Insights into Group Dynamics & Members Thinking Management Effects

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"Rivalry, Competition and Egotism Between all Group types. How group members beliefs, ideas, ideals & loyalties are managed by hidden subtle means preventing open evaluations & engagement of different conceptual frameworks, ideas & possibilities while limiting openness, change, freewill & diversity. Includes Self Exploration, Inner Awareness Exercises & Examples."

On the Spiritual Mission sabotages pages (this page HERE and the one that follows) I mention a client Matt whom had loads of past life connections to groups that were both sabotaging him AND binding him to their past truths, beliefs, ideals and so on.

Personal Insights into the Effects of Group Dynamics & Members Thinking being Managed

In writing this group article series that you are reading now and making it VERY clear how groups manage their members Matt left a few comments about how his experience of becoming aware of these areas directly had changed over the time he’d been working with me.

Matt has been gradually getting rid of the subtle energetic garbage used by past groups. He’s been getting rid of what has been acting to keep him bound to their beliefs, ideas, truths and understandings while also acting to prevent him from taking in, understanding and appreciating anything beyond these.

I’m presenting Matt’s comments of his experiences here because it ‘might’ give some of you deeper insight into what I’m trying to explain by giving you someone else’s direct experiences of shifting from ‘not able to easily think about or engage with what I’m presenting’ to something much more definite over a two-year period.

Here are Matt’s comments (slightly edited with some ‘added’ context and some ‘titles’);

‘Nowhere to go but sideways’ is really hitting home (from two pages back).

Observations of Seriously Well Managed Group Thinking & Belief Effects

I notice this with my cousin that Christianity is one of the strongest and most obvious this way. There are ENDLESS debates on theology and EVEN despite him being seriously disappointed by this religion many times the only way to ‘disagree’ is to go laterally. He has ‘left’ a few churches including one after a minister was SERIOUSLY not right with him and others. His leaving is correlated with the ‘indiscretions’ that you wrote about for ‘sabotage the most dearly / closely held values’ line.

BUT even after leaving he can only conceive of things in terms of Christianity and it’s all a debate in theology, as if the entire scope of understanding of ALL paths is now a debate in theological terms.

Group Members unable to Think Beyond particular conceptual boundaries

This is actually not different at all to the feeling I’ve had when talking to my mom and discerning that things are being ‘translated’ into lightwork/new age terms.

So you can tell when you are talking to others in very real terms just how little choice they have and even when you are not reactive or ‘against’ this but just noticing it you perceive that it must be or can only be exactly as you are writing here or else people would at least have some space to think or move in a new direction.

In my mom’s case she comes from a religious background and has now moved into a very narrow and restricted lightwork/new age space.

Loss of Conceptual Choice & Ability to Collate Information

So this is really putting it all together for me. One of the most common things I have felt throughout my (earlier) time working with WSW is that EVEN when I conceptually understood something I often relegated it to only apply in a limited context or scope. So it’s all fine if you can spot contradictions in small areas BUT if you are never able to apply them and collate the information with a very wide base then people won’t be able to get what you are saying here.

It feels to me that reading this type of information is so overwhelming that the vast majority just cannot take it in at this point even though you are presenting it very simply. At least it feels that way now.

I remember earlier on thinking ‘man he writes so complexly’ or this stuff is so ‘esoteric’ but now it is very plain and obvious. I will be interested to see what we get as public responses.

Concepts & Conceptual Understandings Kept Contained and Limited

The below seems to describe pretty well the progression of ‘awareness’ that you would go through when trying to figure this out for yourself. And I think these pages are starting to cover this and in a systematic way pointing out why and how we can get to be this way. Particularly (in this series) with respect to each ‘group’ specialist being very versed in their ‘domain’ but without a larger context it’s just a (limited) domain like any other.

1. Most people coming here will probably be subjected to instant put-offs and have filtered out almost everything.
2. What you DO hold on to will be internally edited into a very narrow context and will most likely not percolate out to form larger more solid understandings.
3. IF you do somehow manage to hold on to this information then what you find is that it is easily ‘forgotten’ or later ‘disconnected’ from being able to be ‘used’ practically and seen or integrated into real life.
4. Finally you get to the point where (particularly after clearing all the managing energetic crap) you start to see how much we really are messed with because when nothing is stopping you (from seeing it and being aware of it) it’s actually VERY consistent and obvious at all levels. ‘Obvious’ is something you write here a lot BUT it doesn’t become obvious without tons of clearing as well as re-reading and sifting through all your presented understandings for a good while.

Then a few months after initially writing the above of these pages Matt wrote this below;

I am starting to have emotional and gut-level reactions and am able to link these with frustrations with particularly aspects of my own life.

I don’t remember coming away from these pages before with these reactions. It was more of an ‘oh I understand the concept / what drives all of this’ but not in the particular way that I could spot where I’m at now in my life / life paths and the groups I was involved with.

So it seems like that’s another step in the right direction cause it feels very real. What you are saying here isn’t really ‘theoretical’ it just sounds that way because first it’s so off the wall and secondly there’s so much sabotaging it.

But it captures exactly how it feels when you are involved in things, and how hard it is to leave and how much tensions or drama or trauma there is when you try to go another way.

For an understanding of the history of the presentation of scary pages type information and why I deliberately write ‘provocatively’ on this website then read the next page . . .