Ideas Concepts & Knowledge Management; Mental Sabotages, Editing & Translations & Distractions

This is page 5 of 25 of an article series on:
"Rivalry, Competition and Egotism Between all Group types. How group members beliefs, ideas, ideals & loyalties are managed by hidden subtle means preventing open evaluations & engagement of different conceptual frameworks, ideas & possibilities while limiting openness, change, freewill & diversity. Includes Self Exploration, Inner Awareness Exercises & Examples."

The first two pages of this sub series comprehensively covered two different angles that are used by almost all groups to manage all of their members in terms of their member’s beliefs, truths and understandings as well as their loyalties.

On the Fly Mental Editing, Managed Understandings & Conceptual Translations

Overall the combination of both the fixed subtle energetic strategies and the mobile ones would contribute to people having problems or resistance to openly and coherently thinking beyond what they already hold to, they will find it difficult and in some cases impossible to even read what doesn’t already confirm what they already think they know never mind reading anything that ‘shock horror’ dares to actually contradict their favorite beliefs, truths or understandings. For example.

  • How much are you being prevented from taking in what I’m actually REALLY trying to present on this page?
  • How much while reading this page so far are you feeling like moving on to another page?
  • How much are you actually able to BE AWARE of anything trying to put you off?
  • How much is YOUR thinking being CONTROLLED & MANAGED NOW?
  • How much is YOUR thinking being CONTROLLED & MANAGED . . .


How much might the hidden subtle energetic means that is ‘managing’ yourself be responsible for preventing you from;

‘REALLY’ Engaging with and or Appreciating other points of view or different possibilities, never mind what is presented on this page NOW?

Outcome of Managed & Controlled Beliefs, Truths, Ideals and Understandings

How much are connections to past groups subtle energetic efforts responsible for the solid opposing stances often presented as comments on some blogs with almost no instances of any middle consideration, contemplation or open engagement WHAT SO EVER.

How Much?

How much might such past groups energetic crap actually be responsible for the following general attitudes;

I/We are RIGHT / We KNOW <> You are WRONG / Deluded / An IDIOT

Why are YOU here?

It wasn’t to have confirmed the beliefs, ideals and understandings that you’ve been made glued to by some past group or groups . . . was it?

Don’t tell me you are actually reading these pages ‘looking’ for some ‘specific’ information that tells you I’ve;


. . . are you? . . .

Why did YOU come here to read this website?

Here is something that might shock you!!!

This web site is NOT actually about confirming anyone’s actual current understandings. So if you’re here looking for comforting reassurance about ‘something’ then to be honest you might as well go somewhere else NOW because that’s not what this web site is about.

There is almost nothing;

Comforting or Reassuring Presented here . . .

Have you read enough to notice that I actually describe in DETAIL within various article series presented here why YOU yourself or in fact ANYONE reading anything here will probably find this the hardest web site on the entire planet to actually REALLY read and actually REALLY take in never mind of then attempting to understand what is presented.

  • Have you actually read enough here to understand this?
  • Have you actually been allowed to read enough here to understand this?
  • How many pages have you started reading here that you actually didn’t get to finish completely or even ‘really’ start?

How often on this page so far have you felt tempted to stop reading and disappear off to somewhere else?

Here is what I’ll absolutely 100% guarantee . . . I’ll absolutely 100% guarantee that what you’re NOT reading . . . or to put more accurately . . . what you are NOT BEING ALLOWED TO READ on this site particularly with regards pages that you’ve not finished will often turn out to be VASTLY more important that what you are actually being allowed to read.

Have a ‘think’ about this . . .

Anyone trying to present information that attempts to describe what is happening on a larger and more encompassing scale than anything presented by any mere ‘single’ group won’t actually end up presenting truths, beliefs or understandings that confirm what any one single group actually states, believes or understands.

Will IT?

How easy is it for you to actually OPENLY think about the VERY LIKELY possibility that you are being managed in a hidden way that actually strongly impacts or even in some cases directly controls what you will read and accept and what you will avoid or react against?

Are you able to openly consider this as a possibility?

How often have you started to read a page here that you are then made to abandon because some hidden subtle energetic past group crap is studiously only allowing you access to reading material it approves of?


How easy is it for your past group involvements to DICTATE to you what you’re actually allowed to REALLY read, never mind openly consider?

How easy is it for you to actually consider what I’m telling you here even as a possibility?





What is happening to you in this moment NOW?

What are you feeling NOW?

How much are you NOW feeling like stopping reading this page or disappearing somewhere else or perhaps you will find yourself being ‘magically’ interrupted to take your attention away from what is presented?

Advanced Self Awareness Exercise Feedback

Below are some comments made about this page after I re-wrote it to make it more direct about what I’m presenting here.

Matt; I ‘grinded’ my way through this and was able to understand it. I would say but it is like walking against a strong wind in a snowy blizzard with little visibility. I am also having to push so hard to continue ‘reading’ that much of the efforts of ‘thinking’ or making connections between things is LOST to forging ahead. It is like being in a mental and conceptual wind tunnel . . .

