Group Internal Factions Divisions Splitting Causes

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"Rivalry, Competition and Egotism Between all Group types. How group members beliefs, ideas, ideals & loyalties are managed by hidden subtle means preventing open evaluations & engagement of different conceptual frameworks, ideas & possibilities while limiting openness, change, freewill & diversity. Includes Self Exploration, Inner Awareness Exercises & Examples."

As described on the earlier pages in this section the extremes groups go to, to bind and ‘manage’ their members to their group results in members exhibiting a severe lack of openness to others ‘points of view’ and ‘other’ possibilities.

In effect many ‘members’ of many groups end up being MADE seriously bound to a ‘fixed, defined and immutable’ set of beliefs, truths, ideas, understandings, practices, rituals, rules, laws, ideology and so on.

Becoming Completely Bound to a Group’s Specific Beliefs, Truths, Ideas and so on

The longer someone is an active part of a group, the more they ‘progress’, the more involved they become then the worse the accumulation of bindings effects becomes. They can expect to become completely locked into that particular group’s beliefs, truths and so on.

Such subtle energetic binding efforts in many cases completely prevents people from even vaguely considering anything beyond what they are already involved with.

It will be very obvious that the more strongly this is done then the less chance members have if EVER being able to leave that group. This is why it is evidently difficult particularly for someone whom has had a long term involvement to freely move from one ideology, religion, spiritual path, healing system or ‘whatever’ and involve themselves with something else.

The ‘Nowhere to GO’ except sideways Syndrome

Being unable to leave a group leaves only one possible option in terms of making a ‘change’.

If you have so much binding you such that you are made to wholly believe the group’s ideas, understandings, practices, rituals, rules, laws, ideology as being ‘the one’ then in these circumstances the only variation possible is with regards the interpretation of the groups ideas, understandings, truths, rules, laws and ideologies and so on. This is why some groups and particularly larger ones can end up splitting and fractionating as different members come to hold strongly to a different interpretation that still lies within the overall ‘accepted’ ideas, understandings, truths, rules, laws and ideology of what they are bound to.

Causes of a Groups Internal Factions, Divisions, Cliques, Splitting & Splintering

It’s very strong subtle energetic means used to bind and hold people to a group that is actually responsible for some groups splitting and ending up with different sub factions with each adamantly convinced that their own amazing ‘super’ variation which separates them from the original and or each other is more valid or correct or better or truer than the others.

This is what happens when people are very strongly bound to some ‘way’ by subtle energetic means such that there is no ‘external’ escape route.

Hidden, Inner Competition & Rivalry Between Group Factions is Very Intense

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. . . on the other hand if you’re in a group BUT are not completely ball and chained to it such that you do manage to leave then are there any pit falls to doing this? To find out what sort of problems ‘some’ can experience because they do leave ‘some’ groups then read the next page . . .