Levels or Range of Action of Healing Effectiveness

Levels of function then define how deep or high your energies work to. For example, if your energies only work to say astral level on the Projected Soul Form here then any challenge that comes from beyond this will not get resolved. Paradoxically if you are working with contracting energies then the symptoms will disappear but the issue that these symptoms represent wont be resolved.

We could say – what depth or dimension do the energies work to resolve conditions. We could split these into;

  • The Human Sphere Present Life; This can be further split depending on your model into; Physical, Emotional (etheric), Mental (astral), Psychological, Ethical, Moral, Ancestral, Local spiritual (what is considered spiritual at human levels).
  • Human Sphere Complete; This would include the above plus all past lives as a human within the remit of the akashic records.
  • Other Lives in Other Places; These are many and varied, they include for example nature spirits, angels, archangels, et’s, star beings, ascended masters and so on. You could say that this sphere includes all existences of embodied Projected Soul Forms (as the human form is) as well as separated energy forms. The higher self is included here as this is another projected Projected Soul Form with a specific make-up and mission to aid other Projected Soul Forms from the same soul. Projected Projected Soul Forms basically operate independently from the soul, there is rarely a connection with the soul.
  • Pure Soul, Subtle form Sphere; Although we have worked within this sphere for the last 4 years specifically with our soul forms and aspects both resolving traumas that originate from this level and more recently soul conditioning and embedded patterns it is very difficult to get a coherent picture. I feel that there are different levels within this sphere providing different environment characteristics and soul experiences but these are very hard to define.