Nina; This is the first time I have serious trouble reading this page. Songs play in my head involuntarily. My mind goes blank. The more I focus on concentrating, the stronger the mental block becomes. I also feel scared at the idea of something not of me dictating what I can and can’t read or controlling the way I process the information.

Shirley; my observations of me when reading this . . . I developed a sharp piercing pain across the back of my eyes and I then started to hear this loud piercing noise in my ear. All other background noise became unbearably loud and distracted me. While I was reading this a visitor reached across my computer, so my sight to the computer screen was blocked and I was the interrupted while reading the article. I could not read the last few paragraphs properly because I wanted to write about what was happening to me before I got distracted; hmmmm. On finishing I am quite sleepy now (disengaged from what I just read).

Samuel; I found it very difficult to read indeed, good idea to set it up as an exercise, it becomes really clear and in-your-face. Even though I have read many pages with resistance before I could not imagine how concentrated you could make the resistance on this page. Its like Search Engine Optimization; Instead of mentioning keywords in texts which google picks up on and ranks your pages you use keywords and phrases to attract the most subtle energetic opposition . . . interference optimization.

Shirley (later); Clive writes; “Anyone trying to present information that attempts to describe what is happening on a much larger and more encompassing scale than anything presented by any mere ‘single’ group won’t actually end up presenting truths, beliefs or understandings that confirm what any one single group actually states.” . . . . “Profound” is a buzz word for many groups, you hear in their explanations about themselves that their teachings or understandings are “profound”. So I have read and reread this paragraph attempting to engage with what it is truly saying. I still can not say I can think to apply it all, which is strange, but at least I know that I don’t know (haha). When I think of other groups I have been involved in and other people’s groups, I thought about this aspect in my life of what Clive is saying . . . the real profundity is not about their group beliefs but that NO ONE is aware they are being MADE to think and believe that their path/way/religion is profoundly better and can not (easily) consider anything else.

What’s Your Experience of Taking in this Information?

So, what have YOU reading this become aware of so far in trying this self exploration, self awareness exercise?

Are you more aware NOW of the very real possibility that your thinking, beliefs, understandings and your ability to openly take in and openly evaluate information is being well ‘managed’?

What is your experience after reading these pages a FEW TIMES . . . ?

Please NOTE as apoplectic as some of you might be to what I’m presenting here. These few pages are about providing people with the opportunity to perhaps become aware of managed thinking and understanding manipulation effects while reading certain pages here. So, with this in mind I’d have to say that I’m very aware of variations of ‘management’ that will make every effort to prevent the effects that I’ve mentioned from happening as some of you read this page. So, comments given below that are not in the ‘spirit’ of the self exploration experiment will be deleted out of hand.

To make a comparison with a page that should be dead easy to read and understand then read the next page . . .

If you can relate to what I write here then leave a comment below . . .


  1. Silvia
    March 13, 2012 @ 12:30 pm

    Here is my experience:

    – About having your thoughts managed: I have been living through this scary nightmarish impression not for 3 days as you did, but for the past 11 years! And guess what? After re-reading that page (by the 10th time maybe) today I found out that it was not 11 years, but something like …hummm…35 years? Or my whole life, maybe? Went to find out who was responsible, found out a group of crappy nerds very well hidden, but I have the impression that this is just scratching the surface! Did a release of crappy energy, now I am depleted to the core, but feeling at least a little less crap.
    Now, the damage that being in this for my whole life is SO extensive that I have no idea even how to start to deal with this! This is why I am so outraged.
    And before that through reading the page in the first, second, third times, I had found out a lot of junk already, and hopefully I was able to clear at least a bit of that. Maybe I did, because today it was a MAJOR one, that was SO hidden deep down that it was unbelievably hard to find! And it is SO SHITTY OUTRAGING that I am finding it hard to cope with it. You wouldn’t believe the amount of debilitating issues that this crap brought me. Maybe I am being able to clear somethings, because this one came naturally after I focused in a word in your text – that I had not noticed before!
    – About your comments on having NOTHING comforting and reassuring on your site. YES! 100% correct.
    – Am I feeling comforted, etc., by reading your site? NO. NOT AT ALL. The knowledge that your pages offer take us to the deepest SHIT ever thought! And there’s more to come, that I am sure about.
    – Am I feeling better in any way? It depends on what you call “better”. More aware, yes. And sad, depressed, being forced to learn the true meaning of forgiving, etc.
    – Is my life better? NO. In fact it is worse. The number of sabotages, delays, set-ups, backstabbings that I am having to cope with increased.
    – Wow, then why I am doing this? Because it is – for what it seems – the ONLY way offered in the whole world that deals with the crap as it should be dealt with. Something that I searched for through all my life. Crap IS dangerous.
    – Is it worth? Up to this very moment….YES!
    Thank you for having the courage to open these doors.
    Just to finish, I am listening to some music and then came this one in my list, from the Culture Club:
    “The victims we know so well, they shine in your eyes when you kiss and tell, strange places we never seen but you are always there like a ghost in my dreams….”
    Symptomatic, isn’t it?


