Group Guides Always DO what they Always DID

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"Rivalry, Competition and Egotism Between all Group types. How group members beliefs, ideas, ideals & loyalties are managed by hidden subtle means preventing open evaluations & engagement of different conceptual frameworks, ideas & possibilities while limiting openness, change, freewill & diversity. Includes Self Exploration, Inner Awareness Exercises & Examples."

How do the paths you’ve been involved with in past lives affect the quality of response when you ask for help in this one? How the beliefs of each path always determine how the guides of that path will help you. That ‘spirit’ help will be providing help that is often amazingly out of context both with regards your current life situation never mind your current life choices and decisions. That not only will ‘help’ perhaps be helping you in severely inappropriate ways but in extreme cases may do things to deliberately cause you suffering or punishment and once again real life examples to illustrate these areas . . . .

Spirit Guides will HELP you in alignment with their Beliefs, Ideals and Understandings

How many healing system, therapies or spiritual paths have ‘you’, yes YOU reading this been involved with in past lives? Any Ideas?

Or even better . . . . . do you know which ones?

It would be VERY helpful for YOU reading this to actually know because then this might make you aware of WHY the help you are asking for results at times in things that are probably not exactly what you would want or even expect . . . . .

Tales of ‘Un-Helpful’ Spirit Guides . . . .

Maybe (for example) you’re in lots of negative energies and have bizarrely as a result of asking for help with this found yourself eating lot’s of cucumbers? Which would be FRIGHTFULLY logical if you’d spent time as a follower of a ‘gnostic’ type sect called the Manicees whom considered that eating certain fruits and vegetables would ‘free the light’ and hence dispel the darkness. As this was the ‘State’ Religion of a certain area for 700 years then it’s not as unlikely as you’d think that you may have been part of this . . . . . would that be the sort of ‘helpful’ response you’d expect to deal with acute negativity? . . . . . to find yourself eating a ton of cucumbers?

We only found this out because I have a client whom is a cucumber negativity ‘specialist’, whom we then traced back to this past ‘Manicees’ time.

The following pages give some of my experiences of dealing with spirit guides that are part of myself or my clients past group and path affiliations whom we found turning up and often helping ourselves in completely out of context ways with respect to our current life circumstances.

Buddhist Guides Helping in Out of Context Ways

The page describes some Buddhist help that just won’t break vows and ties even though Buddhist guides are still continuously sabotaging important aspects of my client’s life particularly with regards relationships.

Enlightenment Path Spirit Guide Life Sabotages

How some guides from an enlightenment path were helping myself in completely out of context with regards current and very important life choices. They were completely sabotaging my current choices by only helping me in ways appropriate to an enlightenment path. They were disengaging me from life and trying to help me not be involved with material ‘things’ . . . strangely enough while designing, supervising and building a house.

Being released from the Wheel of Karma? Or NOT?

The same unenlightened guides ALSO had me becoming aware of how many times in different lifetimes I’d achieved enlightenment (yet again) before it sank in that the ‘enlightenment’ state itself DIDN’T SEEM TO BE SINKING IN?

Spirit Guides Decide Suffering is Good for YOU?

What happens if you have guides from a past path whose beliefs state that suffering is good for you or that you should be punished for your wrongs? What happens if since leaving this path you’re no longer living your life by that past’s beliefs and edicts AND shock horror are actually NOW living in ways that don’t correspond to that paths beliefs, edicts or ideals? Well, what happens is that you get punished and are made to suffer.