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"Rivalry, Competition and Egotism Between all Group types. How group members beliefs, ideas, ideals & loyalties are managed by hidden subtle means preventing open evaluations & engagement of different conceptual frameworks, ideas & possibilities while limiting openness, change, freewill & diversity. Includes Self Exploration, Inner Awareness Exercises & Examples."

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The first two pages of this sub series comprehensively covered two different angles that are used by almost all groups to manage all of their members in terms of their member’s beliefs, truths and understandings as well as their loyalties.

On the Fly Mental Editing, Managed Understandings & Conceptual Translations

Overall the combination of both the fixed subtle energetic strategies and the mobile ones would contribute to people having problems or resistance to openly and coherently thinking beyond what they already hold to, they will find it difficult and in some cases impossible to even read what doesn’t already confirm what they already think they know never mind reading anything that ‘shock horror’ dares to actually contradict their favorite beliefs, truths or understandings. For example.


How much might the hidden subtle energetic means that is ‘managing’ yourself be responsible for preventing you from;

‘REALLY’ Engaging with and or Appreciating other points of view or different possibilities, never mind what is presented on this page NOW?

Outcome of Managed & Controlled Beliefs, Truths, Ideals and Understandings

How much are connections to past groups subtle energetic efforts responsible for the solid opposing stances often presented as comments on some blogs with almost no instances of any middle consideration, contemplation or open engagement WHAT SO EVER.

How Much?

How much might such past groups energetic crap actually be responsible for the following general attitudes;

I/We are RIGHT / We KNOW <> You are WRONG / Deluded / An IDIOT

Why are YOU here?

It wasn’t to have confirmed the beliefs, ideals and understandings that you’ve been made glued to by some past group or groups . . . was it?

Don’t tell me you are actually reading these pages ‘looking’ for some ‘specific’ information that tells you I’ve;


. . . are you? . . .

Why did YOU come here to read this website?

Here is something that might shock you!!!

This web site is NOT actually about confirming anyone’s actual current understandings. So if you’re here looking for comforting reassurance about ‘something’ then to be honest you might as well go somewhere else NOW because that’s not what this web site is about.

There is almost nothing;

Comforting or Reassuring Presented here . . .

Have you read enough to notice that I actually describe in DETAIL within various article series presented here why YOU yourself or in fact ANYONE reading anything here will probably find this the hardest web site on the entire planet to actually REALLY read and actually REALLY take in never mind of then attempting to understand what is presented.

How often on this page so far have you felt tempted to stop reading and disappear off to somewhere else?

Here is what I’ll absolutely 100% guarantee . . . I’ll absolutely 100% guarantee that what you’re NOT reading . . . or to put more accurately . . . what you are NOT BEING ALLOWED TO READ on this site particularly with regards pages that you’ve not finished will often turn out to be VASTLY more important that what you are actually being allowed to read.

Have a ‘think’ about this . . .

Anyone trying to present information that attempts to describe what is happening on a larger and more encompassing scale than anything presented by any mere ‘single’ group won’t actually end up presenting truths, beliefs or understandings that confirm what any one single group actually states, believes or understands.

Will IT?

How easy is it for you to actually OPENLY think about the VERY LIKELY possibility that you are being managed in a hidden way that actually strongly impacts or even in some cases directly controls what you will read and accept and what you will avoid or react against?

Are you able to openly consider this as a possibility?

How often have you started to read a page here that you are then made to abandon because some hidden subtle energetic past group crap is studiously only allowing you access to reading material it approves of?


How easy is it for your past group involvements to DICTATE to you what you’re actually allowed to REALLY read, never mind openly consider?

How easy is it for you to actually consider what I’m telling you here even as a possibility?





What is happening to you in this moment NOW?

What are you feeling NOW?

How much are you NOW feeling like stopping reading this page or disappearing somewhere else or perhaps you will find yourself being ‘magically’ interrupted to take your attention away from what is presented?

Advanced Self Awareness Exercise Feedback

Below are some comments made about this page after I re-wrote it to make it more direct about what I’m presenting here.

Matt; I ‘grinded’ my way through this and was able to understand it. I would say but it is like walking against a strong wind in a snowy blizzard with little visibility. I am also having to push so hard to continue ‘reading’ that much of the efforts of ‘thinking’ or making connections between things is LOST to forging ahead. It is like being in a mental and conceptual wind tunnel . . .

Nina; This is the first time I have serious trouble reading this page. Songs play in my head involuntarily. My mind goes blank. The more I focus on concentrating, the stronger the mental block becomes. I also feel scared at the idea of something not of me dictating what I can and can’t read or controlling the way I process the information.

Shirley; my observations of me when reading this . . . I developed a sharp piercing pain across the back of my eyes and I then started to hear this loud piercing noise in my ear. All other background noise became unbearably loud and distracted me. While I was reading this a visitor reached across my computer, so my sight to the computer screen was blocked and I was the interrupted while reading the article. I could not read the last few paragraphs properly because I wanted to write about what was happening to me before I got distracted; hmmmm. On finishing I am quite sleepy now (disengaged from what I just read).

Samuel; I found it very difficult to read indeed, good idea to set it up as an exercise, it becomes really clear and in-your-face. Even though I have read many pages with resistance before I could not imagine how concentrated you could make the resistance on this page. Its like Search Engine Optimization; Instead of mentioning keywords in texts which google picks up on and ranks your pages you use keywords and phrases to attract the most subtle energetic opposition . . . interference optimization.

Shirley (later); Clive writes; “Anyone trying to present information that attempts to describe what is happening on a much larger and more encompassing scale than anything presented by any mere ‘single’ group won’t actually end up presenting truths, beliefs or understandings that confirm what any one single group actually states.” . . . . “Profound” is a buzz word for many groups, you hear in their explanations about themselves that their teachings or understandings are “profound”. So I have read and reread this paragraph attempting to engage with what it is truly saying. I still can not say I can think to apply it all, which is strange, but at least I know that I don’t know (haha). When I think of other groups I have been involved in and other people’s groups, I thought about this aspect in my life of what Clive is saying . . . the real profundity is not about their group beliefs but that NO ONE is aware they are being MADE to think and believe that their path/way/religion is profoundly better and can not (easily) consider anything else.

What’s Your Experience of Taking in this Information?

So, what have YOU reading this become aware of so far in trying this self exploration, self awareness exercise?

Are you more aware NOW of the very real possibility that your thinking, beliefs, understandings and your ability to openly take in and openly evaluate information is being well ‘managed’?

What is your experience after reading these pages a FEW TIMES . . . ?

Please NOTE as apoplectic as some of you might be to what I’m presenting here. These few pages are about providing people with the opportunity to perhaps become aware of managed thinking and understanding manipulation effects while reading certain pages here. So, with this in mind I’d have to say that I’m very aware of variations of ‘management’ that will make every effort to prevent the effects that I’ve mentioned from happening as some of you read this page. So, comments given below that are not in the ‘spirit’ of the self exploration experiment will be deleted out of hand.

To make a comparison with a page that should be dead easy to read and understand then read the next page . . .

If you can relate to what I write here then leave a comment below . . .

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