    • Clive
      August 7, 2014 @ 1:59 pm

      Actually Sylvia this page here: describes the ‘day’ that I became CONSCIOUSLY aware of the ‘direct’ subtle management that had me ‘automatically and unconsciously’ starting to reply to an e-mail that COMPLETELY DESCRIBED MY EXPERIENCES of the previous 5 Years.

      That ‘day’ was about 12/13 years ago and it was the start of me making an effort to ‘THINK’ against and ‘ABOUT’ these direct management possibilities.


  2. Cow
    August 22, 2012 @ 11:46 pm

    I must say, that every time I read through this duo of pages, very disparate effects happened.

    1st time: The very first time I read these two pages, I did not have much difficulty reading the pages without mental interruptions, which is very suspicious as almost always is my mind deluged in excessive thoughts. Upon completion of this page, a very strong sense of Deja Vu struck my mind, as I was reminded of a few documents I read from the past which also touched up on this.

    The first one discussed the utilization of Silent Weapons to discreetly sabotage, damage, and destroy those that these “Silent War Weapons” were used against. The second one discussed enslaving people through their passions, desires and beliefs. My adsorption of those thoughts were so strong that I left the computer to pace for half an hour, remembering as much as possible of these other documents, as well as meticulously comparing and contrasting them to this page, all while being insensate to it all. Overall, I just could NOT cease the flood of thoughts from rushing into my mind, and let it sink in emotionally.

    Ironically, only a couple of days past before I completely forgot the information from these pages, as if something completely erased my memories. I was unable to even faintly recall the specific context of those pages, other then the very gist of it, and nothing more. When I read this the second time, I had music playing to make me react emotionally to this, all to no avail. I ended up moving to other tabs to spend a split second on them) whilst reading the pages again, juggling entertainment and this page at the same time. Upon finishing it again, I completely forgot everything about this page by bedtime, as my mind was fully immersed in very different topics, not even remotely concerned on locking itself on this very startling information.

    A few months down the line, I ended up re-reading the documents these pages reminded me of, the result being an EXTREMELY strong emotional reaction before I was even able to finish the first document. Only then have I finally got hit by the revelation of how deeply enslaved and manipulated I really am. Upon leaving the computer store, I spent the rest of the night fraught with the most potent sorrow and fear that I have ever felt in this life. By morning, however, my mind completely ditched any thoughts of that experience, intensely tethering itself on other, petty topics.

    4 days ago, I read these pages for a third time, doing ALL THAT I CAN to make the writing sink in emotionally to feel how dire my situation is. As a result, a GREAT amount of physical resistance occurred. I began to pant intensely as if having run 2 miles without a break. Random bodily twitches and gesticulations run abound as my body begins to tremble, all just because I simply wanted to FEEL how seriously fucked up my soul is. I did want to write a comment, but then was convinced by a little voice in my mind to leave the store to meditate (which was also overloaded with distractions and diversions).

    The next day I ruminated on writing the comment, only to be beguiled by the fear that I will end up sleeping late if I spend that much time on the store computer. The day after, in the midst of my daily work at the office, I remembered the part of this page which stated that my attention is being guided away from what is MOST important. It then dawned in my mind that my biggest issue was in the very simple fact that I thought (and spoke) FAR-TOO-MUCH. (It is obvious when you read this comment) Thus I tried to silence my mind by focusing only on my breath, only to be assaulted with similar effects from reading your page a third time.

    All of this ungodly resistance and pain, and ONLY for something as simple as developing concentration… I can only look forward to the Hell that awaits me when I do succeed in developing a strong, incorruptible focus. Did I mention that now that I am typing the comment, I get a spate of urges to shut up, or ditch this computer, as if someone is pulling on my mind with invisible reins?


    • Clive
      August 28, 2012 @ 12:41 pm

      Hi ‘Cow’ I’m impressed that you’ve put in so much effort to ‘test’ what I’ve described.


      • Cow
        September 1, 2012 @ 6:05 pm

        Well, Clive, I do this for two big reasons.
        The first reason Is that I can just feel the veracity of your words, whether the premise for that sensation was empirical or willed by someone else (or just a re-emerging of long lost past life experiences). I understood that you underwent great, onerous endeavours to acquire all this frightening knowledge you openly share on the internet, as I know what it is like to be oppressed and ostracised for revealing larger truths myself. Thus, I put full trust into every last word you have written, and did my best to make practical use of it.

        The second reason is that I see more than enough evidence in your claims… just by trying to SHARE THIS WITH OTHERS. Out of everyone who I have shared your site (and these two pages as a start) 2 to three (out of the dozen or so “spiritual” types) bothered to read at least a few pages of the site. Out of those lot, I am uncertain if even ONE of them take this seriously enough as I do to initiate major changes in their life on Earth, never mind as a soul. Even the Left Hand Path, Satanic Darkos will not give a minim’s worth of credence to my pleas and advice, and I have conversed with them more than once. I understand, as it hurts like hell to just take this information seriously enough.


