Divine Beings Sanction Sacred Rape Events!!!!

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So, when my client is eventually able to ask his wife about life traumas she’s experienced and send me a reply.

This is what I get;

I have had resistance to think about the Spiritual Divine Hierarchy set ups. You asked me to think if my wife had any such incident, I have remembered to think about asking her 20-30 times but have then found myself forgetting to do this. I eventually asked her the other day and she said that some of the worst things in her life were: 1) Being picked up when hitch-hiking in Israel for the man to start to inappropriately touch her. 2) With a friend meeting 2 men whom turned aggressive and sexual such that they ended up running away and hiding from them.

So, it turns out that the Spiritual Hierarchy had set her up with ‘RAPE’ event possibilities.

Which in this lifetime very fortunately didn’t happen . . .

Did that SINK in?

Divine Hierarchy in their Loving Wisdom? Sanction Rape events

Are you reading this being allowed to SERIOUSLY take in that the Spiritual Hierarchy were setting up a woman to be ‘gifted’ with a life event that would result in a very high chance of her being raped?

That these are the same ‘beings’ some of you have been made to be convinced are ‘divine’ whom apparently on their ‘off days’ don’t have any problems arranging attempted rape events.

Have YOU got that?

What else doesn’t the Divine Hierarchy want you to THINK about?

As I keep mentioning merely ‘thinking’ about things is quite hard and it’s particularly quite difficult to think about anything that the Divine Hierarchy doesn’t want you to think about.

Even though they are pretty useless as ‘people’ they have managed to figure out that if they stop you from reading ‘interesting’ things then you don’t even have the choice to start thinking about them . . .

Spiritual Hierarchy or Divine Hierarchy Whose WHO?

Have you noticed that I’ve made a special effort to describe the Spiritual Hierarchy as the Divine Hierarchy on these pages.

I’m doing this because I read on a forum page of some (obviously Spiritual Hierarchy brainwashed) person trying to convince people that the ‘Spiritual Hierarchy’ and the ‘Divine Hierarchy’ are completely different sets of beings and that the Divine Hierarchy are really the ‘good’ ones.

You could take that as an exceptionally fine example of a Spiritual Hierarchy misdirection that has them shifting sideways to hide behind another name so that those they are lying too stay reassured that their ‘fantasy’ view of reality remains intact.

The Spiritual Divine Alias’s Shell Game . . .

Spiritual Hierarchy, Divine Hierarchy, Ascended Masters, Divine Directors, Karmic Board, Divine Masters and other names are all well used ‘handles’ all describing the very same lying, low life, dark, manipulative ‘light’ bastards.

It might be comforting to think there is ‘something’ good and ‘divine’ out there BUT it’s just a way of keeping you all going and of making sure you don’t yourselves start questioning things or worse have you ‘seriously’ attempting to find things out for yourselves.

For an example giving blow by blow details of how the Divine Spiritual Ascended Master Karmic Board Directors (and others of similar alias’s) took actions to block and prevent people reading a single web page particularly because it risked exposing healing and therapy ineffectiveness truths then read the next page . . .