Intuition, lightwork, guidance (many times) and much more behind. We have the experience to support and guide others through doing the same.

Mastering Yourself?

This approach is about mastering yourself, it is about considering that nothing is impossible, that there is nothing that cannot be done.

For us, we want total and utter self empowerment and self freedom, we want to let go of all limits and restrictions within all parts of ourselves. We also don’t want to spend lots of lifetimes doing this, our intention is to complete in this one and to be honest, if we can do it with the number of traumas, limiting conditioning and attitudes that are held in our souls then quite simply no one else has an excuse.

As you browse this site, you will come to understand that we don’t present second hand material, we only present what we find from our own experience. Channelled material for us now seems to be another strange contradiction and a representative of not working to stand in your own authority and knowing. In our experience you can only go beyond channelling by letting go of rather a lot of deep limitations, you will then connect with larger parts of yourself and in so doing become more empowered and confident to find things out directly for yourself. Sadly, the second does not come without doing the first.

In other words, we live what we speak, we walk our talk, we do the business, we avoid avoiding any parts of ourselves. This is therefore the ultimate in soul healing – dealing with everything and making it yours.

If you are interested in mastering yourself then that is what you have to do YOU HAVE TO MASTER YOU. No one else can do this for you, we cannot do it for you, we or others can only support you to do this for yourself.

Less fantasy and more reality

There are lots of people running round trying to save others, thinking that either this is the solution to saving themselves – IT ISN’T or that this is why they are here – IT’S NOT. If you are living for a mission that is about helping others then we can virtually guarantee that this is what you will have been doing many times before and is a representation of your limits (for you).

We actually spend more time working on ourselves than we do on others as we understand that we cannot help people to go beyond themselves if we cannot do this for ourselves. We feel that this to a certain extent explains why we have been reaching places for the last five years where we cannot find explanations of elsewhere.

There is nothing happening here on this planet now that is about the external. The external is set up to help provide you with high quality information about the limits held within your internal landscape and what you need to look at and change there.

So, we are not going to be saved by an imagined master Being or some aliens as how is some Being telling you what to do going to empower YOU to be the master Being that you can be?

There are lots of people here wanting to continue to be children running around under the wing of an assumed god father or god mother. But then, how will having a “God being” or “Angel” or “Divine” or “Master” Being spoon feed you ever help you step into your own God Mother / Father self? IT WON’T!

It is not about moving into the Divine, it is not about moving into the light or even God Consciousness but of about YOU moving into ALL OF YOURSELF and not just the bits you think are appropriate or that you can get away with or that you like or that you are not embarrassed about or that you think other people will accept. Only by doing this (Standing in, being and living as ALL THAT YOU ARE) do you then have a chance to understand to make a movement beyond this into something completely new.

Are you free enough to chose this choice?

This path is not about moving people into the light, it is about moving people into themselves without holding to preconceptions of what will be found. Ideas such as “you are just love or light or God or the Divine or Everything or that phenomenon are harmful, or that seeing the illusion Is It” are what we now consider to be limitations making themselves true through the manifestation of a soul level belief.

This planetary process can help you to see all that YOU ARE and your limits if you so wish, however there is nothing automatic or inclusive about this process. You must be willing to look at your contradictions in your life, what you are doing and what you are involved with. Contrary to what many of you feel you actually have to figure these things out by thinking and analysis as guidance and intuition are not tools that will support a movement to a completely new place. Those humans or guides you have attracted to yourself will for the most part be from your circle of limitation and they will only confirm and support what you ARE rather than help you become WHAT YOU CAN BE. Best of luck.