        • Clive
          September 4, 2012 @ 11:23 am

          Well we are all being very well managed to stay in whatever ‘belief. truth and Understanding’ group watering hole we’re already attached too. The reality is that it’s wall to wall misdirections and shit so it’s not worth putting effort into ‘persuading’ people or trying to get them interested. They cannot do anything about it anyway and it’s virtually impossible to even temporarily shift peoples attention away from where ever has already taken it. The point of this web site is explained here:

          For the last 6 months most of my sites have been attuned (the presentations of certain pages have been amplified) to seriously attract subtle energetic crap that acts to prevent people from coming here, stay here or take in anything all done to specifically allow us to develop means to ‘automatically’ get rid of it all. So, I’ve had less people coming while this current ‘project’ depresses visitor numbers during this time although we seem to be running out of this type of crap to clear in the last month. So, it’s less about convincing people and more about finding better ways to clear the shit as easily and as fast as possible.

  3. Mitsry
    February 11, 2013 @ 3:26 pm

    I must say, Clive, that upon initially reading this page, that certain implants/influences (which I am in the process of getting rid of)embedded in my crown and brow chakras have been doing their crappy energetic best to stop me reading your site! I read this page 3 times over and the first couple of times I felt my mind fog over and felt it/them trying to distract me or make me lose interest. Trouble is, I am someone who has never liked joining ‘groups’ of any kind,nor been enslaved to any way of thinking for any significant length of time, and my staying power and tolerance are very limited indeed for such things. I LOVE what you are saying on your site. No-where else have I found such blunt, honest, no bullshit information on implants and spirituality. ANTI-happy clappy, ANTI-rose-tinted spectacle wearing ‘gooeyness,’ NON-New Age, airy fairy clap trap, and I am delighted in it. What you are doing is fantastic. I will keep reading it as this soul is not for the manipulation and possession of others. Great site! I am going to get through as much of this as possible.


    • Clive
      February 11, 2013 @ 3:55 pm

      I am someone who has never liked joining ‘groups’ of any kind,nor been enslaved to any way of thinking for any significant length of time

      Me too!! That’s why I started digging on my own. The only thing you can rely on is that it’s ‘Wall to wall’ bull shit just about everywhere.

      Glad you like what’s here . . . I think I’m finished here now. I’m re-tooling and re-orientating to drop ‘reality’ bombs on other lines of BS now.


  4. Hasani Baron
    February 17, 2014 @ 4:33 pm

    Hi Clive. I have read this page. However, from the looks of what you’ve written and from my thinking, I personally believe that my thoughts are being controlled by an outside influence. In addition, I also came to the thought of the possibility that before my incarnation into planet Earth, I believe that some implants may have been snucked into my soul energetic system for a long time. You have mentioned that it is possible that spirit guides may snuck implants into our system too. Now the question is, when we need help, should we still trust our spirit guides. Yet, is our spirit guides helping to control how we should think and see things?


  5. katedesigns
    September 7, 2014 @ 9:45 pm

    It’s interesting. The first time I read the words on the page above that’s all they were; a string of characters strategically placed to form words which were strung together to form words which built upon each to make paragraphs.

    The eyes saw. The mind understood the meanings of isolated words here and there but… the full contextual meanings behind them was lost during the first read. By the end of the page my mind drew a blank and that’s when it dawned upon me that this experience was not an isolated phenomenon but, one that had repeated itself insidiously, from behind the visible curtains of awareness for many years.

    I could recall many times during my studies through out primary school and higher education when I’d struggled this way.

    Even in my day to day activities when my eyes would jump about the page reading ads or the daily news until landing upon certain phrases and words that my inner being could accept, tolerate, and were palatable to the those tastes of my previous mental and cultural conditioning’s.

    Any attempts to try to describe what is happening from an expanded perspective than any presented from any a single group won’t be able to in such a way to actually convey the truths, beliefs or understandings of what any single group holds claim to as “theirs.”

    There are folks I don’t need say much to in the way of words and we find connections; while there are others I could try to talk to all day and still….no or little connection.


    • Clive
      September 8, 2014 @ 11:41 am

      There are folks I don’t need say much to in the way of words and we find connections; while there are others I could try to talk to all day and still….no or little connection.

      Yep, well, we’ve already identified what is responsible for these personal interaction management effects, however what I write on this page impacts ‘EVERYONE’ not just a sub group. This is why I wrote this page because no one on our little ‘pretend’ planet will be able to read this page ‘normally’ (with respect to whatever ‘normal’ is for each person).


  6. Curious
    September 15, 2014 @ 7:30 pm

    What is your opinion on the JREF challenge?


    • Clive
      September 16, 2014 @ 1:21 pm

      On this page HERE I mention that we are in a simulation. Those partaking in JREF are manipulated to fail – it’s all, ‘ALL’ a rigged game.


