Heaing Energy Orientation; Releasing v Burying

Energies can work in two opposing directions to address healing challenges and issues.

I call these either contractive or expansive. Contracting energies try and bury or seal issues and trauma as a means of arriving at a solution while expansive energies work to bring them to the surface to be fully dealt with.

So, in one direction some energies are only trying to get rid of the symptoms while others are trying to resolve the cause. As our sterile, fast food culture wants everything without discomfort then in my experience this is reflected in the orientation of the majority of energies being used today – particularly the more popular ones at this time. Lets look at an example:

I work with extreme expansive energies, as anything else is for my own agenda a complete and utter waste of time. During one phase of my self healing I was having a massive release from the kidneys (storage of fear), I had cystitis and was not very well for about 10 days.

Although I did not like what was going on I also understood my process and was willing to flow with this extreme level of discomfort. After about 5 days of this a visiting friend channelled energies to help me. Within 25 minutes all of my symptoms disappeared completely, the pain, the cystitis.

This strangely enough had me very puzzled. I then realized that this person was working with contracting energies and they had effectively shut my process down. Confirmed when I did some self healing (that is I activated and worked with my own expansive energies) to have the releasing symptoms very quickly return (within 20 minutes).

There are lots of people out there who are only interested in short term (a day, a week, a month, a year, a life time, 10 life times . . . ) results where looking good and assumed reputation for the channel and avoidance of discomfort is more important than a complete resolution.

People who work with contracting energies are not very interested in looking at their own issues at least not deeply, in fact they are often not even aware that issues are THE issue.

They are often very afraid of discomfort, difficult emotions, negativity and temporary pain and are not very in touch with their own of these.

Their avoidance of engaging with their own issues leads them to work with energies and approaches that help others avoid touching what they hold within themselves too.