Spiritual Gifts: ‘Burnt at the Stake’ Past Life Traumas

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Do you think you might have been someone whom in the past could have:
  • Spotted injustices or suppressions while taking a stand against these . . . or . . .
  • Become aware of the contradictions within what you’d been involved with or born into . . . or . . .
  • Become aware of a leaders crap attitudes or manipulations or their virtually none existent levels of integrity, ethics or honesty . . . or . . .
  • Felt compelled to speak out about or expose any of these . . .

Might the Spiritual Hierarchy have used your qualities and abilities to their advantage?

The Spiritual ‘Being Burnt at the Stake’ Past Life Experience

How about being gifted with an incarnation to have a life seriously involved with a particular religious group that are so keen on maintaining the ‘integrity’ of their ‘myths’ (rather than the integrity of themselves personally) that they’ve instigated some super interesting ‘blasphemy’ laws to keep people ‘right’. So, they can ‘gift’ any whom ‘get it wrong’ with being introduced to how red hot pokers can used in many different (but not uninteresting) ways all the way through to the full barbecued crispy steak ‘fast track to face your maker’ religious experience.

The latter turns out to be one of the more popular traumatizing life experiences that the Spiritual Hierarchy have gifted some as part of their campaign to undermine any group or society that they ‘unlovingly’ don’t like.

Giordano Bruno is a good example of one such Spiritual Hierarchy ‘gifted’ life. Another person so gifted was Joan of Arc whom had a earlier incarnation as Joanna of Flanders with lots of similarities.

How to Manage, Suppress & Kill Off Good, Ethical, Caring People

The other favourite of the Spiritual Hierarchy is to incarnate ‘good, caring, ethical’ people into circumstances where the person will take a stance against oppression or injustice which again gifts them with a life expectancy somewhat equivalent to that of a chocolate tea cosy in an iron foundry.

An example of just such a life that was ‘specially’ arranged by the Spiritual Hierarchy is José Protacio Rizal and their next incarnation wasn’t much different either as; Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino.

So, the Spiritual Hierarchy as the ‘super group’ in charge of managing earth ‘incarnations’ abuse their so called exalted divine positions by gifting people they don’t like or are are afraid of with incarnations specifically to expose or undermine others they have less than loving attitudes towards while gifting their ‘fall guy patsy’s’ horrific life experiences and deaths.

Win, win WIN EH!!!

AND apparently the same suppressive bastards have actually managed to convince more than one or two of you that they are ‘loving’ and ‘compassionate’?

Only in YOUR DREAMS!!!

Might you have had a ‘Burnt Alive’ Traumatizing Past Life?

Do, you spot things that are ‘not right’ in a larger sense but try not to think about these or try not to say anything about them to others?

Do, you keep to yourself? Are you ‘withdrawn’, don’t get involved or stay in the background?

If you feel or try to confront some injustice do you find it extremely difficult, do you get anxious, scared or even have trouble speaking (stammer or speech block) or find yourself being sabotaged, diverted or distracted from doing this or worse . . .

Are you gifted with over the top reactions or attacks from others when mentioning or presenting your ‘observations’ or experiences?

For deeper explanations and further examples of Spiritual Hierarchy gifted lives or life events from hell then read this page in the Akashic records series HERE.

If you can relate to what I write here then leave a comment below . . .


  1. Andy
    January 21, 2016 @ 4:08 am

    Hi, my name is Andy and Purgatory or Hell on Earth is what I called it. Everything had a message. Every TV show, people showing up, same horrific messages.

    But I had a shift in awareness. It was pleasant but there are still negative things that I am seeing clear as I “DE-CLUTTER” my life.

    There are different groups that have a very Positive message. In fact, it is so Positive it is pretty Intense. Unrelenting positiveness. It can make you drunk off of this good feeling.
    I will tell you what, I Astonishingly had experience of this immediately. b4 this I had the most negative experiences. They actually Appeared at a the Perfect time. Definitely the positive vibes are so much better than the negative experience I had previously.

    But after that when it was time for my shift in awareness, it was the trauma like a hell you describe here in this article. Supernatural stuff. Supernatural TV shows. They seem to know everything I do. But they seem like they are helping me evolve.

    I am still feeling this fear and I am hoping the continued changes and programs they have available will help me get there. They are Very Affordable and hey there is nothing wrong with making some dough. MD’s charge much more for less help.

    Not sure if you are talking about me. It Seems really familiar but not sure about the intent. Whenever I feel pressure, that is when I stop to take notice since the Holy Spirit that has always guided me never pressured me. Just tactile communication guidance.

    1. So there is the real negative – First experience.
    2. Then there is the really positive and good feeling – Following experience
    3. Then there was the few days of purgatory(Horrible feeling and almost made me jump off roof but luckily I was afraid of heights and I doubt they would have let that happen) – Recently.
    4. Then now, starting my plans for new business, my sci fi book i never finished, my CD (music) project, and my try at Energy Healing – Currently.

    So if you only knew bits and pieces of information where there is always contradictions in every scenario thereby making all the experiences equal in cryptic-ness, which would you choose? Makes sense to choose the good one. Of course there is new scenarios but I am going to try and create new ones to see if that is an option.

    But yeah, the experience really resonates in a very strong way to your article.

    I tried to send you a message to ask you about healing and some questions about emotions. I read you were too busy but your articles are pretty interesting. But I go from story to story so for now, I just wanted to share that your ideas here have validity if you fit it with what just happened to me. Regards, A.D.


    • Clive
      January 24, 2016 @ 1:56 pm

      You might have noticed Andy that I’m presenting three sets of articles on this site. This page is from the ‘scary’ middle set . . . the most recent articles give page after page of evidence that we are copied people living in someone’s simulation project . . . AND that some people in the simulation here are simulating someone that helped design and build this place.

      I don’t think you are going to like this . . . BUT from what you write above you are someone that defined the new age experiences, such as making them ‘stupidly’ positive and having them do all they can to remain positive . . .

      “So if you only knew bits and pieces of information where there is always contradictions in every scenario thereby making all the experiences equal in cryptic-ness, which would you choose? Makes sense to choose the good one.”

      The ‘quote’ above describes the managed feeling incentives to persuade new age, lightworker types to choose to orientate to the positive and as a result to avoid THINKING about the negative. Much of what you describe in your comment is you living out the person you are simulating’s experiences of ‘testing’ out the software strategies to help orientate and to move new age people into their ‘stupidly’ positive orientation.

      The ‘quote’ above sums up the ‘strategy’ used to do this: you make things as confusing and as contradictory as possible to give people the incentive / excuse to have them ‘CHOOSE’ to be stupidly positive while making them feel that dong this make them ‘magically’ immune to the unfolding multitude of mounting negative scenarios impacting every aspect of ourselves and our environment. It doesn’t and it won’t!!!

      You should read this page here to gain more context of who the new age people are and how they are represented here.

      You other comment that mentioned freewill I deleted. We don’t have freewill, and to understand a) why we don’t have free will and b) why we’d be made to feel and argue that we DO then read series simulations series 1 & 2 . . . (linked in the sidebar on the right, above)


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