  7. Hasani Baron
    September 17, 2014 @ 11:24 pm

    Hi Clive.
    I remember that you’ve replied to one of my comments stating that contradictions are everywhere. I have been doing research and I am beginning to finding this true. One contradiction that I’ve been researching is about history. People (historians, Scholars, or regular people believing what they read because the information seems relevant to them) would make claims that this had happened and that the supposedly records had been written. One thing to consider is that no one was there to actually witness what happened in the past. I am doing doing research on what is called Afrocentrism or Pan-Africanism. There are sources on internet and authors writing books supporting this historical movement(s). I acknowledged that all information is managed to confused and throw people off track of what really happened. I hope this doesn’t waste your time but do you have any thoughts in regards to Afrocentrism or Pan-Africanism?


    • Clive
      September 19, 2014 @ 10:55 am

      Nope, no thoughts on those areas.


  8. Sandra
    January 7, 2015 @ 10:52 pm

    I read this page two time and the one before as well. When I read the page before, I noticed that my eyes kept blurring to the point that I could only see about one word, and I had to rub my forehead to and close my eyes to resume concentration and it went slow. Another thing that happened was yes, lot’s of things kept pulling me away so that it took a long time to finish.

    I also had a really strong urge to get out of the room and do something else throughout reading.

    During the next page a lot of the effects stopped and for the most part read through it. Except certain phrases were difficult to read and also and especially to understand. I had to reread things a lot because the words wouldn’t want to make sense. And on the first page another thing that happened to me is that it wasn’t easily sinking in as a ‘bad’ thing. Which I know makes no sense because it’s all horrible, but there was something in me that was like, this is no big deal, no worries. And also on the second page the reading itself was not something I enjoyed. I made myself read the second page again and I felt a little sick to my stomach. Got through it, but I have decided to wait a few days for a third reading. And I know there is still some of it that hasn’t been able to quite sink in yet.

    Also in general reading some of your pages, I get the blurry eyes and trouble concentrating, and to me this a sign that I need to keep going. I have been here before, but I didn’t read everything. This time I am going to try to read your whole site and take it very seriously.

    A few months ago was the first time I was thinking about getting back on the spiritual wagon. Had already determined it was evil trap for me because I have a lot of bad stuff because of it now. But I longed for something a little bit ago so I thought maybe I had been wrong about that. And went and dipped a toe in and thought maybe I needed more spiritual. My husband brought me to my senses fast by reminding me whenever I do get involved in that it never improves things, things always only seem to get worse. Big wake up, and I immediately realized it was true. I went to find your website and it took a Long time to find. So glad I found it.


    • Clive
      January 8, 2015 @ 1:25 pm

      Well, all I can say is ‘good for you, for going for it’ here.

      ‘Blurry eyes’ seems to be being ‘amplified’ for me at the moment, the last two weeks has been 5/10 times worse than I’ve previously had.


  9. tom
    February 17, 2015 @ 3:18 am

    The first read through I had extreme trouble concentrating. I could only understand the individual words, I couldn’t understand the sentences. As I write this i am being threatened verbally by entities to get off the page. I feel tension and pain in my body, my heart chakra mainly.

    On the second read through, I tried a different approach by not concentrating so hard, but rather more ‘softly’ focusing on the information. the verbal threats and pain increased, and I lost concentration and drifted to a social media page.

    It is extremely difficult for me to write this comment, I cant think or concentrate. The tension in my abdomen increases as I try to formulate coherent sentences.

    I am grateful for your work exposing the lies this ‘light’ movement is formulated on. You have opened my mind to a new path of truth and understanding beyond the constraints of my new-age belief ridden mind and I cant thank you enough for this. My soul resounds with gratitude. THANK YOU!


    • Clive
      February 17, 2015 @ 11:22 am

      MMmm that’s a good comment Tom, you managed to push through and ‘go for it’ against all the ‘shit’ trying to keep you/everyone ‘contained’.

      So, I’ve two very ‘focused’ comments posted in one day AND for no reason I can fathom my site traffic has jumped up from two days ago too – so ‘something’ is happening . . .

      Glad you like what is here, I’d keep reading


      • tom
        February 18, 2015 @ 7:25 am

        Something is definitely happening. The shifts I’ve experienced in the past few weeks have opened me up to a new awareness that I never thought I’d be able to reach. Your website is truly one of a kind, I am so grateful for all of your works.. However, the more I seek to learn more about this and press on the more resistance I encounter, my energy levels drop, and I nearly fall asleep trying to continue learning about all of this. How can I disable/circumvent whatever is trying to lead me astray and stop me from continuing on this path?


        • Clive
          February 18, 2015 @ 4:34 pm

          How can I disable/circumvent whatever is trying to lead me astray and stop me from continuing on this path?

          As explained on many pages here – you cannot – these effects are BUILT INTO HOW OUR REALITY WORKS. Everyone is manage and manipulated. The only way you can change it is the re-program the simulation AND clear each persons script of embedded ‘management’ shit too. This site is just pointing out what ‘we’ are ‘REALLY’ up against.

  10. Trent
    January 29, 2016 @ 3:35 pm

    If there’s somewhere more ‘appropriate’ for this comment then feel free to move it. I wasn’t sure where it ‘belonged’.

