Example of a Healing Solution Illusion Failure

This is the last page of a 16 page article series on:
"Spiritual Conspiracies Exposed. How to Provoke 'Spiritual' Attacks by Exposing Freewill Killing so called Divine 'Light' Beings? How to Identify Suppressing Spiritual Attacks & Subtle Influences Managing Website Visitors? Why Healing Past Conflicts & Attacks Creates Invisible Healers & How this is done?"

On the http://www.healingexamples.com front page I list some of the main issues I was determined to understand and to fully resolve including:
  • A bad stammer and speech block.
  • Being very withdrawn, isolated and unsociable.

Also, one of the issues I didn’t list because it was so much a part of myself was that I never confronted or conflicted. I couldn’t.

An Example of a Healing Solution Illusion Failure

So, how do you think I’m doing on the conflicting, confronting front?

Do you think what is presented on this web site is of someone who is withdrawn and isolated and whom suffers from anxiety whom cannot confront or whom wouldn’t get into conflicts?

Do you think I’ve any problem, fears or anxieties about being confrontational?

NOPE, none at all . . .

Not since getting rid of all the fantasy healing barriers helping to keep me isolated, withdrawn and unsociable and all the subtle crap that was making me anxious and fearful too.

The healingexamples.com invisible example has been presented for over three years and the detailed account of the well hidden and archangel protected barriers that are responsible for these types of disengagement and invisibility issues has been up on this web site for about a year now.

Are you still falling for the Spiritual ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ Healing Solution Illusions?

As I’m very aware of the big effort our Divine Masters make to maintain their ‘healing solution illusions and fantasies’ then I’m quite sure that not many of you would have been allowed to realize the implications of that example even if you had actually read it?

Which is why my comment pointing out in no uncertain terms how insane it is that we cannot acknowledge or take action to resolve being ignored or invisible while also describing what is responsible for these issues prompted an immediate suppressive damage control attempt by the Spiritual Divine Hierarchy.

All because it might SHOCK HORROR prompt one of two people to actually;


Which is bad news for them because my counter attack has been to gift you with these new pages describing even more worrying things in even greater detail and clarity including descriptions of their behind the scenes web site subterfuges that they don’t want you or anyone else to ever become aware of . . .

Is it sinking in YET?

The Spiritual Hierarchy are duping you and me and everyone else into using crap useless healing, therapy, spiritual (and everything else) solutions that actually cause you, me and everyone else more and more problems and accumulating debilitations and health issues in the long term ALL THE TIME (or hadn’t you noticed).

How will the poor b**g*ers cope with these pages EH!!!

I’m quite sure that I’m going to learn even more when these pages go up too as I’m sure that the entirely predictable useless Divine Spiritual Hierarchy b*s**rds will make the usual effort to try and stop you from reading this too.


. . . Bring it ONNNN . . . . . . . .