Causes of Being Invisible, Ignored, Not Noticed and Not Acknowledged Issues?

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Do you reading this know what IS actually responsible for people having ‘invisibility, not acknowledged, not noticed, I’m being ignored’ issues?

I DO . . .

I actually give an example with a blow by blow account of all that is responsible on the page of the; 1000’s of Hidden Entity Attachments Example.

On that page I point out that when people have conflicts, negative confrontations, disagreements or even worse (direct attacks) AND they invoke ‘spirit’ or ‘source’ or ask or pray for help or use standard therapy, healing or spiritual solutions to address these then what happens is that spirit help beings turn up and put up barriers (similar to barriers of protection) around themselves.

These subtle barriers are ‘attuned’ to keep YOU away from those you are having problems with while also acting to keep these others away from YOU.

Healing Solutions Cause People to become Ignored, Not Acknowledged & Not Noticed

In other words to stop you experiencing conflicts and confrontations you have subtle solutions applied that basically try and stop you meeting or engaging with those that you have confrontations, conflicts or problems with.

You could put it another way and say that healers and therapists don’t for a second think that there might be some subtle crap (spells for example) responsible for causing people to become confrontational, conflicting or of even causing people to attack others. As such they never look for anything that might be actively causing conflicts and disagreements which is a pity as there are usually obscene amounts of well hidden ‘conflict causing’ subtle crap. Which also turns out (like most energetic crap) to be accumulating very gradually over time.

In this respect it usually turns out that a few lifetimes in the future the very same conflicting type situations start happening again to have once again more healing barriers applied as a solution.

Eventually the build up these barriers gradually takes you off virtually everyone’s radar and you end up being treated as if you don’t exist even to a point where many will actually describe themselves as being invisible even in search engines.

Invisibility, not being seen and not being ‘directly’ acknowledged issues are actually caused by the ‘gold standard’ subtle healing solutions applied by spirit helping beings whom work for the Spiritual Hierarchy to ‘help’ people who are having ‘conflict & confrontation’ problems.

It is these ‘hidden’ solutions that are actually responsible in many instances for these types of common invisibility issues.

So, the one person that came and had this issue resolved ONLY had this issue resolved because we got rid of Divine Spiritual Hierarchy:

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HEALING Solutions

So, what do you think happens after we get rid of the ‘containing and isolating’ barriers keeping her away from others and these others away from her?

Clearing causes of Being Ignored, Not Acknowledged, Not Noticed, Invisibility Issues?

If the crazy things I’m describing above are actually TRUE (subtle crap is causing conflicts) then what should happen when these barriers are taken away?