    I came to the site this morning and within seconds I started to feel/perceive a variety/combination of different ‘management effects’ (distractions, diversions, sabotages, blocks, etc). These ‘kicked in’ before i’d even started to read the site!! This was unusual as I usually don’t ‘notice’ these unless I start actually ‘engaging’ with what is written here.

    As I became aware of these DDS’s then I also began to perceive what I can only describe as a large ‘bubble’ which surrounded me and extended outward. I felt/perceived that this ‘bubble’ was full of/represented ‘data/information’ related to the ‘overall topic’ of what is being presented on this site.

    I also perceived that these DDS’s were acting like a ‘wall’ – perhaps a ‘glass wall which was very dirty’ (though this was a perception of ‘function’ and not ‘appearance’). So this ‘wall’ didn’t seem to be effecting my ability to actually see/perceive this ‘bubble’ BUT it did feel as if it were keeping me ‘distant’ from AND making it difficult to actually engage with that ‘information’.

    At this point I ‘instinctively’ (and with a conscious understanding that this was a futile exercise) began to ‘talk’ to the sim – though to be more accurate i’d say that I was attempting to talk to ‘whatever’ is responsible for managing those DDS’s. I pointed out that I was aware of it’s ‘efforts’ AND of what was beyond them AND that I hadn’t even started ‘reading’ the site yet nor was I consciously ‘engaging’ with anything presented on the site SO is ‘all of this’ REALLY necessary? How about we ‘tone it down’ a bit, eh??? which was met with the very clear response “You’re a threat to the system” hahaha!!

    So I started exploring the idea of this ‘bubble’ – “why is that there???” .. and i’m not sure how this works for others, but at least for me it would seem that one’s ‘consciousness’ (in an all-expansive sense of ‘self’) behaves in such a way that if it’s ‘fed’ with ‘inputs’ then ‘off it goes!!’. For example: If one were to be presented, let’s say, with something related to ‘dogs’, then one’s consciousness will ‘automatically’ start accessing/perceiving ‘information’ related to ‘dogs’ (whether one is ‘consciously’ aware of this happening or not).

    So when one visits this site then they’re ‘automatically’ tapping in to knowledge/information which ‘relates’ to what is being presented here. You could say that what you write here is merely ‘representative’ of something much larger, and it’s the ‘perceptual data’ of the overall ‘topic’ which one is becoming aware of.

    It’s perhaps also worth noting that the mere act of ‘visiting this site’ – even when one hasn’t actually read or engaged with anything yet .. AND they’ve even walked away from the computer!! – ‘shouldn’t’ cause any ‘management effects’ to kick in AND stay active UNLESS there’s a good reason for it .. SO I believe my ‘thinking’ here is at the very least ‘along the right lines’.

    I’m also starting to think that my ‘role’ within the EAAS project may have been related to the designing/improving and/or testing/appraising of such ‘management effects’.. but i’m very tired so that’ll have to wait for tomorrow!


    • Clive
      January 29, 2016 @ 11:48 pm

      Hi Trent, this is very interesting – the first bit is ‘mostly’ right but the latter part is off . . .

      “I also began to perceive what I can only describe as a large ‘bubble’ which surrounded me and extended outward. I felt/perceived that this ‘bubble’ was full of/represented ‘data/information’ related to the ‘overall topic’ of what is being presented on this site”

      This bubble is as you described it’s defining: Distractions, Diversions, Sabotages (DDS’s). But these are not for the site in general this set is specific to you. In other words it’s your own personalized set of sim defined DDS strategies. So, there will be a generic bubble of DDS ‘shit’ that is applied to anyone that visits here (it’s free of charge). Then if you’re not made to run screaming for the hills or worse keep returning for more then the software will analyse you and it’ll gradually define a more personal set of DDS’s more attuned to yourself. So, this is what you’ve become aware of Trent.

      So, what is ‘written’ on this site here is WHAT IS HERE / WHAT YOU GET, there are no countering, negating or ‘supporting’ energies applied. There are pages and pages here on all the ‘other’ healing, therapies, spiritual clearings and related bullshit 99.999% of which counteracts, blankets, negates while often dousing you with feel good ‘I’m now in a fantasy’ healing energies ‘shit’.

      I DON’T DO THIS!!! This entire web site is a testament to taking the ‘find out WTF is going on ‘DIRECTLY” route. Because you need to find out what is ‘really’ going on before you can figure out how best to deal with it!!!

      If you counteract / negate / blanket you’ve learnt nothing, expect how to fool yourself (and likely others). You also then have TWO layers of ‘shit’ to sort out – the shit you / or your guides put there which you need to get rid of before you stand any chance of engaging with what was hidden by this that was causing the original problem in the first place.

      So, Trent we are now engaging with and accessing the ‘original’ problem. I suspect that your EAAS involvement was as one of those that designed these managing bubbles. As part of doing this, the person you are simulating likely interfaced to an uploaded version of yourself/itself to feel the managing effects as part of making sure it was all working properly.

