Appraising Healing Energy Flow & Capacity

Meanwhile our channelling experiments had taken an interesting turn . . .

When we sent energies absently we had been doing this for 15 minutes. A minor point that always surprised me was that I never needed to remember to stop at 15 minutes – this happened automatically.

Defining in the strength or ‘capacity’ or healing energies

It was at this time that Elaine made a very interesting discovery she specified that she wanted to send energies that were the equivalent of 15 minutes of Reiki. To her and later my surprise when I did the same the energies channelled for about 2 minutes before stopping. That is, two minutes of what we were channelling was equivalent to 15 minutes of pure Reiki. So, of the combination of energies that we were using only 15% were Reiki, the other 85% were what I had collected myself via my direct intent to do so.

This information was contrary to what my Reiki teachers were insisting – that there was (for some bizarre reason) only Reiki energies and nothing else was good anyway – so much for Reiki.

So, we continued to collect different ‘healing’ energies and the % of ‘pure’ Reiki energies making up our mixture kept dropping . . .

Healer Channeling through different Physical Body areas changed regularly

My own focus and intent to connect to stronger and more effective energies always had my channelling / healing capabilities moving on. For example a few months after the 1st Reiki initiation my spirit team installed energy crystals in the ends of my fingers and in the centre of my palm. These subtle crystal implants helped amplify the energy. I could see these clairvoyantly with connecting energy lines linking them through my hand and up my arm. A few weeks later the crystal in the centre was replaced by another bigger one about the size of my fist.

At this time I found that I was channelling from just above my forehead and heart area. There are lots of variations here and the means of channelling and from where changed regularly.

As I become more attuned with spirit then my hands and in fact my whole body would move to direct energies to specific places either to another person or to parts of myself. In other words I did not need to be involved in the minute details of putting my hands were needed they were moved for me leaving me to concentrate on other details.

As time went on I because aware that different ‘healing’ energies worked in very different and in fact opposite ways and so the ‘amount’ or capacity of energies became less important than other qualities of these energies . . . .