External Channelling Methods

Subtle Energy Energy Overlays that Amplify your Potential as a Healer Channel

I also experienced a means of passing energy that involved me temporary merging with another being. So, I would be inside the energy field of this being like a loose fitting glove and the energies would be flowing through the form of this being and not really myself. Yet again this is another way to channel greater capacities of energies.

Some external means of amplifying the energy presented Described

Sometimes your support team or parts / aspects of yourself from other levels will work independently with machines / equipment to channel energy with regards your focus (yourself / client / situation). Some healers work with many subtle technology devices (present in other realities) and often each have a different function with regards a healing area. It will be more likely that you have equipment or technology based healing if you are working with beings that are technological in nature.

Although this technology is not visible on this level it can be seen as a representation of the technology of another race / level – usually et’s and star beings. There is huge variation here, from small football size items to football field size complete flying saucers sitting overhead beaming down energies to facilitate a workshop for example – very amusing.

Our Current Channelling Methods Discussed

Eventually after years of virtually weekly changes completely altering my subtle energy channelling approach, I got to a point where I was working with what can only be described as energy directing hose pipes. External pipes that I hold and use to direct energy where ever I need. These pipes are the final form that stayed when I reached the end of my explorations in terms of SoulWork.