Exercising the Free Will Freedom of Choice Illusion

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"Rivalry, Competition and Egotism Between all Group types. How group members beliefs, ideas, ideals & loyalties are managed by hidden subtle means preventing open evaluations & engagement of different conceptual frameworks, ideas & possibilities while limiting openness, change, freewill & diversity. Includes Self Exploration, Inner Awareness Exercises & Examples."

What happens if you’ve strong past group associations BUT then attempt to get involved with something that is either ‘competing’ or worse is actually stating opposing things with respect to the beliefs or basic assumptions of your past group?

In these circumstances how are your past associations and in particular the spirit guides from these past groups going to react to any current so-called;

‘Free Will ‘Open’ Choice’?

Let’s make this extreme.

Let’s say that you go completely stark raving bonkers and actually consider working with me? That is; you would be choosing to do something that has almost completely different beliefs, ideas, understandings compared to what you have been involved with in the past . . .

How might Past Group Involvements Impact current attempts to Exercise freewill choices?

What are any past ‘generic’ spirit guides going to do in these circumstances?

How are they going to react to this?

Well, what they are going to do for the most part is have ‘fits’ and heart attacks.

So, even if you actually sit down and call all your current guides in and explain as in;

“Yep this is a crazy guy taking a crazy line (at least compared to what I’ve done already) . . . but . . . I DO want to give it a try . . . “

The actual chances of them accepting your choice will be somewhat equal to the sun not rising tomorrow. That is to say almost NO chance.

How likely is it that established Spirit Guides will let you do something VERY Different?

Most will quite simply assume you have flipped, gone mad, lost it or have completely ‘lost your way’ and they will do all sorts of ‘whatever is necessary’ things to get you back on track BUT only in their terms.

You can imagine that the guides of some paths whom have been working with you for say 50 lifetimes would be rather peeved to have you leave their charge and get involved with something that’s ‘obviously’ crazy as it would be completely against their understandings and what they believe in. In situations like this just forget freewill as it’s another spiritual fantasy.

You could say that they will often believe you mentally incompetent because of your obvious ‘crazy’ new choice and so this will more than justify them ignoring your so-called freewill choice.

Fantastic eh!!!

Would your Free Will Choice as a guide to others be to deny them theirs?

Let me put this another way . . .

Have a think about this;

If you had been a guide to someone for say 10 lifetimes and you held them as a comrade or even maybe as a friend. If you had been doing all you could to help them for 10 whole LIFETIMES with respect your paths amazing (but very specific) beliefs, ideas, truths, ideals and so on. How would you react if they not only;

>> LEFT <<

But then they chose to get involved with ‘something’ that is obviously to YOU from the beliefs, truth, ideas, understandings and ideals that you’ve been;


Is Obviously . . .

Completely CRAZY and totally WRONG

. . . and ever worse is saying lots of things that are actually more than vaguely disrespectful with respect to your own paths beliefs and so on . . . then . . . what would you do?

How easy would it be for you to respect their new choice?

Would you support them to make this move . . . OR . . . would it be more likely that after 10 lifetimes of being dedicated in helping someone in specific ways while holding to particular assumptions and beliefs that you’d feel more than a little tempted to ‘help’ them to get back to your own really ‘REAL’ beliefs and truths and assumptions or ‘whatever’ because you’re a good friend and you certainly don’t want them to become lost . . .

Do we really have free will, freedom of choice?

Hardly any. The bias is that it’s very likely that we are unable to escape from doing again what we have always already done.

What I describe here is common for ANYONE trying to make a movement beyond what they have done for any significant length of time in their past (no matter how distant). The longer your association with ‘something’ has been then the harder it is for them to openly ALLOW you to leave or get involved with something else.

For examples of subtle ‘spirit’ actions taken against my clients because they left a group read this page HERE.

The illusions of Free Will and the Hidden Sabotages of real Choices

Even worse, if you dare get seriously involved in something else then past groups will take actions to sabotage this involvement and these sabotages will get worse the more involved you become (for examples of this read this page HERE).

So, keep what I write on this page in mind as you read the next few pages . . .