Maximum Healer, Healing Energy Channelling Capacity

Eventually I found that there was an upper limit to what was possible when channeling healing / subtle energy within the human energy / nervous system. This was about 10 RMU. Fortunately there are many ways to go beyond this.

In all, it took about 3 years to go from this level of 7 RMU to reach a channeling capacity of about 450 RMU in 1999. Since then, it has become meaningless to keep track and I have no interest in doing so.

So, what is the maximum capacity for Channeling Healing Energy through the body?

Well I did inquire at this time and got a ball park figure of about 1000 RMU. A truly staggering capacity, which now I feel is conservative, actually very conservative. I don’t now think that there are any limits, just debilitating beliefs, limiting information and conditioned attitudes. Also you could be channeling a huge capacity of basically crap and debilitating energies, so quality and intention are for me more important.

However I think that with expansive energies (opening and transforming) the practical limit is more to do with what the person receiving the energies is capable of working with.

It is interesting that the few people working with us keep telling us that a lot of what we say many people will consider lies and or impossible. Sadly we don’t find it strange when people relying on information outside of themselves in the form of guides, readings and channeling cannot handle (or trust) anyone with their feet firmly enough on the ground presenting meaningful and entirely relevant information from direct experience.

It continues to be easier to remain attached to illusions rather than put in the entirely hard work necessary to resolve insecurity and self confidence issues that will enable them to step into true self authority and self empowerment and therefore be free enough to find things out directly for themselves.

Do you know that the spiritual hierarchy don’t do any meaningful research to improve healing effectiveness? They DO do lots of work on repackaging old healing systems to make them look modern and new, they also focus on amplifying what current systems are already achieving. As the current systems all work in the wrong way then making them stronger only means that more effort is required to actually undo them before anything really REAL causes can be addressed . . .