Divine Hierarchy Paranoia & Fear Example

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"Spiritual Conspiracies Exposed. How to Provoke 'Spiritual' Attacks by Exposing Freewill Killing so called Divine 'Light' Beings? How to Identify Suppressing Spiritual Attacks & Subtle Influences Managing Website Visitors? Why Healing Past Conflicts & Attacks Creates Invisible Healers & How this is done?"

A few pages back I described a subtle energetic attack made to most of my public sites because of something I wrote on a private non-public site. To illustrate this ‘attack’ I presented graphs for two of my web sites showing how the site traffic had been depressed on the day of the attack which had helped to prompt me to investigate what was causing this.

On this page here I’m going to give you a detailed example of them directing their choice killing efforts specifically to block people from reading one single web page with full explanations of why for the example I present here.

Below is the graph of the site statistics of my healingexamples.com web site (that presents the ‘invisible’ page) showing basic site stats of the same time period as the general all sites attack.

As you can see it’s low for the 20th when this attack happens BUT unlike the other sites this site doesn’t recover but actually drops further and ends up staying much lower overall from that point on.

Divine Hierarchy Kill traffic to one single web page

What is responsible for this is even more interesting than the general attack described on earlier pages. Basically on checking the general statistics for the healingexamples.com site before and after the general attack I find that bizarrely the entire site traffic drop is due to just one single page.

Which just happens to be my ‘invisible people’ page.

My ‘I’m Invisible’ page gets ‘Extra Special’ Attention

As already mentioned on the previous page I’ve had 89 comments on that single page which is more comments than all the other pages on that site put together which is why it gets much more site traffic compared to the others.

Here is a graph of the visitors to that one page during that phase.

The red arrow is pointing to the 20th when the general attack started.

Subtle Energetic Technologies Acting to Suppress Web site Traffic

I check as I do for ‘subtle energetic crap’ acting on the site as a whole to find next to nothing and it takes me an hour to figure out that it might be a good idea to check to see if there is anything acting on that one single page which I’ve never done before because I’d never thought about this even as a possibility.

I find some subtle energetic technology which is ONLY acting on that one page and once again it’s the usual Spiritual Hierarchy suspects responsible for this.

I got rid of this subtle energetic tech in Dec 1st. Now normally I’d find that my site traffic would return to normal within 24 hours but this was not the case in this instance as there wasn’t any significant change. So the next day I investigated why getting rid of the tech had not restored the site traffic to normal as I would expect.

How does this site traffic Killing Subtle Energetic Tech actually work to do this?

Normally any subtle tech being used to ‘manage’ people would be doing this directly. However it turned out that this particular subtle technology design worked quite differently.

It analysed each person whom made the choice to come to and read that particular page. It then created an energetic barrier of specific energies and frequencies that would put off others with the same ‘interest’ in that page from checking that page out. In effect the countering energies and frequencies are basically presenting that page as NOT INTERESTING / NOT RELEVANT / DON’T COME HERE with respect to what that person is looking for or interested in.

So, the tech would scan each new person making it to the page and create another ‘turn them away’ barrier attuned to the reasons, intentions and interests that this person held with regards what they were searching for. Each new ‘turn them away’ barrier would end up stopping more people from reaching that page hence the gradual drop in visitors over 4/5 days rather than an almost immediate drop which is what I normally see for subtle energetic attacks impacting an entire site.

It was easy getting rid of the tech BUT getting rid of the subtle energetic tech doesn’t get rid of the barriers the tech had already made. In this respect people were still being prevented from reaching the site by the untouched barriers.

As these barriers are difficult to detect and isolate then it took a few days to identify and clear them all.

The blue arrow above points to the 1st of December when I got rid of the tech, the next day was when I started to get rid of the barriers. From getting rid of the barriers the number of visitors went up from the 2nd (74) through 83, 110, 134, 134.

Average Visitors per Day for different phases of this entire period

The entire period (25:10:11 –> 14:12:11) = 105.94
Before high point (25:10:11 –> 11:11:11) = 112.28
Before + high point (25:10:11 –> 19:11:11) = 119.12
Low phase (20:11:11 –> 01:12:11) = 66.17
Recovered phase (05:12:11 –> 14:12:11) = 124.50

So, basically this tech creates barriers that actually attempts to make the ‘invisible’ example page ‘invisible’ to ‘invisible’ people. It’s the same sort of tech that makes the same type of barriers that often contribute to making people themselves invisible.

So, why was that page suddenly targeted?

That page had been there for over three years without drawing that kind of attention so what triggered the actions to reduce the numbers of people reaching this page? Read the next page to find out . . .