How to Gain Spiritual Insights & Intuitive Wisdom

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"Rivalry, Competition and Egotism Between all Group types. How group members beliefs, ideas, ideals & loyalties are managed by hidden subtle means preventing open evaluations & engagement of different conceptual frameworks, ideas & possibilities while limiting openness, change, freewill & diversity. Includes Self Exploration, Inner Awareness Exercises & Examples."

10 years ago I had a lot of experience of what I’m writing about in this scary section here BUT;

Suppression of ‘Interesting’ Information is Common & Effective

  • It was EXTREMELY difficult to even think about it (As I describe in this series HERE).
  • It was almost impossible to think about in a deeper or larger sense (I give an extreme example of this HERE).
  • With the outcome that what I initially wrote about these areas was very surface and distracted.
  • People were not allowed to take in or be impacted by what I was writing (As I describe HERE).

After identifying and clearing LOTS for many years I could eventually write something much more coherent and understandable in early 2008 (this was presented on a private website).

My History of Scary Information Presentations . . .

I initially thought this was about publicly presenting the information but it wasn’t. It was actually about identifying and learning how to deal with what turned up to try and make sure it was never presented and never read. It took about three years to deal with all the different types of energetic crap that ‘manifested’ to ‘kill’ these private presentations.

At the end of 2010 I started writing the scary pages here and this is for two reasons;

How to Achieve Deeper Spiritual Insights ALL THE TIME . . .

Firstly the scary pages have been about VERY pointedly and provocatively writing about exactly what is going on publicly as this causes people’s guides, groups, the Spiritual Hierarchy, Elohim factions and so on to have the biggest fits and reactions and have them jump in to carry out actions against myself more quickly. I then get to be gifted with exactly what I want which is attacks and attempted shut downs. So all I need to do is sit and identify all of the useless beings and energetic mess that magically manifests and then instigate means to get rid of it all while also finding out who’s responsible for each thing too.

Which all adds up to me learning even more at a faster rate.

Basically I WANT positive and enthusiastic new age, lightworker, spiritual types to come here and for them and their spirit associates and guides to have fits and reactions about what I present.

Maybe YOU have similar Suppressive Experiences?

Secondly it is to give ‘real’ people (maybe like yourself) a chance to read about this too because;

  1. I had NOTHING as a guide to help me understand the context of what I was experiencing. I had NOTHING to give me any understanding of why legions of useless ‘light’ beings were going to so much effort to prevent me from investigating and deeply understanding and eventually RESOLVING my debilitating personal issues (As described in this series HERE and later HERE). So, some of you coming here will realize you’re not only NOT crazy but are actually being ‘Divinely Gifted’ with experiencing the same shit as myself because some fear ridden so-called Divine beings are terrified you might uncover what they want kept hidden.
  2. Then because we cannot have people REALLY starting to understand what is really going on then even more useless energetic beings start having fits and take actions to try and make it difficult for YOU to read this page never mind even trying to stop you reaching this site. Which has me doing the same as I do above; I identify and come up with means to deal with it all. Hence it gets easier and easier for people to read and take in what I present here to a point where I have an unbelievable number of people signed up for the newsletter. At least unbelievable to myself.

So, it’s all going quite well really. I learn even more than I already do all the time and there are even a few people starting to catch on to some of what is really going on as well.

How to Gain Spiritual Insights & Intuitive Wisdom

GREAT . . . So,

When are YOU reading this going to START really reading these pages?

Anytime soon?

OR . . . .


You’re NOT still waiting for the ‘fabled’ Ascension bus?

are you?


Oooops . . . sorry . . . got carried away with the old ‘provocative’ writing again . . .

The Zen approach to Increasing your understandings of Spiritual Realities and All That ‘Really’ IS . . .

Tell you what!!

If you’re not happy with what I write on this website here then how about you call in all your spirit guides and all those supposed Divine and Spiritual beings, Ascended Masters plus all the Elohim lot (and any others you can think of) and tell them loudly or maybe even shout or better still, get a loudhailer from somewhere (example HERE) and do everything you can to REALLY make them aware that they all need to do something about this atrocious web site that is presenting dreadfully accurate and true things about themselves.

Tell them that if you spend time here you can feel your light body collapsing, your chakras spinning backwards and your subtle DNA strands unraveling as you try and avoid being impacted by what is presented. We’ve even had reports that some people have crashed there Merkabah vehicle while browsing this site.

So, make sure that they know it’s a;


. . . that this is a dangerous site and that they REALLY need to do something about what’s presented here;

As Quickly as Possible . . .

Then DON’T forget to warn all your ‘light’ mates to absolutely NOT under ANY circumstances come here either and make sure you get them to tell all of their spirit guides about this amazingly horrifying site too.

If you can do any of that then that would be jolly fantastic and really REALLY helpful, because I’d really appreciate having more useless suppressive beings with their second-hand subtle energetic junk turning up as it’s been getting a bit boring recently . . . I’m beginning to think there’s not much left . . . attacks are getting so thin on the ground I can deal with them blind fold . . . even with one arm tied behind my tea-pot . . .

The Outraged, Spluttering fit route to Achieving Surreal Satirical Enlightenment . . .

So, do us all a favor and seriously consider donating any apoplectic fits, outrage and reactions you’ve saved to use on a rainy day to this website . . . we’d feel very spiritually deprived and enblightened if you didn’t . . .

It’s all for a good cause . . . and as we only spend about 5% on administrative costs then we can guarantee that your fits and outrage will be put to the greatest spiritual use . . . well beyond what most enblightened people can even imagine . . . your donations so far allow us to offer a very diverse spiritual aid and support portfolio . . . for example we organize counseling for Zen Masters unable to achieve advanced states of sustained outrage which you might find useful if you’re finding yourself holding back here . . . and our greatest success is in the rehabilitation of people suffering from chronic ingrown enblightenment a condition that has been on the increase in recent years and which hardly anyone knows about particularly those that it’s most impacting . . . we are also the very first to offer basic spelling courses to the Spiritual Hierarchy (and their sidekicks) in attempts to have them at the very least present things to new age and lightworker types accurately . . . for example they continually use the word ‘enlightenment’ when what they are actually promoting and successfully achieving is ‘enblightenment’ . . . unfortunately even though we’ve stuck glittery multidimensional flyers on all lamp posts on all corners of all dimensions of reality everywhere we’ve not yet had anyone registering . . . we can only hypothesize that this is either due to their ability to read being somewhat on par with their ability to spell OR perhaps they are aware of the negative consequences of being in ‘too much of the light’ that they recommend is good for everyone else . . . that’s Divine ‘Light’ Masters for you eh!!! . . . perhaps we should try posting darkened flyers in dark dead-end blind alleys? Perhaps we’d have more success then?

Merkaba Vehicle Mechanics Services Guide

IMPORTANT; Please NOTE – If you have crashed your Merkabah vehicle while browsing this website then you can find Merkaba mechanics HERE . . . and for more information of the suppressed risks associated with Merkaba Vehicle driving then read this page HERE.