Spiritual Gifts: ‘Burnt at the Stake’ Past Life Traumas

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Do you think you might have been someone whom in the past could have:

Might the Spiritual Hierarchy have used your qualities and abilities to their advantage?

The Spiritual ‘Being Burnt at the Stake’ Past Life Experience

How about being gifted with an incarnation to have a life seriously involved with a particular religious group that are so keen on maintaining the ‘integrity’ of their ‘myths’ (rather than the integrity of themselves personally) that they’ve instigated some super interesting ‘blasphemy’ laws to keep people ‘right’. So, they can ‘gift’ any whom ‘get it wrong’ with being introduced to how red hot pokers can used in many different (but not uninteresting) ways all the way through to the full barbecued crispy steak ‘fast track to face your maker’ religious experience.

The latter turns out to be one of the more popular traumatizing life experiences that the Spiritual Hierarchy have gifted some as part of their campaign to undermine any group or society that they ‘unlovingly’ don’t like.

Giordano Bruno is a good example of one such Spiritual Hierarchy ‘gifted’ life. Another person so gifted was Joan of Arc whom had a earlier incarnation as Joanna of Flanders with lots of similarities.

How to Manage, Suppress & Kill Off Good, Ethical, Caring People

The other favourite of the Spiritual Hierarchy is to incarnate ‘good, caring, ethical’ people into circumstances where the person will take a stance against oppression or injustice which again gifts them with a life expectancy somewhat equivalent to that of a chocolate tea cosy in an iron foundry.

An example of just such a life that was ‘specially’ arranged by the Spiritual Hierarchy is José Protacio Rizal and their next incarnation wasn’t much different either as; Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino.

So, the Spiritual Hierarchy as the ‘super group’ in charge of managing earth ‘incarnations’ abuse their so called exalted divine positions by gifting people they don’t like or are are afraid of with incarnations specifically to expose or undermine others they have less than loving attitudes towards while gifting their ‘fall guy patsy’s’ horrific life experiences and deaths.

Win, win WIN EH!!!

AND apparently the same suppressive bastards have actually managed to convince more than one or two of you that they are ‘loving’ and ‘compassionate’?

Only in YOUR DREAMS!!!

Might you have had a ‘Burnt Alive’ Traumatizing Past Life?

Do, you spot things that are ‘not right’ in a larger sense but try not to think about these or try not to say anything about them to others?

Do, you keep to yourself? Are you ‘withdrawn’, don’t get involved or stay in the background?

If you feel or try to confront some injustice do you find it extremely difficult, do you get anxious, scared or even have trouble speaking (stammer or speech block) or find yourself being sabotaged, diverted or distracted from doing this or worse . . .

Are you gifted with over the top reactions or attacks from others when mentioning or presenting your ‘observations’ or experiences?

For deeper explanations and further examples of Spiritual Hierarchy gifted lives or life events from hell then read this page in the Akashic records series HERE.

If you can relate to what I write here then leave a comment below . . .

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