Do you have freewill or a free choice or NOT?

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On the previous page on finding that a client whom had been gifted by the spiritual hierarchy with horrific life traumas to ALSO find that his wife also been gifted with similar I asked him if he himself or his wife could think of any traumatic or almost traumatic events that she’d had so that I could check if they had been specifically ‘gifted’ by the Spiritual Hierarchy or not?

I ask the above of a client whom has worked with me for years whom;

  • KNOWS personally from repeated experience how much is being done to us to make it difficult for us to think about and to investigate ourselves. . . and . . .
  • Whom has made an effort to become aware of such distractions as they are happening . . . and . . .
  • Whom had lots of experience dealing with such distractions and blocks . . . and . . .
  • Whom personally is the client whom actually makes dedicated efforts to compensate and adjust for such put off attempts . . .

In which case you’d imagine I’d get a reply VERY quickly . . .

Unless Your Freewill choice is being VERY WELL MANAGED?

Unless of course we are being managed in subtle ways very, VERY well. In this particular case with what is at stake if he does ask the question and the reply turns out to be yet another nail in the ‘integrity and ethics’ coffin of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

So, depending on how easy it is for the Spiritual Hierarchy to manage and kill our ‘so called’ freewill choice combined with how horrific the traumatising life events are that they’ve been gifting to his wife.

How long do you think it might take for him to be able to even ask his wife this question?

A day? A week? Even longer?

I actually didn’t get a reply to that question until about 10 days later.

Subtle Managed Decisions & the Illusion of Freewill

His reply delay is a great confirmation of how effective the Spiritual Hierarchy’s efforts are at subtly managing and influencing ourselves and it’s particularly revealing with respect to how effectively they can manipulate us against our free will decision making choices . . . even with someone whom is aware of these subtle influences and always makes an active effort to push against them.

Is this sinking in?

Despite what you might think or actually WISH for I’m not making this up.

If the Spiritual Hierarchy want to have you think down certain lines and not others . . . then it’s highly likely that this is how it will be . . .

If the Spiritual Hierarchy want you to believe in certain things and to NOT believe in others . . . then just how much freewill choice will YOU actually have to believe what you want?

It’s especially insulting isn’t it that the very beings whom present information trying to convince and reassure us that we have freewill and the means to exercise it turn out to be the ones making every effort to ensure that we don’t ‘really’ have any freewill at all.

How much Freewill can I exercise? How much choice do I ‘really’ have?

How Much?

I’ll tell you how much . . . probably not very much at all.

Do you have the freewill choice to openly read and take in what is written on each of these pages? Do you have the freewill choice to seriously contemplate what I write here rather than be made to go away and forget about it all?

To find out just how BAD the gifted traumatising events were for them to make such an effort to stop my client from getting answers to the question . . . read the next page . . .