How to Resolve & Heal Conflicts & Confrontations?

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"Spiritual Conspiracies Exposed. How to Provoke 'Spiritual' Attacks by Exposing Freewill Killing so called Divine 'Light' Beings? How to Identify Suppressing Spiritual Attacks & Subtle Influences Managing Website Visitors? Why Healing Past Conflicts & Attacks Creates Invisible Healers & How this is done?"

If you are competent as a healer and manage to clear the hidden and guardian protected barriers that are responsible for people being ignored, not acknowledged, not noticed and made invisible then what happens?

Healing Solutions Hide Causes of Conflicts, Personal Attacks and Confrontations

Well what happens if you do get rid of the ‘containing and isolating’ barriers is that your client is then no longer kept away from either the people or the circumstances that match the original conflicts and confrontations they experienced.

In other words they start happening again . . .

Which is why the woman whom left the comment one my ‘invisible’ page found herself re-experiencing conflicts, confrontations and personal attacks.

Having her in these while they were happening allowed us to identify and then over time get rid of all the different types of subtle energetic crap that was actually responsible for causing and maintaining these conflicts, confrontations and disagreements in the first place, which the Spiritual Hierarchy and everyone else, including you reading this are completely oblivious to.

How to Resolve, Stop & Heal Spiritual Conflicts and Confrontations?

As the Spiritual Hierarchy has conveniently managing to brainwash more than one or two of you into believing that they are all DIVINE (as my arse) and can therefore do no wrong then it’s not a surprise is it that they would be having fits about a comment that might prompt some of you to actually start THINKING.

So, they make an effort to stop people coming to that specific web page.

Which if you did then you might have made it to the; 1000’s of Hidden Entity Attachments Example on this site here that describes a healer therapist having an issue of being invisible to clients.

If you’ve read this example then you might have noticed the problematic fact that many of these barriers were there because of so called ‘positive’ healing solutions employed by about 6000 other healer, therapist and spiritual types in attempts to negate or avoid conflicts and confrontations rather than actually consider thinking about what might be causing them.

If you reading this are a healer or therapist . . .

Are you THINKING about this NOW?

Or are you an unconscious supporter of completely ‘unaware’ healing, therapy and spiritual ‘paint by numbers’ solutions that get results, that solve the immediate problems, sometimes apparently completely BUT . . .


Well, the real price is that 2 or 10 or 50 lifetimes down the road you find yourself backed into a corner with no idea of how you got there AND even worse the very solutions that resolved some past problems are now responsible for you having other even worse problems.

How to Resolve Hidden Unresolved Conflict & Confrontation Issues

The woman that worked with us whom left the comment was probably slightly disturbed (at the very least) to find herself for a while experiencing conflicts and confrontations. This was because the employment of these barriers as a fantasy solution had resolved nothing of the real subtle causes of her original problems.

In 99%+ of cases there is always a set of subtle energetic crap actually responsible for instigating and maintaining disagreements, conflicts, confrontations and personal attacks.

Unfortunately the ‘supposed’ all knowing Spiritual Hierarchy and all the other so called divine beings are as aware as yourself of these then this is why their so called ‘healing’ solutions that are about counteracting and negating surface effects and symptoms in many cases cause more and more problems and debilitations over the long term.

The Common & Established Healing Approaches deal with Surface Symptoms & Effects Only

In other words for the ‘standard’ unconscious healer, therapist type there are no clues as to what is really ultimately responsible for this ‘invisibility’ issue and for practitioners using the ‘paint by numbers’ standard approved of ‘works well most of the time’ healing solutions there is no incentive to actually look deeper in subtle terms.