Healing Group e-mail Newsletter Rivalry Sabotage

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"Rivalry, Competition and Egotism Between all Group types. How group members beliefs, ideas, ideals & loyalties are managed by hidden subtle means preventing open evaluations & engagement of different conceptual frameworks, ideas & possibilities while limiting openness, change, freewill & diversity. Includes Self Exploration, Inner Awareness Exercises & Examples."

Some of my clients get e-mail newsletters from spiritual, lightwork, new age or healing web sites.

One client got a newsletter explaining details about the working of a particular quantum healing system which was supporting and describing about being in the now, manifesting, not having negative thoughts and so on . . . the usual ‘light / be positive / avoid the negative’ crap

Within the newsletter it stated ‘as a fact’ that a thought held for more than X seconds would actually and REALLY manifest itself.

E-Mail arrives with Unexpected Subtle Energetic Attachments

Strangely enough JUST READING THIS somehow triggered my client into entering into some very strong mind loops.

This client now very convinced that the herd of ‘negative thoughts’ stampeding around his head were there because he’d thought about these thoughts for more than X seconds sent me this newsletter to see what I’d make of it . . .

Being a suspicious type what I did as a start (even before risking reading the newsletter itself) was to actually check out the newsletter for any subtle energetic attachments and influences that might have come with it, that might be passed onto anyone that reads it.

Beyond E-mail Spam; Spells & Subtle Energetic Viruses & Trojans

Yes, there were a number of subtle energetic attachments;

  1. There was a spell.
  2. There were two subtle energetic devices (aka implants) delivered with the newsletter.
  3. There were three sets of energies being beamed from a distance that would act on anyone whom received this e-mail.

At first I thought this might have been sent by this ‘path’ to get clients BUT this was not the case.

It turned out that the energetic attachments had been done by others intent on sabotaging those that had sent out the newsletter by putting people into mind loops and probably by doing other things in such a way that the newsletter people would have trouble using their ‘tools’ to deal with these effects.

Subtle Energetic E-mail Sabotages done by Rival Healing or Therapy Group

Further checks identified that these energy attachments were put there by people supporting other energy systems whom were against the ‘way’ of those sending out this newsletter.

Subtle energetic sabotages of this nature are actually NOT uncommon. It’s also likely that even if someone was to write to you saying that your newsletter triggered something that caused dreadful or debilitating effects then you would probably not even think about such possibilities never mind check for them. Most would probably think that anyone complaining of debilitating effects delivered by e-mail would be of someone trying to discredit them. You’d probably NOT EVER even imagine that some other ‘nice’ lightworker, therapy or healer types or even their spirit guides would ever do anything to harm your spiritual or healing work?

A good wheeze is to have someone’s newsletter ‘enhanced’ with subtle energetic attachments that attract people with no money and push those with money away. These types of subtle energetic ‘messing’ are quite common for web sites too particularly those that are asking for donations. Although some web sites I’ve checked actually have subtle energetic support acting to strongly persuade people to give money.

Subtle Energetic Actions done with ‘Bad Intent’ are Kept Well Hidden

As the beamed energies, spell and implants that came with the newsletter were ‘covert’ then they’d be VERY difficult to detect never mind that they are also ‘Of The Light’ or even disguised as such then the chances of anyone picking them up are close to zero.

Are YOU checking your web site or newsletter for ‘invisible’ additions and attachments?

Getting rid of this newsletter’s energetic ‘gifts’ returned my client to a clear head space.

Being brainwashed down the ‘We are all in this together’ isn’t conductive to even thinking in these ways is it? Never mind accepting what I write here . . . .

If you have read the section on blocked soul missions that describes how many people are sabotaged by spirit beings from paths they have either left OR paths that their current group is now in competition with then you might appreciate that there are many ramifications of this as I describe here.