Egotistical Groups Degrade Spiritual Aspirations

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"Rivalry, Competition and Egotism Between all Group types. How group members beliefs, ideas, ideals & loyalties are managed by hidden subtle means preventing open evaluations & engagement of different conceptual frameworks, ideas & possibilities while limiting openness, change, freewill & diversity. Includes Self Exploration, Inner Awareness Exercises & Examples."

The attitude of some individual spiritual groups with regards subtle energy domains are having a detrimental impact on all of us which are over time sabotaging, degrading and limiting our awareness, sensitivities and understandings.

Actions of Egotistical Groups Degrade Spiritual Aspirations

These are paths and ways that see themselves as the guardians of sacred knowledge or the caretakers of some deep esoteric wisdom or they are the exclusive key holders of some spiritual state or level of awareness. They see themselves as the ‘ones’ or the ‘guardians’ or ‘caretakers’.

At the present time we have identified about 50 different paths and groups whom hold to such strong ‘this is our sacred ‘grass’ aka; practice, realm, domain, type of enlightenment, spiritual secret and or attitude’ that they too are spewing out subtle energies and or are using other subtle energetic means to keep secure their particular patch of ‘sacred grass’. For example;

Freemasons Secret Esoteric Knowledge

The free masons have the attitude that certain esoteric knowledge should not be made available to the rest of the population . . . .

Exclusive Entity Release Exorcism Rights?

I made the mistake of talking openly to a priest once about entity release methods to find I was talking to someone whom had been trained by the Vatican to do exorcisms and this guy was absolutely beside himself that a non priest (or whatever) was doing the same. His attitude was that ONLY ‘he’ and his brethren should be doing this. You could tell that if we had this conversation a few hundred years ago I would have been in serious trouble . . . as in . . . hot pokers stuck in sensitive places type of trouble. They really don’t want to encourage people outside of certain niches from engaging with the ‘beyond’ as apparently it’s all demons except perhaps for Angels . . . apparently!!! Bit of an obvious contradiction there don’t you think . . . . ?

The TRULY ‘Spiritual’ Spiritual Masters

Some that see themselves as TRUE ’spiritual masters’ are getting a little apoplectic that some are ’spiritually’ advising others through PSYCHIC READINGS as say the spiritual equivalent of the ‘Sun’ (a UK Tabloid) newspaper . . .

Covetous Group Actions are the Cause of Sabotaged Spiritual Aspirations

It does not take a genius to figure out that irrespective of what effect this has on the general population it also means that each of the particular paths and groups originating these energies to prevent others from discovering or having access to ‘something’ all now have 49 sets of suppressive subtle energies acting on THEMSELVES that originate from each other.

The outcome being that each group is made to become more and more barricaded into their own little niche of sacred and spiritual secretiveness with shrinking possibilities of ever gaining alternate perspectives that would expand their knowledge and understandings way beyond their current coveted little cul-de-sac.

Hence they are all likely to remain blissfully unaware of how stupid all of their actions are for ALL OF US never mind themselves.

Shrinking Diversity of Spiritual Options, Knowledge and Possibilities

The outcome of this going on lifetime upon lifetime is that these groups and EVERYONE else are having their awareness abilities, subtle sensitivities and other attributes continuously eroded ALL THE TIME . . . as well as of being prevented from gaining broader knowledge or deeper so called ‘spiritual’ understandings.

In other words as for a lot of what I describe here the outcome of covetousness and egotism has us experiencing a shrinking diversity of options, knowledge, awareness and understandings never mind of being limited in terms of finding or experiencing particular spiritual or awareness states.