      Now that my invisible software hackers have a line into this it’s likely that regulars to this site will be having their personal DDS bubble ‘BURST’!!! Hahaha


      “So when one visits this site then they’re ‘automatically’ tapping in to knowledge/information which ‘relates’ to what is being presented here. You could say that what you write here is merely ‘representative’ of something much larger, and it’s the ‘perceptual data’ of the overall ‘topic’ which one is becoming aware of.”

      Describes the newage ‘spiritual’ diversionary explanation that you’d ‘feed’ to anyone that became aware of the bubble as a misdirection – so, the defences / misdirection you set up seemed to have worked very well on yourself Trent – haha!!!


      • Trent
        January 30, 2016 @ 2:27 am

        “So, Trent we are now engaging with and accessing the ‘original’ problem.”

        It feels to me as if there has been a significant ‘shift’ since yesterday morning. Throughout the day I felt a strong ‘density’ within my head region accompanied by many ‘energy shifts’. There seems to have been an ‘opening up’ of my awareness, and while this usually happens for a ‘short period of time’ (wears off after a while and I go back to ‘normal’) this feels as if it’s ‘snowballing’ and is definitely on a ‘forward trajectory’.

        I felt that your ‘team’ have been making some kind of ‘breakthrough’!!

        I’m actually starting to feel ‘a lot’ better BUT i’m also feeling more ‘shitty’ at the same time.. i’d speculate that these ‘shit’ feelings are more a result of me become ‘aware’ of them (and of noticing the ‘constrast’ between them and these ‘better’ feelings), rather than of having had anything ‘shit’ ADDED to me..

        “so, the defences / misdirection you set up seemed to have worked very well on yourself Trent – haha!!!”

        Yeah.. now that you’ve pointed this out I realize that it should have been more ‘obvious’. I perceived this bubble as a ‘construct’ – as a ‘thing’ and so I shouldn’t have been ‘mistaking’ this as it being a part OF my own awareness!!

        I do very often go down ‘philosophical’ type thinking lines when trying to ‘understand’ my experiences.. but I feel that this can actually give us some ‘clues’ as to ‘who I am’.

        You shared a link to a site a while back – the guy who was writing about different elements of ‘drug’ experiences. That site was cool, but it didn’t really resonate with me. It had a very ‘high tech / computerish / ‘intellectual” type vibe and seemed to be missing something ‘obvious’ – practical advice!!! So.. he was defining different ‘components’ of his ‘drug experiences’ BUT there seemed to be very little ‘practical’ information as to ‘why’ these things appeared OR of their ‘significance’ OR of how one could ‘navigate the experience’.

        So this does point to me being focused on the ‘practical’ elements of an experience, and if I look back a few years to when I was ‘meditating then I see a similar ‘theme’ AND it would seem that even then I was aware of/experiencing different ‘management effects’!!

        What i’d ‘do’ when meditating was to lay down flat on my back and then close my eyes (that was pretty much the ‘entirety’ of my ‘technique’). I’d then ‘split’ my ‘awareness’ into 2 separate ‘functions’. One half would be ‘relaxing’ almost as if I were ‘going to sleep’ BUT the other half would then be ‘analyzing/evaluating’ my experience and the many different ‘sensations’ which would arise. I’d then be trying to figure out ‘why’ I was experiencing what I was AND what it’s ‘relevance/significance’ was AND how one could navigate ‘through’ these experiences.

        (I’ll mention here that i’ve also noticed that quite often I won’t use the term ‘I’ when referring to what i’ve ‘understood’ – instead it’s ‘one’ which means that i’m ‘speculating’ on ‘what’ could be experienced by ANYONE/EVERYONE.. which in and of itself ‘could’ be pointing to or suggesting ‘RESEARCH’ lines which could then ‘apply’ to many people..)

        A small example – You lay down to meditate and within 5-10 minutes your body starts ‘itching’. It’s really annoying so you scratch it.. but after a few seconds another ‘itch’ appears.. and you scratch that one, too.. and then ANOTHER one appears..

        I realized that this was a ‘distraction/diversion’ which was intended to take your focus ‘away’ from the meditation itself. Within a few months of ‘meditating’ i’d defined many of these such ‘sensations’ AND had ‘philosophical/spiritual’ type ‘explanations’ (ehh!!) for them AND knew how to ‘navigate’ them.

        It’s ‘funny’ because at the time I was thinking of these ‘DDS’s’ as being ‘TESTS!!’. It didn’t seem to me that there was some ‘being’ there who was actually ‘testing’ me, but more as if these ‘tests’ were IN-BUILT to our reality.. I thought of these as a ‘very practical’ way of asking “Do you REALLY want to do this??” .. AND .. “Are you ready/able to ‘handle’ these experiences??”.

        I was also involved with a few ‘spiritual’ type communities online and in discussing meditation with others I came to realize that these people were experiencing the same ‘sensations’ as I was .. SO I started to (very casually) ‘instruct’ a few people ‘in private’ using what i’d learnt..

        So.. all of the above ‘might’ be pointing again to me being involved with designing/testing different ‘management’ effects..


