How to Detect Subtle Attacks Sabotaging Web Sites

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"Spiritual Conspiracies Exposed. How to Provoke 'Spiritual' Attacks by Exposing Freewill Killing so called Divine 'Light' Beings? How to Identify Suppressing Spiritual Attacks & Subtle Influences Managing Website Visitors? Why Healing Past Conflicts & Attacks Creates Invisible Healers & How this is done?"

So, I write provocatively and I expose so called spiritual ‘in spirit’ types to deliberately provoke responses in the form of subtle attacks.

In which case how do these attacks ‘manifest’? How do they effect myself and more so what is done to try and prevent me, you and everyone else from becoming aware of what I write, of reading it or thinking about what is read?

Can these ‘subtle’ attacks be so strong and so obvious that you actually get physical ‘observable’ manifestations of these?

On the next few pages I’m going to give you examples of some attacks made by the Spiritual Hierarchy and particular special interest factions within that bureaucracy in response to various things I wrote within this and the previous ‘Akashic Records’ series and how they physically manifest.

How to become aware of Spiritual, Spirit, Subtle Energetic Attacks?

On the 19th of November 2011 I started writing the Akashic record page; Gifting Difficult People Traumatizing Life Events on my clients web site. Just before lunch the next day I added a strong ‘exposing’ section to the end of that page entitled;

I’ll have ‘THAT’ life event from ‘Hell’ thank you . . .

This addition was THE most seriously provocative I’d ever written up to that point in time. I was making it clear and giving explicit examples of how the Spiritual Hierarchy had deliberately and with malice ‘gifted’ specific people horrific traumatizing life events.

In other words I’m giving direct examples exposing the so called Spiritual Hierarchy as the suppressive bastards they actually are.

Fortunately (for me) they really don’t like anyone presenting anything against them and they tend to ‘respond’ to such presentations quite speedily . . . so, here is what happened.

How to Monitor Attempted Web Site ‘Spiritual’ DOS Web Page Attacks

In the morning of the 20th of November after adding the extra ‘horrific’ section to my clients page I leave a comment to let my clients know that there is something ‘particularly’ interesting to read;

“I’ve added a really hilarious last bit to this page from; I’ll have ‘THAT’ life event from ‘Hell’ thank you . . . How to make lightworkers spend the rest of their existence hiding under their bed . . . “

My clients were from this point on giving me feedback on what I’d added which had me refining and adding to what I’d written. It actually ended up being even stronger in it’s presentation than it already was.

I check my website traffic statistics (for all my web sites) regularly during most days. I’ve learnt to do this because I’ve found that my site statistics can give me early warning in terms of subtle energetic attacks.

This is particularly obvious for attacks that try and prevent people from actually getting to a web site or of reading the information presented on the site.

  • Attacks that stop people coming to the web site result in the web site having a lower than expected number of visitors.

How to detect ‘Subtle & Spiritual’ Attacks Interfering with your web site?

Sometimes that Spiritual Hierarchy try and be ‘clever’ about their attacks. In some cases they don’t act to stop people getting to the site they take actions to prevent people staying on the site or they try and prevent people spending time reading pages.

  • Attacks that are focused on preventing people from taking in what is presented on a site result in visitors either;
    • Visiting fewer pages on average . . . or . . .
    • Have visitors spending much less time reading the pages.

On checking my site traffic statistics around lunch time on Sunday November the 20th my site statistics for the previous few hours showed that site traffic (the number of visitors reaching the web site) was very much reduced compared to what I’d normally expect (for that specific day and that time of day).

It turned out that the reduction in visitors was not only directed to but to all of my public sites.

How badly did this impact my site traffic? How easy was it to notice? What type of subtle crap was doing this and how did I go about getting rid of it? . . . read the next page to find out . . .