The illusions of Healer & Healing Success or Failure?

HOW the means you use to resolve an issue will have a big impact on the REAL scope of the outcome. Translated this means that success in terms of disappearance of symptoms and effects is a very poor measurement of real outcome.

OK, let me try and explain what I mean? Lets say hypothetically that four people all have the same emotional trauma, that prevents them from letting someone (anyone) be intimate with them.

After some time each decides they want to move on from this restriction.

Illustrating different depths of Healing Approaches & Solutions

They each take a different route to do this;

  • The first sees their doctor and gets a prescription which relaxes them, releases them from some inhibitions and makes them less anxious.
  • The second goes to a homoeopath who they see for six months and feel very much better, they are much more open and more comfortable getting closer to someone.
  • The third goes to an healer who is intent on ‘making people feel better’. Here, their symptoms disappear for a while but after a few days or weeks they return, requiring that they continue the treatment to remain stabilized.
  • The fourth goes for some deep transformational work. They have periods during this work where they feel much more uncomfortable as they are facilitated to explore and reflect during their sessions but after a few months they feel completely cleared of this issue.

Now, we would say that all of these are successful solutions.

What is a real Measure of Healing Success?

But lets look at these more closely;

  • The first has to continue taking medication as without they are prone to panic attacks when in their new relationship. You could say that this is a surface solution, which is controlling the symptoms but has in no way resolved the original trauma.
  • The second has been released from the disabling patterns held within their current incarnate form, so they continue without problems in this existence. However, from a multidimensional perspective the trauma may originate in another existence and come back when they re-incarnate the next time. If the trauma originated from this lifetime then there would be a good chance that it would be completely cleared with this approach.
  • The third is fairly typical of much of the energy work happening today where the intent is to help people feel better but again does not facilitate exploring or resolving the original cause. Many energy workers and healers are unknowingly (accepting at face value what is said about their form of energy work) facilitating people by either pushing traumas deeper into the energy body or of actually sealing the traumas away in an attempt to prevent them from arising. Again, this is a solution, but it is a solution which makes it much more difficult for the soul to resolve that original trauma in the future – the trauma is now less obvious and more hidden. It is also stressing the energy bodies of the person as energy is required to keep it hidden and sealed which can lead to more problems in future incarnations.
  • The fourth, facilitates the person to resolve and fully release the original either consciously or indirectly. This frees their soul from all further manifestations of this trauma. It is effectively resolved completely. This approach generally takes the client into uncomfortable areas and is therefore not as ‘nice’ or ‘gentle’ as many people would either like, want or actually understand.

Resolving some of our own traumas has taken a long time, simply because we have needed to understand the above with regards everything that we do. For example a favourite solution I used in other existences was to hide or bury traumas and suppress feelings to such an extent that it was no longer feasible to continue doing the same – the energy debt was simply too much. The weight of this baggage itself was becoming a trauma.

We preferentially select the quick fix, surface solutions

Limited, quick fix, surface, ‘means to an end’ solutions are also a reflection of many cultures on earth today. The saying – “why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?” sums it up perfectly. Hence many of the established and readily chosen solutions as described above are the most limiting and short term while those offering a complete or lasting resolution require a degree of discomfort, effort, self reflection and time to bring to completion.

This pattern is in everything that we do. Many people are very tired, depressed, drained and spent simply because they wish to continue with the comfortable but limited solutions, not understanding that it is often these that are responsible for how they feel in the first place.

Although we have focused on an emotional challenge causing life restrictions here. We could very easily do the same thing with regards spiritual approaches where outcome is more important than either the means or intention held to that drives the means.

Why the “Means to the end” is more important than the end?

Disappearance of symptoms and effects DOES NOT MEAN THAT how these are ADDRESSED actually gets to what was responsible for these in the first place. Just because you get a change, your debilitating symptoms and challenging effects disappear does not mean that HOW THIS HAS BEEN DONE has even touched ANY causes never mind actually dealing with them.

Disappearance of symptoms and effects is NOT a measure of success

It is spectacularly easy using many subtle energy / therapy means to address certain / many / most symptoms and effects and ‘clear’ these without even understanding never mind touching underlying causes. The use of such means BURIES causes and origins, making is more and more difficult with each lifetime to unbury the REAL causes while ALSO building up and increasing the effects of same symptoms making them very gradually WORSE and worse lifetime after lifetime . . . . they DO eventually become CHRONIC, never mind the side effects of a stressed energy field causing in some cases tiredness and lowered vitality to name just two effects . . . .

Results are MUCH less important than how the results are achieved

The ‘end’ as in ‘the result’ is NOT important COMPARED to how these results are achieved . . . AS . . . when results are achieved by seemingly VERY effective BUT false ‘smoke and mirror means’ then the effects and symptoms WILL return . . . and unfortunately for most of you they will in most cases return in the next life time or 10 . . or even 50 . . where inconveniently most of you seem to have forgotten YET again that you supposedly got rid of the same 5 lifetimes ago and . . . . are attracted to and end up using EXACTLY the same means (therapy / medicine / healing system) yet again to once again ‘NOT ‘really’ get rid of the same’.

The unwanted but TRUE TRUTH . . .

99+% of what we ALL use and consider WONDERFUL therapies and healing systems and so on are doing just this . . . . yet again.

How many of you have sufficient COHERENT access to your past lives AND to enough past lives (as in 1000’s) AND be searching through you ‘negative’ times (bit difficult for psychotically ‘positively’ aligned light workers to be doing that eh!) to start joining these dots?

As far as I can tell NONE . . .