        I’m sure you’ve noticed that when I do many of the ‘exercises’ on this site my ‘focus’ seems to be on my ‘feelings’ and of the different ‘sensations’ and ‘energy shifts’ that i’m experiencing.. where-as many others seem to be getting ‘actual’ information..

        Well.. i’m ‘very slowly’ starting to figure out what some of these ‘sensations’ ARE and ‘what’ they’re doing..

        One example – I have perceived ‘something’ which activates when using statements of intent/the exercises on this site. It’s at/very slightly above my hairline, in the middle. It ‘activates’ and then feels as if it’s ‘pulsating’ down and inward to my forehead/the front area of the top half of my head.

        I’ve started to realize that this specific ‘sensation’ is accompanied by ‘MIND BLANKING’ effects within the area where the ‘pulsating’ is active. It’s attempting to ‘block’ my ability to ‘think/perceive’ AND it’s trying to ‘blank’ my memories of what i’ve already perceived..

        This is again quite ‘funny’ – I quite often don’t leave comments because it seems as if i’m not experiencing anything ‘significant’ .. BUT .. what if i’m experiencing what i’m experiencing BECAUSE it’s what i’m ‘scripted’ as doing as part of my work on the EAAS project.. this brings a completely different ‘dimension’ to my perspective and is very interesting..

        That’s enough for now..



        • Clive
          January 30, 2016 @ 10:26 am

          Good Trent keep in mind that the ‘sim’ software doesn’t want anyone in the sim that was working on itself figuring out what they were doing. AND as your EAAS job was making this ‘don’t allow anyone to figure anything out’ happen then it would be making a big effort to keep you personally as far away from these experiences and or of interpreting them correctly as possible.

          The person you are simulating will have spent a LOT of time in test VR’s engaging with people / people’s management ‘bubbles’ to analyse and check out that it’s all working efficiently . . . AND you should be aware that these experiences have all been converted here into ‘meditation’ experiences. In other words your original form won’t have meditated at all (this is ALSO why you’re being managed to be distracted in the meditations – so you’d not get enough ‘steady’ detail to connect to and them become aware of your EAAS work experience ‘directly’). Your advice to other ‘mediators’ represents the person you are simulating advising other EAAS people working in the same ‘management bubble’ department of how to check out if ‘managing bubbles’ are working properly / efficiently for those your co-workers were designing them for and also themselves testing in VR’s. You could even think of your ‘meditation’ translation angle as also being implemented by a ‘managing bubble’ and designed by someone in the ‘bubble management’ department you worked in – recursive thinking is useful!!! Haha

          I’d also be suspicious of your philosophical approach / bent too as this is another sim software ‘translation conversion’ away from the original ‘management bubble’ department technical explanations / details into something way more vague and ‘ethereal’ i.e. as far away from ‘managing bubbles’ and EAAS project details as possible.

          I think the next exercise I put up will be to target EAAS project work and experiences directly . . . that’ll panic the software, while helping to better ‘resolve’ individuals ‘managing bubbles’ while also giving us more direct detail of EAAS project departments in comments.

          Win, win and win for us . . . haha

  11. Trent
    January 30, 2016 @ 3:56 pm

    I wrote: “I started to feel/perceive a variety/combination of different ‘management effects’ ” BUT I now see that my ‘perceptions’ at the time were themselves ‘subject’ to DDS / Management.

    So I was becoming aware OF those things BUT I wasn’t becoming aware of what they were specifically and ‘ACTUALLY’ DOING!!

    This is another ‘anomaly’ that I should’ve noticed.

    Layers upon layers of management.


  12. Dani
    February 11, 2018 @ 2:50 pm

    I noticed that I was getting distracted from writing a comment about this until I noticed I was getting distracted so am taking notes on my thoughts about this page as I think them so pardon the awful grammar. Reading through the page the first time felt easy peasy, until I did it a second time… and noticed how much I missed the first time round. Started to read it a third time was interrupted by numerous little annoyances. Have noticed that I keep skipping a lot of different articles on the site. Decided that I am going to write down which ones I notice skipping and go back to them. Reading through the questions about how much I am being controlled and managed, at first response “no I have always considered myself to have an open mind when it comes to others ideas and beliefs so I can’t be manipulated into avoiding something that might be contradictory.” Second response, “I am an angel channel who only allows beings of “light and love” to come in to my consciousness! No Way would they attempt to manage ME or the control the information I receive and understand! That’s just crazy talk!” Um yeah ok… I see it now… Past “Christian” indoctrination float through my head, making me vaguely afraid of upsetting God and getting sent straight to Hell. Currently, boyfriend woke up and started a conversation with me about having a purpose to distract me from being able to read what I am reading (LOL). Feeling like “I have already read that so I can just skim through”, urge to move onto a different page, distracted by the titles of articles in the yellow menu box on the right of the screen, Facebook and email up and calling me to check both. So 4 times through the page and I just noticed that the description box says “5 of 26” pages not 2 of 26 like I originally “saw”. “Mandela Effect”? Anyway, the above is what I noticed on 4 passes through the page. I have both bookmarked as suggested and will come back to this in a day or so and see what the difference is.


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