Capacity & Flow

I started to use the channelling capacity as held by a standard Reiki master as my base standard to measure energy capacity.

So, we were channelling about 7 Reiki Master Units RMU (late 1995). With my continued focus and intent to increase capacity, quality and depth then this is of course what happened all the time.

However capacity (i.e. flow of energy) is just one measurement of channelled energy effectiveness and to be honest it is the least important.

As my understanding progressed I found that there were 5 important parameters that you should be aware of with regards the energies that you are working with. Here they are from least to most important:

Subtle Healing Energy Flow & Strength;

This is what I call capacity and is the amount of energy that flows for a given time. As science is still relatively lost in these areas then I use the average capacity of a standard Reiki master as the basic unit of energy flow.

The Concentration or QUALITY of Healing Energies;

For a given flow some energies will do much more than others. So, some are weaker and some are stronger in terms of initiating change within a client.

That is, some are like a weak detergent – you buy a litre but you need to use 2-3 times more to have the same effect as a better brand.

It also depends on what you are defining as the ‘effects’ of particular healing energies too.