Spirit Guides Decide Suffering is Good for YOU?

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Would you ever imagine that if you asked for ‘spirit’ help that this help would result in you being made to suffer, that this would be your guides ‘great’ idea of being helpfully ‘helpful’ to you?

Would you reading this EVER seriously expect your guides to deliberately cause you severe problems and deliberate suffering specifically as an ‘act’ to ‘lovingly’ help you?


What about the times that spirit guides and associated spirit help are working with you because of your involvement with some path from a past life that had a ‘Suffering is good for you’ theme?

If some ‘path’ was actually crazy enough to say and promote this as part of it’s ‘ethos’ then would that paths spirit help stay congruent to that path’s ‘beliefs’ and cause you suffering as a means to ‘help’ yourself or would they figure out that you’re no longer living by their paths ways, ideals, laws or edicts and adjust how they help accordingly?

What do you think?

Suffering is GOOD for you? . . . at least some Spirit Guides might think so

Any ideas what some spirit help beings might actually ‘helpfully’ do when they are part of a path that says that ‘suffering’ is good for you and that they have the right to ‘punish’ those whom don’t adhere to their paths ways, ideals, laws or edicts?

What if you were to do something that was against what this path considered correct in particular circumstances? Like having sex with someone else’s partner or even before being married? Perhaps in this context such helpful ‘help’ might help by making you feel ‘guilt’ ridden . . . or worse . . . do what they can to stop such a deplorable act from even having a chance of happening.

Might they do that?

It is the direct experience of some of my clients to find that debilitating circumstances and negative interactions are the direct result of spirit ‘helpfully’ punishing them for doing things that violate their paths rules, ways, ideals, laws or edicts.

Spirit Help Punishments and Loving of Acts ‘helpful’ Suffering

One client was prevented from meeting her relationship partner when he came to visit when she was living in another country . . . this was spectacularly engineered . . .

She went to the airport to meet him when he came to visit her but he did not appear . . . . . there was even no record of his name on the flight register (made to disappear – which I’d imagine is ‘impossible’) and although he had actually arrived they’d been made to miss each other.

This was his first time in the new country and it took 2 days for them to find the means to connect with each other, particularly as her phone was made to not work during this time too . . .

This was ‘probably’ because they were ‘not’ actually married, they WERE actually very devoted and exclusive to each other BUT this past ‘paths’ brainwashing about what was right and wrong etc obviously hadn’t quite caught up with current realities . . . yet again . . .

They were in effect put through a few days of suffering ‘hell’ because of the actions of past guides.

The same client was also prevented from making money selling her jewellery at art festivals. She found that people were kept away from herself as she tried to make sales, when explaining things to others they were made to not understand and she seemed to be invisible in festivals even when she had an amazingly good stall space . . .

This was also happening partly because her past guides were helpfully helping her to hold to a ‘poverty’ vow made so long ago in the distant past that it wasn’t even made in the current life. The minor ‘fact’ that in the current life ‘money’ was actually a necessary and important part of this persons life (she’s not being a nun living in a monastery in this life) her guides were amazingly doing their very VERY best to keep her as poor as possible.

Fantastic Eh!!

Is that what you’d imagine should happen when spirit help are helping?

This was ‘help’ from a path she’d not had anything to do with for many lifetimes yet they seriously £**#ed up many aspects of her life over weeks and months as we dealt with many different factions of this path and broke their connections to her . . .

It can take some extended effort to STOP spirit guides and help from paths, groups, ways, ideologies and so on that you’ve had nothing to do with for lifetimes or even 100’s of lifetimes in some cases.